Commanders say Norm Chirite, not Jason Wright, cast votes at this week’s meetings

NFL Washington Commanders announce the signing of veteran QB Carson Wentz
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On Tuesday morning, a Commanders spokesperson told PFT that team president Jason Wright cast the votes for the team during this week’s meetings in Minneapolis — including the critical, difference-making vote regarding Thursday night flexing.

Later in the day, the Commanders revised that information.

General counsel Norm Chirite, not Wright, communicated the votes, per the team. Chirite, who doesn’t appear on the team’s online “front office” page, handled the voting on both Monday and Tuesday.

It’s not a huge issue, but it comes at a time when the Commanders also contend that they did not change from “no” in March to “yes” in May on the TNF flexing issue, despite indications that they were opposed to it in March. Because no formal vote was taken in March, there’s no official record of who was for it and who was against it.

Regardless, the Commanders (along with every other team that voted yes) could have become the team to kill the move. It’s a much more interesting wrinkle if the Commanders were indeed against it in March.

One team definitely against it in March was the Saints. During Tuesday’s PFT Live, I mentioned what I had heard regarding why the Saints flipped from “no” to “yes.” After today’s PFT Live, I’ll be writing something here on that point.

5 responses to “Commanders say Norm Chirite, not Jason Wright, cast votes at this week’s meetings

  1. Lol. “If anyone has any questions about the Commanders vote in this particular matter, please contact their general counsel.” – Goodell

  2. Also Jason Wright has proven himself to be quite comfortable amongst the snakes as all of this has developed.

  3. Who authorizes whatever statements that the Commanders release? Is anyone really in charge? I understand that each team is supposed to have a vote ay these meetings, but how can organization be allowed to vote when there is no one authorized to make a decision.

  4. So, our front office can’t even agree on who actually cast the vote for the Snyder’s?! The dysfunction never ends here! The new owners can’t come soon enough and I hope they clean house from top to bottom!

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