Josh Allen: I so badly want to bring a Super Bowl here to Buffalo

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills have played in four Super Bowls. They lost all four.

The last time they made it that far was the 1993 season.

Despite being among the Super Bowl favorites the past four seasons and going 47-18 in the regular season, the Bills have gotten only as close as the AFC Championship Game. Patrick Mahomes has led the Chiefs to two Super Bowl titles in that time, and Joe Burrow has taken the Bengals to a Super Bowl.

Josh Allen is left wanting.

“I so badly want to bring a Super Bowl here to Buffalo,” Allen said Tuesday, via Alaina Getzenberg of ESPN, “and I just don’t want anything to get in the way of allowing me to be the best quarterback that I can be for this team.”

Allen acknowledged an understanding of the team’s “window.”

He led the league in turnovers last season with 19, including 14 interceptions, and committed another four giveaways in two postseason games.

Despite being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Allen hasn’t been good enough. That has led to him gaining a new sense of focus and determination.

“I want to give everything that I have for as long as I play,” Allen said. “I’m not saying that I haven’t done that in the past, but there’s always new ways that I can find to get better, and not being complacent with what I’m doing on the field, understanding that there’s a lot of plays that we left out there. And you know, statistically, you look at it, we were top three, four [in] offense in the league last year, and it wasn’t good enough. So, just losing the playoffs isn’t fun, you know?”

Allen wants a different ending to this season. But the AFC East is better than the past three seasons when Buffalo won back-to-back-to-back division titles, and the Chiefs and Bengals haven’t gone anywhere as AFC title contenders. So, it’s not going to be any easier for the Bills to fulfill Allen’s goal this season.

40 responses to “Josh Allen: I so badly want to bring a Super Bowl here to Buffalo

  1. Buffalo’s too cold and not enough of a media center to be allowed to host a game, Josh.

    Oh, you meant the team going to a Super Bowl.

  2. Josh couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in that Bengals playoff game, and now the coaches are forcing him to limit the best part of his game, his running game. His running can take over an entire game and create huge passing lanes. It happened so many times in his earlier seasons. He is never going to reach his full potential with this coaching staff. If they’re afraid of a running quarterback getting hurt, WHY DID THEY DRAFT ONE?!

  3. This guy could be an Elway or Phillip Rivers and be good but never be good enough in the postseason.

  4. Dream on … never gonna happen. The land of the “other” NY Team.

  5. Wait so he showed up for OTAs even though it’s optional and he’s making less money than Lamar?

  6. Just pouring salt on an open wound but Denver had a shot to draft this guy and over thought it. Josh is one of my favorite QBs and I think it’s just a matter of time that he will do just that, win a Superbowl.

  7. Chiefs would have four Super Bowl wins if Allen was their quarterback instead of Mahomes.

  8. This Eagles fan would love to see Buffalo get the Super Bowl the fans there deserve. Would also love Cleveland, Detroit, and Minnesota to get theirs. Probably in that order. Good fans, all.

  9. This is music to Bills fans ears. No complacency, continuous growth. The window is wide open, never mind the naysayers. Gotta execute though. Let’s go Buffalo.

  10. Cringe. This guy turning more into Russ Wilson every day. Buffalo County, let’s ride 🤘🏻

  11. People in Hell want ice water too is what I heard growing up. Good luck.

  12. Josh Allen is a Grade A competitor and I wouldn’t trade him for any other quarterback in this league. A great QB is a huge component of a championship run, but it’s not the be all and end all. Once you have that great quarterback it’s the people around him that push you over the hump and the coaching behind it.

  13. Allen has the talent to get Buffalo to the Super Bowl. From my point of view, if Beane can put enough talent around Allen, and McDermott can build a defense, Josh will deliver a championship to Buffalo.

  14. How could anyone not like Josh Allen? He seems to give it his all on the field. Josh is plain spoken yet articulate. He’s everything that a decent person would want as a quarterback and seemingly as a person.

  15. Josh is not the guy and the window is closed. Sorry Buffalo, your team blew it

  16. Allen can’t do it by himself. The front office needs to get him help but they don’t seem to understand that.

  17. “I” is the wrong word.This is a team sport. Never gonna hapen if you think youre the one doing it.

  18. Bills Mafia are single handedly keeping Folding Table companies in business

  19. Sorry Josh but it won’t ever happen. Your best chance was in 2021 but your defense and special teams blew it. Then last year the Bills were the preseason favorites and #1 in the power rankings and still nothing. Only going downhill from here. The Bills are a cursed franchise.

  20. There are forces that defy human logic, which pull teams in the tangent of particular trajectories. Until those forces point in different direction consequential changed are illusionary at best
    Ask the Raiders, Jets etc.

  21. He already is royalty in WNY I can’t imagine what it will be like when he brings the Lombardi home.

  22. Elway fully vetted Josh and he passed??? What a huge miss!! His skill set was obvious and he played 100 miles from Denver. Elway really messed up on Josh.

  23. Josh has the mental acuity, aptitude, physical talent and motivation to win in all. It’s just a matter of time.

  24. This is the time of year when the Jets fans and Bills fans start running their mouths each year. Like clockwork and without fail.

    It should be a national holiday by now: Dreamer’s Day.

    A combined 120 years without winning a darned thing!
    120 years!!!

    Happy Dreamer’s Day everyone!

  25. ddarlak says:
    May 24, 2023 at 9:28 am
    He already is royalty in WNY I can’t imagine what it will be like when he brings the Lombardi home.
    Royalty in WNY?
    What does that get him, a free copy of the Farmer’s Almanac?

  26. From an outsider: Allen has been good enough. It’s the defense that let them down.

  27. Everyone who thinks that the bills are destined to win a title. Remember this.

    There is only one superbowl awarded a year and you don’t win it by just knocking on the door stop you win it by winning it.

    Remember the 2006 chargers went 14-2 and should have beat the pats if not for the 4th down interception turned fumble. The chargers went to the afc title game the next year and never sniffed another serious run.

    Hell look at the 2016 cowboys who looked like after a tough loss against the Packers could be the team to beat. They never touched a divisional field

    The 85 bears core never made it back.
    The 94 49ers core never made it back.
    The 10 packers never made it back.

  28. Not a Bills fan but if I was, this is exactly what I’d want to hear from my QB.

    Allen is still young and has a lot of incremental growth ahead of him. The Bills have a good front office and coaching staff. There will inevitably be cycles where the window will be wider some years than others, but I’m willing to bet he’s going to get at least one ring. Especially so if he maintains this attitude.

  29. Bold prediction…Brock Purdy will win more Super Bowls than Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Mac Jones and Tua Tagaiviola combined

  30. Saying a team is “cursed,” or that they will NEVER win – it’s just a cope.

    How many times have we heard that in sports? The Red Sox, the Cubs, the Cavs, et al. At one time, people called the Patriots the “Patsies” and many said they’d never win – and now they’re the gold standard.

    These comments sections get boring. No window is closed, no team is cursed, and JA just turned 27 – so I don’t think he missed all of this chances.

    When people say the Bills will never win – they just mean that they don’t want the Bills to win. That’s it.

  31. For a team that hasn’t won anything yet, there sure is a lot of hatred.
    It’s a positive thing because no one pays attention to or hates bad teams.

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