It’s a Wednesday night Father of Mine giveaway

Anthony Zych

I just got more copies of Father of Mine. I’m in a fairly good mood tonight. So why not give one away?

A signed, personalized copy of Father of Mine is up for grabs. Email “Father of Mine May 24 Giveaway” to to enter. I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning.

It’s been a month since Father of Mine debuted. We’ve sold more copies than I expected to sell. But I’d like to sell more. You’ve been procrastinating about buying it. Why not do it now?

It’s only $4.99 for the ebook at Amazon, $13.97 for the paperback at Amazon, and $19.99 for a signed copy at (the supply is dwindling). The book also can be read at no charge if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks to all who have purchased the book. Thanks to those who eventually will. I know you’re out there. Why not go ahead and buy it now?

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