Mike McDaniel: Dolphins using Tua Tagovailoa’s jiu-jitsu training in offseason practices

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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa said early this offseason that he was planning to work with some jiu-jitsu instructors to get a better handle on how to fall safely, to avoid his head hitting the ground and causing concussions. Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel loves that.

McDaniel said today that Tagovailoa has taken his training very seriously, and that the type of work Tagovailoa is doing is valuable for all of the quarterbacks, who rarely get hit until the season starts and could use some practice on breaking their falls properly to protect themselves.

“I’ve seen a guy that has followed through on his words as much as any young man I’ve come across in my career. You talk about going above and beyond [with] training and martial arts. We’ve incorporated it into some of the drill work we do with the quarterbacks,” McDaniel said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

After last season’s scary concussions, Tagovailoa’s health is the No. 1 topic of conversation in Miami this offseason, and McDaniel believes that Tagovailoa has taken productive steps in learning how to protect his head when he hits the ground.

18 responses to “Mike McDaniel: Dolphins using Tua Tagovailoa’s jiu-jitsu training in offseason practices

  1. Here come the haters…

    Tua is going to be SB MVP by the time it’s all over!

  2. I don’t know if you can put a concussion into an arm bar, but hopefully it helps.

  3. Careful now grasshopper… When you can take the penny from my hand, it will be time to go complete your journey. 🦗😆🐬

  4. The hate for Tua, Mike McD and the Dolphins always baffles me.

    Tua is a good young man, clearly talented (see passer rating before he got hurt). He has a bright young, coach who behaves in an unusual manner in the press. Sure, they have an owner who behaved like a bozo, but the team was punished for it.

    If you look at the roster, you might notice that this team is stacked. I so hope that Tua proves his detractors wrong.

  5. If being somewhat proficient in basketball, wrestling, boxing, and even ballet (Lynn Swann) can help with your football game, then why not jiu-jitsu? It makes a lot of sense to me.

  6. This was a smart decision by Tua.
    As evidenced by both of his noticed concussions, he didn’t know when/how to protect his head after contact or being in the grasp. Hopefully this training helps, because otherwise he’s going to have a short career if he doesn’t learn to take a hit/fall.

  7. We’ll find out quickly if it works. If it doesn’t… he needs to walk away from the NFL, by force if necessary.

  8. Ancient wisdom: Spend less time learning how to fall and more time learning how to throw.

  9. scoup100 says:
    May 23, 2023 at 1:45 pm
    With first pick in 2024 NFL draft..The Miami Dolphins select…

    Ross is going to lose the pick with one of his bonehead moves…shows how much you know about football hahaha

  10. It seems like a few people on here don’t believe in the Dolphins, QB, or Coach. I wonder why that is??? A QB that got hurt is doing what he believes he needs to do in order to continue playing the game he loves at a high level. Yet there are people here that believe he is at risk or that he is not a good QB. Just let the guy play or not at his choice. He has all his faculties or his family would be vocal on his behalf to get him to stop…so back off and stay out of it. As far as the coach goes, he is a new coach, never been a head coach. He is going to make mistakes. He is human like all of us. Let him learn from them. That’s what a good coach does…learn! As far as the Dolphins go, the management and team have made what they feel are the necessary improvements to win more games and compete with other teams. That’s all they can do. Will all of their decisions work?…probably not. But will enough work to allow them to go farther into the playoffs? A fan can only hope. The rest of you just can go pound sand, because your opinions don’t matter…for that matter, neither do mine. But I do go on record here that I support the Dolphins and what they are trying to do….Why? Because I’m a true Dolphin fan.

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