Brock Purdy’s goal is to return for season opener, but he’s taking it one day at a time

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Tuesday he is “pretty optimisticBrock Purdy will return in time to start the season opener.

The quarterback has resisted putting a timeline on his return but did allow that the game against the Steelers on Sept. 10 is the goal.

“Feeling good and taking it one day at a time,” Purdy said Tuesday, via David Bonilla of “I feel good. Arm is feeling good. So, to say I’m going to be ready by this time or this time, we’re not trying to label any kind of timeline like that.

“For sure, though, that’s a goal, right? You want to be ready for the season, and if that’s the case, great, but like I said, we’re just taking it one day at a time and don’t want to say anything that we regret down the road or whatever.”

Purdy will begin limited throwing sometime next week, about a week earlier than anticipated.

He underwent surgery March 10 to repair on the torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow and is expected to need a slow, three-month buildup before being fully cleared for football activities.

He currently is working to regain strength.

After the team’s offseason program ends, Purdy will head to Jacksonville to continue his rehab. If he’s healthy by the start of the season, Purdy is expected to start.

“For me, I just try to focus on where I’m at right now, and for me, it’s getting my arm healthy,” Purdy said. “To say all these things and say you want to be this kind of guy or that kind of guy on the team, I think that’s just, in a sense, foolish, just for myself to think like that.

“For me, I come into work every day trying to get my arm right, trying to be around the guys, and do what it takes to win. We want to win a Super Bowl here. Simple as that. And so, for me, I just do my job, and everything else falls into place. But I’m just trying to be present. I’m not trying to get caught up in rumors or what people are saying or anything like that.”

8 responses to “Brock Purdy’s goal is to return for season opener, but he’s taking it one day at a time

  1. A guy with an average arm to start with is going to have a hard time recovering from this injury and making the same impact.

  2. He’ll get there twice as fast if he takes it 2 days at a time. Just once I want to hear a player say that.

  3. I hope the Steelers get to play Brock on the opener. I always root for this guy. He’s the kind of story that you look for in the NFL.

  4. Lot of horses in the stable. I hope he comes back strong and doesn’t rush it. Trey and Sam are both chomping at the bit to get in there and hand the ball off the CMC and have the defense make them look good!

  5. What’s very obvious is that Kyle has finally found a QB he likes more than Kirk Cousins. Now is the time for the 49ers to finally get that sixth ring.

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