Stefon Diggs doesn’t show up for start of Bills’ OTAs

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Bills receiver Stefon Diggs hasn’t been around for offseason workouts this year. With OTAs now underway, Diggs still isn’t with the team.

Coach Sean McDermott told reporters on Tuesday that Diggs isn’t there.

And here’s where the “serenity now” crowd will say there’s nothing to see here. That it’s optional. That it doesn’t matter if he’s not there.

There’s still reason to wonder whether Diggs is truly happy with the Bills. He became unhappy with the Vikings, just two seasons after giving Minnesota one of its most exciting sports moments ever.

When we last saw Diggs, he wasn’t happy with the team’s regression for 2022, a divisional-round loss by 17 points at home to the Bengals.

Is he happy now? Does he want to stay? If he viewing 2022 as his last year before he tries to tweet his way out of town, the same way he did in Minnesota?

The final phase of the offseason program lays the foundation for the work to be done in training camp. The more a team is prepared for training camp, the better prepared the team will be for Week One. And, for the Bills, Week One consists of a prime-time visit to the Jets.

The good news from Diggs’s absence is that it gives others a chance to develop into viable options in the passing game. That’s something the Bills badly need. The bad news is he’s losing opportunities to get himself ready to go for what will be the team’s next run at trying to get back to the Super Bowl, for the first time in 30 years.

26 responses to “Stefon Diggs doesn’t show up for start of Bills’ OTAs

  1. “Where’s my Arizona Cardinals t-shirt, I’ve got a workout vid to post”.

  2. Diggs always seems to keep his true self under wraps until he gets his extension. Signed extension with Minnesota during 2018, traded after 2019. Signed extension with bills during 2022, probably will be traded after 2023 season.

    Thanks for the ride, it’s been great. But, I’m tired of diggs.

  3. Pitches a fit because they’re not executing in the last playoff game, but doesn’t feel he needs to be there to get as much work in for the offense to be better. Too bad they gave him all that money when they did. They’re a bit tied to him for a couple years now…

  4. The comments on this one should be fun.

    But I guess that’s the point. We’re deep in the offseason, and there just isn’t much drama.

  5. “Stef’s gonna Stef.” – Josh Allen

    Just because he didnt want to be a Viking doesnt mean he’s on his way out of Buffalo, and his contract was restructured this offseason so he has @least 2 more years in Buffalo bc of the new huge cap hit. Youre welcome. Bills by 40!

  6. what a diva he is turning into. serious, maybe his wanting the ball constantly and complaining when he doesn’t get it is the cause of issues with the O on any team he is on.

    Look he is an excellent WR, but if you constantly have issues with teams and want out after a few years maybe the problem is you and not every team you pay for. What has any team he has been on ever won?? Nothing! obviously not a team player and if he isn’t happy with Josh throwing him the ball then who is going to make him happy. Trade him to the Ravens and see how happy he is with Lamar running most of the time.

  7. If Diggs does try to force his way out there are only a few places with better young QB situations. Will he go the T.O. route and run out of opportunities before he runs out of talent due to being such a douche?

    I’m just glad the Vikes moved on from the headache. I hope the Bills can also sell high if they need to do the same.

  8. He was also absent for the start of OTA’s is 2021. This is nothing that people want to turn into something.

  9. Want me. Love me. Look at me. What is with that position? You can have Diggs and guys like Diggs.

  10. rockpiler
    You seemed unable to recall the history.
    He wanted out of Minnesota only because Zimmer insisted on being a “run-first” team, and he felt he wasn’t going to be able to get the receptions he wanted and “contribute” how he wanted.

    Kind of like yelling at your QB in the playoffs because you felt he should have thrown you the ball… eh?

    Plays Like Tarzan, whines about losing like Jane.

  11. The problem child, as usual… If the Bills want to have a good year, Diggs may have to go.

  12. stilladolphinfan says:
    May 23, 2023 at 2:54 pm
    what a diva he is turning into. serious, maybe his wanting the ball constantly and complaining when he doesn’t get it is the cause of issues with the O on any team he is on.

    Turning into?
    Diggs has been a diva for a long time now.

  13. Never heard of a WR playing with elite QB holding out. It’s always when a WR believes he is carrying an overpaid QB and he should make more. Josh Allen got a lot better after he had Diggs not before.

  14. Oh God.
    It’s only May and the season is already a disaster.
    Don’t know if they can recover from this in time to rescue the season.

  15. And if he had a QB that ranked in the 20’s, he’d be average as well. His replacement in MN is better.

  16. Jimmypinthe416 says:
    May 23, 2023 at 5:23 pm
    Doesn’t tb 6 have school?
    He’s operating the multi-million company he owns.

  17. How in the world can he be upset playing for Josh Allen and the Bills? There is probably only one situation better for a WR (considering ownership, coaching and the QB) and that’s in KC. And that ain’t happening. He’ll end up like Tyreke Hill or Davante Adams — playing great for non-playoff teams. Players and coaches loved him in MN, but there was one universal agreed truth: Diggs was weird.

  18. Remind me again how Diggs is NOT gonna be a problem for our Bills this season? I was against him coming here because he carried serious “baggage” & now I’m beginning to live that dream!

  19. Missing OPTIONAL OTAs? Really? Is this seriously a discussion? Talk to me if he doesn’t show up for training camp!

  20. Wah, wah, wah! I am sick and tired of these OVERPAID babies not showing up for work. They should thank their lucky stars that they actually get PAID to play a kids game. Every time I see or hear about one of these fools, I lose a little more interest in pro football!

  21. Josh and Diggs don’t need optional reps. Josh and the rookies do though. Call me when the season starts.

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