Aaron Rodgers tweaked calf during Jets’ “pre-practice conditioning”


Aaron Rodgers might want to reconsider his reconsideration of participating in OTAs.

During “pre-practice conditioning,” said Rodgers, before Tuesday’s session, he tweaked his calf. It happened during the team’s routine of using medicine balls and sleds in order to get players loose for the practice session.

“I haven’t done it before,” Rodgers said of the pre-practice routines the Jets use. “I haven’t done it in 18 years. So but obviously there’s some science behind it.”

Presumably, the science isn’t to cause calf strains.

Asked specifically how it happened, Rodgers said, “I don’t know. Just running, I guess.”

Part of it could be that Rodgers is at the age where strains happen. Unlike Tom Brady, who was not an explosive runner (and that’s an understatement), Rodgers has the ability to put the kind of stress on an aging body that could indeed result in injuries. Especially soft-tissue injuries.

Rodgers said he doesn’t think it’s too serious, but it’s instantly important for him to get proper rest so that whatever was tweaked can properly heal and not continue to be an issue.

It will be interesting to see whether he participate in any additional OTAs, given the injury. It also will be interesting to see if he’s using a medicine ball or a sled during “pre-practice conditioning.”

49 responses to “Aaron Rodgers tweaked calf during Jets’ “pre-practice conditioning”

  1. This is what happens when your body isn’t used to practicing or conditioning this time of year.

  2. I’m reading what he’s saying, but as I understand it; Rodgers has not lost a step. He’s lost two.

  3. And here we go again with his shenanigans. Maybe he can return in December?

  4. Happens to us all. Age is undefeated. Some morning you’re just gonna wake up and wonder why something hurts.

  5. Great, we can all look forward to 9 months of schadenfreude from Pack fans whenever anything bad happens to Rodgers.

    And the front office will continue to get a pass.

  6. And so it begins!! Oh man how I cannot wait to watch this Diva go 4-13 this year!

  7. Better ask your buddy for some of that “avocado ice cream”

  8. As a 42 year old, I empathise with him. Aging suuuuuucks. Especially if you’re starting up a new routine on muscles you haven’t worked on before. It’s often one step forward, three back with the risk of a twisted ankle because you’re not used to walking in that direction

  9. See.. This is EXACTLY why Florio tells players not to participate in OTAs!!

  10. Rodgers should be used to strains by now considering all the relationships he’s strained throughout his career.

  11. Soooooo Jets. HOF QB is like, “yeah in all my 18 years I’ve never done anything like this – this kind of drill – anyway, it’s the Jets’ science and they f’d me up (their $80mm QB) royally. So yeah, there’s that.”

  12. It’s funny what happens when you get older. I once threw out my back stopping an empty shopping cart. My wife thought I was kidding. I now do some stretching even before using the bathroom.

  13. This is juicier than I suspected. lol

    You asked for it and now you have it.

  14. The MRI came back with a reading of “Aaron don’t play that”, so expect much sitting and much writing about sitting.

  15. I thought that the drill looked goofy – something that required a warm up before you even thought about undertaking that so-called “warm up” And way too gung ho for an old guy.

  16. And so it begins. The daily/hourly update on everything happening in Rodgers’ life.

  17. Not saying he is, but if there was a QB in the league that would fake an injury to get out of OTAs without having to explain to the media why he isn’t practicing… he would be it..

  18. I am so sorry about all the flooding, I have been crying rivers of worry for Aaron. So so scary for him.

  19. This just highlights how remarkable it was that Brady managed to play as long as he did. Brady dedicated his life to reducing injury risks and being available. Few people achieve that level of discipline.

  20. Again…I’m no Rodgers fan & I detest the Jets but the media is making much to do about nothing – Aaron Rodgers for all his quirks is old school and you cannot argue his toughness. So unless he’s about to bleed out or his bones are shattered he’ll be just fine.

  21. Maybe he did maybe he didn’t with Rodgers your never sure other than he often lies.

  22. There is science behind it? If Rodgers realized this before hand, it’s a surprise he even did it. In any case, with all of the Super Bowl rhetoric suddenly around this team, they are clearly headed off a cliff.

  23. Covid toe, broken thumb, tweaked ego ( I mean calf), the excuses still keep pouring in and the regular season hasn’t even started. What will it be once the numbers start piling up in the ‘L’ column.

  24. This is gonna make the Russell Wilson trade look cute in comparison.

  25. Might have been an “I’m too old for this *bleep*” moment where he saw a conditioning drill in May and all of a sudden that calf is a bit tight. Better sit this one out. In any case does anybody think throwing some medicine balls and running in OTA’s is going to impact the season for him? I think the real value is him being in the building for all the voluntary stuff, building rapport with his new teammates and getting everyone reps with the starting QB in the new offense.

  26. With all his money,you would think that he would have the best conditioning coach and nutritionist around. If you can’t do a little work out in OTA without hurting something,then it’s going to be a long season for the Jets.

  27. And so it begins. The daily/hourly update on everything happening in Rodgers’ life.

    2020 holding for you on line 3….

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