C.J. Stroud: I’m just trying to get better, it’s not about being with the first team right now

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The Texans took C.J. Stroud with the second overall pick this April because they want him to be their starting quarterback for many years, but they haven’t just handed him the job.

Incumbent starter Davis Mills has been working with the first team at OTAs and he said on Tuesday that he plans to compete with Stroud for the job throughout the offseason. Stroud followed Mills to the podium for his own press conference and said that he’s not concerning himself with the practice pecking order at this point in the calendar.

“I’m just trying to get better,” Stroud said. “It’s not about being with the ones, not about being with the twos. It’s about getting better. That’s what the spring is for. Just learning the plays, getting the timing down, learning my receivers . . . It’s not about ones and twos right now. It’s about getting better as a whole. We’re getting ready for training camp.”

The Texans also have Case Keenum on hand at quarterback, but it feels like things will have to go off track between now and September for anyone other than Stroud to be on the field against the Ravens on September 10.

3 responses to “C.J. Stroud: I’m just trying to get better, it’s not about being with the first team right now

  1. Stop with the stupid theatrics. Let Stroud practice with the 1st team and start to build chemistry.

  2. Things would have to go off track for Keenum or anyone else but Stroud to be starting game one?

    Maybe, but too many guys who are fantastic quarterbacks that are pushed into a starting role too early have their entire careers derailed because of owners and coaches and general managers that shove them onto the field before they’re ready. They get absolutely obliterated for a year or two and never recover.

  3. Plenty of great QBs didn’t start immediately. Mahomes didn’t start until the end of the year for example. The Texans are likely in win now mode since they traded their first round pick next year, so, if one of the other guys gives them a better chance to win initially while CJ learns on the bench, I could see them going that route.

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