Desmond Ridder: I’m a lot more comfortable after a year under my belt

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Desmond Ridder arrived in Atlanta a year ago as a third-round pick, uncertain about anything.

He didn’t know where to go or what to do; he didn’t know the offense; he didn’t know all of his teammates; and he certainly didn’t know his future.

Ridder enters this season as the Falcons’ starting quarterback.

“This time last year, my head was spinning,” Ridder said Wednesday, via Scott Bair of the team website. “Obviously having a year under my belt and a whole offseason, things have become a lot more comfortable. Now we’re trying to work the intricate details of it, the ins and outs, and knowing the exact reasons why everything is going on.”

Ridder roomed with Tyler Allgeier and Drake London during rookie minicamp last season, and they spent time at night using poker chips to learn the plays. Ridder now knows exactly what he’s doing and where he’s going.

He has become the team leader.

“He already had the confidence last year,” Allgeier said. “Now he has a year under him after learning from Marcus [Mariota]. He’s just a natural-born leader. Him coming in last year, being with him the apartments last year [during rookie minicamp] and then seeing him now, that’s a big step. He always had the confidence. We’re all confident playing behind him.”

Ridder made four starts last season, with two touchdowns and no interceptions and the Falcons went 2-2.

5 responses to “Desmond Ridder: I’m a lot more comfortable after a year under my belt

  1. Let’s see what the kid can do. Media assumes he will fail but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. He has a a decent offensive supporting cast and a defense that can win games. This should actually be a fun season of Falcons football…should.

  2. He could be a surprise, or the Falcons could be in line for a top QB in a good draft class next year.

  3. For real, congratulations to Blank and his Falcons for committing to a QB and giving him a shot. Teams used to do this all the time, twenty plus years ago, and guess what, sometimes it works out when you give a guy time to grow and learn a system before throwing him into the fire!

  4. I wonder if 37 year old Calais Campbell views Desmond Ridder as the team leader.

  5. Falcons are my NFC darkhorse team this year like the Eagles last year. I wanted it to be the Lions, but too many people are picking them, and they’re setting up for a fall.

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