Andy Dalton on Bryce Young: You can tell really early on, he’s got it


The Panthers have put a strong support system around rookie quarterback Bryce Young, including veteran signal-caller Andy Dalton.

After spending 2022 with the Saints, Dalton, 35, is in tow to help ease Young’s transition to the league as a mentor — a role he’s embracing. Dalton noted to reporters during his Monday press conference that Young will be the Panthers’ QB1 sooner than later.

So far, Dalton has liked what he’s seen from Young in the building.

“Bryce’s been great from the day he got here,” Dalton said, via Mike Kaye of the Charlotte Observer. “I think that’s the reason why we picked him, because of his makeup. Smart kid — nothing seems too big for him. He’s studied really well. He’s done a great job of learning the offense so far and being on top of everything. A natural thrower — all the stuff that you want — and I’ve been really impressed with him.”

Dalton added that he feels like Young has a “good understanding of the game of football.”

“There was even an example today,” Dalton said. “We were talking, we had the script, and one of the plays was wrong. And he brought it up to say, ‘This was supposed to be this, right?’ It’s like, yeah, there was supposed to be a different tag on there.

“So I think his understanding of football is at a really high level. You can tell really early on, he’s got it.”

That’s encouraging for the Panthers, who have lacked consistent, high-level quarterback play for several years now. Young is likely to still have some growing pains as a rookie, but signs continue to point in the right direction for the QB as he begins his career.

9 responses to “Andy Dalton on Bryce Young: You can tell really early on, he’s got it

  1. Poles and the rest of the Chicago faithful are going to be kicking themselves over and over for having Young fall into their lap with the Texans winning, and then trading the franchise savior to go allll the way down to 9.

  2. I hope this kid succeeds. Smart accurate proven winner. Sometimes being shorter can be an advantage if the scheme fits

  3. We will see after the first time he gets rag-dolled. I hope the best for him but he has the potential to end up like tua

  4. He might have “IT”,… but it’s in a very small package. I was stunned to see how short and slight he is.

  5. But Simms told me he’s too small and has a weak arm…LOL this kid is the real deal

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