Malik Willis says he isn’t changing his approach entering 2023

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While the Titans drafted Malik Willis in the third round last year, the quarterback’s future with the team is very much in question.

Willis started three games for Tennessee last year, but it was clear toward the end of the season that he wasn’t yet ready to play. So, the Titans brought in Joshua Dobbs to start their last two games to finish out the season while Ryan Tannehill was injured.

Then Tennessee selected Will Levis early in the second round of this year’s draft, ostensibly making him the club’s quarterback of the future. Tannehill, 35, is entering the last year of his contract.

But Willis told reporters in Nashville on Wednesday that the circumstances haven’t changed his approach.

Go to work the same way. It don’t matter,” Willis said, via Ben Arthur of “It’s the same amount of competition. You’re competing against yourself every day. You don’t go competing against guys. You don’t go looking over your shoulder. Just try to get better.”

Willis completed 51 percent of his passes for 276 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions last season. Willis rushed for 123 yards with a touchdown, fumbling three times. He was also sacked 10 times in his eight appearances with three starts.

With the emergency quarterback rule now in place, teams may carry three QBs on their 53-man roster just in case. But given that Tennessee also has a new G.M. in Ran Carthon, the club may need to see plenty out of Willis for him to retain that roster spot at the start of the regular season.

10 responses to “Malik Willis says he isn’t changing his approach entering 2023

  1. Why even draft a quarterback that you know is going to be a project if you’re just going to replace them after a year?

  2. No disrespect to Josh Dobbs, but starting him over Willis was one of the dumbest coaching moves in the history of mankind. Who in the right mind starts a quarterback who just joined the team over a guy who has been there all through OTAs, training camp, and the season? Perhaps Willis did not play well in his three starts but there was no way that Dobbs was going to better, especially since he was thrown into an impossible situation.

  3. Everyone: “Willis is a project”

    Titans, after three games: “We’ve seen enough. NEXT”

  4. Dobbs played over Willis because he has more experience and throws the ball better. Now Willis needs to get better …

  5. If you’re only competing against yourself…if you’re not competing against the other QB’s, then you’re going about it wrong. This isn’t golf. You compete against them because it makes them better. They compete against you because it makes you better.

  6. Willis has been practicing his sideline pacing all offseason.

  7. dalewolf68 says:
    May 24, 2023 at 12:58 pm
    Dobbs played over Willis because he has more experience and throws the ball better. Now Willis needs to get better …

    Prior to his two games with the Titans Dobbs had attempted 17 passes in his career with 45 total passing yards. Willis had more passing attempts, completions, and yards than Dobbs when Willis was benched. Dobbs had not played a single down last season prior to starting for the Titans.

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