Mitch Trubisky: Easy decision to sign extension with Steelers

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Mitch Trubisky lost the Steelers starting quarterback job to rookie Kenny Pickett early last year and the plan in Pittsburgh is for Pickett to be the starter for years to come, so no one would blame Trubisky if he were looking around for a place that offered him a clearer path to the lineup.

Trubisky isn’t doing that, however. Trubisky signed a two-year extension with the Steelers earlier this month and said on Tuesday that it was a “pleasant surprise” when General Manager Omar Khan reached out to him about a new deal.

“We got really close as a team last year,” Trubisky said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I felt like I wanted to be here the next three years. When they asked me, it was an easy decision.”

Trubisky still has hopes of being a starter in the NFL, but knows what his role is now and said that he believes everything “will work out the way it should” as long as he continues to work hard over the rest of his time in Pittsburgh.

12 responses to “Mitch Trubisky: Easy decision to sign extension with Steelers

  1. Guys like Trubisky and Slex Smith can play for 15 years, even if it’s as a backup, and retire with $200 million in the bank.

  2. It’s an easy decision when no one else wants you…. Same goes for Rudolph

  3. Easy decision because no one else would be dumb enough to give him that much money.

  4. Classy guy. With the expanded schedule, every team needs a QB2 that’s more than a place holder. None of the Pgh QBs are making silly Lamar Jackson money, but that’s OK, they are still all set for life. I predict that Mitch will get at least four starts this year, and who knows, maybe an unexpected QB1 opportunity will unfold somewhere. Sometimes the smart thing is to just keep your head down and bide your time.

  5. Geno Smith was relegated to backup for years, too. And now he’s showing he has the talent and maturity to start. Even if last year was an aberration (and there was noticeable falloff at the end of the year), he still won a couple of years as starter by watching and learning and staying ready.

  6. Steelers: “Mitch, you probably won’t start (or get injured), and we will only pay you $7-8,000,000/year”.
    Mitch: “OK”.

  7. I’m a Trubisky fan. He really had no shot with the Bears and the idiot Nagy. He can do a Geno, show up and show out. Go, Mitch!!

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