DeMeco Ryans is noncommittal about Jadeveon Clowney

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Defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, the first overall pick in the 2014 draft, recently said he’d like to return to the Texans.

On Tuesday, Texans coach DeMeco Ryans was asked about the possibility of bringing Clowney back to Houston.

“We always look at any players that can help us win,” Ryans told reporters. “We’ll explore all options. I’ll never throw anyone off the table. Everything is an option for me.”

It’s not a no. It’s not a yes.

So we’ll see. As will Clowney.

He spent five years with the Texans, one with the Seahawks, one with the Titans, and the last two with the Browns.

When healthy, he can be a disruptive force, a master of the unofficial Chris Simms “fuck the play up” statistic. After nine seasons, however, it remains to be seen whether teams will keep rolling the dice on him.

12 responses to “DeMeco Ryans is noncommittal about Jadeveon Clowney

  1. As he should be. Clowney has talent, but he’s rarely been able to stay on the field.

  2. I wouldn’t bring in an injury prone player with bad habits to a rebuilding team.

  3. Anyone make more money off of 1 big hit in a college game than this guy? 9 years in the league and he only played a full season once.
    I never got the hype.

  4. Clowney doesn’t have a desire to ” stay on the field”. Sign with team? Yea, sure. Get a lot of money? Yes. Work hard to stay available to play on Sunday……nope. Clowney wakes up on Sunday morning and then desides ” what he’s going to do, OR NOT DO, today

  5. Every coach and every GM says the exact same thing when asked a question of this nature. It’s ALWAYS some variation of “We’re always looking at everything. We never close the door on any possibility of improving our team.”

  6. As a Seahawks fan, I enjoyed watching him play. But, he has always only cared about the money. Plenty of younger,hungrier, healthier, cheaper options.

  7. I watched Clowney when he played in Houston his first years. When he wanted to really play, it was incredible to watch. I really think we could be talking about a hall of famer if he had more desire. Just a shameful waste of talent.

  8. I remember him having a monster game against the 49ers during his time with Seattle.

  9. Clowney has his issues but man that 2019 game @ SF when he was with Seattle was one of the most transcendent and greatest games I’ve seen by a DL ever and I’ve been watching a long long time

  10. Texans should’ve drafted Khalil Mack instead. Oh well. Clowney will be a hard sell to all but the most desperate teams. Texans also just brought back Jacob Martin as well.

  11. I was over Clowney when it was reported he refused to go into the Ravens’ game because he was jealous of Garrett. He CAN be a force…when he wants to be.

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