Davis Mills: I’m still competing for that starting job


The Texans drafted C.J. Stroud at No. 2 overall. They also signed Case Keenum as a veteran backup.

But that hasn’t changed the way Davis Mills is approaching his job for 2023.

A 2021 third-round pick, Mills has started 26 games over the past two seasons, compiling a 5-19-1 record. And he said on Tuesday that he’s still trying to be Houston’s QB1.

“I’m still competing for that starting job,” Mills said in his press conference. “Since I’ve been drafted in the NFL, I’ve been in competition. I don’t think anything’s going to change.

“But it’s been great getting to know CJ so far. He’s an extremely hard worker. And it’ll be good to see how we go out there and compete every day and make each other better.”

Mills called the 2022 season a “big learning experience.” He started 15 games for Houston, finishing the season with 3,118 yards passing with 17 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He said he spent much of the offseason working to improve his weaknesses with the thought of turning them into strengths.

“Every year in this league, you feel more and more comfortable,” Mills said. “Obviously, the hunger and the drive to become better is still there. Definitely a different feeling from when I was stepping him here as a rookie — not knowing anything to where I am now, having all that built up experience from my starts over these past two years. It’s exciting. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to come in here and compete for another job.”

Mills admitted his hunger and drive may have increased with the Texans bringing in Stroud with such a high pick. But he said he feels like a self-motivated person who already wanted to be the best he can be.

“Obviously, [Stroud is] kind of another stress factor kind of pushing me to be my best,” Mills said. “But I think a lot of that falls back on me. I’ve got to be the one putting in the work and waking up every day with that same motivation. I think if I keep that with me, everything’s going to work itself out.”

The Texans have constructed their team in such a way that Mills projects out to be its third quarterback behind Stroud and Keenum. But Mills’ comments show he has a solid attitude when it comes to competing for a spot with either Houston or another franchise.

13 responses to “Davis Mills: I’m still competing for that starting job

  1. Considering the dumpster fire this team has been the last 2 years, he made this team competent and dare-I-say watchable. Stroud’s the future but hope this guy gets a chance to go compete elsewhere. Would be interesting to see how successful he can be with proper coaching and teammates.

  2. He seems like a class act, I never got the starter vibe from him. Heck, He wasn’t even good at Stanford.

  3. Case starts the first couple games until they start losing. Then CJ comes in. He had better WR’s at OSU than the Texans have so will be a challenge.

  4. His throwing motion is the stuff of teaching films – what a stroke. Stroud is also a terrific thrower – more efficiency than the aesthetic masterpiece that is Davis. However it plays out this season – Go QB1, Go Buckeyes/Cardinal, Go Texans!!!

  5. Look, anyone who comes to camp and doesn’t want to fight/work hard to be a starter should be cut.

    No issues with what he is saying, but he needs to prove it on the field. Wish him luck

  6. He was taking reps with the ones today for what that’s worth. He probably will be better than Stroud initially. He’s been in the league two years and Stroud is a rookie. If it’s a real competition, either him or Keenum probably wins it out of the gate, but you don’t draft a guy #2 overall to sit unless he’s either very slow to pick it up, or the guy holding the job is still very good. Mills has never been close to very good.

  7. With the team that Demeco is building Mills will look better than ever, I’m pulling for him, I’m a TEXANS fan, win or lose. Go Davis Go Texans

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