Roger Goodell: I think we’ll get to a place where Commanders sale is approved

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NFL owners are not ready to vote on the proposed sale of the Commanders yet, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed optimism on Monday that it will get done and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did the same on Tuesday.

Goodell had a press conference from the league meetings in Minnesota and said that work to vet the bid by Josh Harris‘ group to by the team “as quickly as we can” in order to be able to present it to the other 31 teams for approval. Goodell added that he expects that “thorough job” will result in approval of the sale.

“I think we’ll get it to a place where it’ll be approved,” Goodell said.

Assuming the sale gets done, Goodell said he expects Harris and the Commanders to begin the process of putting together a deal to build a new stadium but any work on that front will have to wait until the league officially signs off on the long-awaited sale.

5 responses to “Roger Goodell: I think we’ll get to a place where Commanders sale is approved

  1. To quote Rog” please anyone but Daniel argggggghhhhhh” I think that’s what he meant

  2. Other than the good news than Daniel Snyder looks like he’s tucked tail and running, this deal comes off sketch AF.

  3. Not according to Jim Irsay and his good friend Jeff Bezos. This sale isn’t close to being done

  4. Better slow your roll Rog, I’ve got 1500 bucks and the title to my truck. I just need 25 billionaires as limited partners. LeBron is retiring and looking for a long term investment so we’ll be offering 6.9 kazillion…

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