Nick Bolton: Chiefs defense doesn’t get the respect it deserves

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Chiefs defense has ranked in the top half of points allowed each of the past four years, including three times in the top 10. Last year, Kansas City was 11th in yards allowed and 16th in points allowed.

But on a team with Patrick Mahomes, a two-time league MVP, and a top-scoring offense, the Chiefs defense takes a backseat.

“Our defense is definitely going to be hungry,” Chiefs linebacker Bolton said, via Ed Easton Jr. of USA Today Sports. “We don’t really get the respect that we deserve. Over the years, the three, four years I’ve been here, and I’ve been watching from Mizzou, the Chiefs defense doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, myself included. So, there is a hungry aspect of it. I can tell you say that I’m hungry as ever.”

Bolton had one of the key plays in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII victory over the Eagles, returning a Jalen Hurts‘ fumble for a touchdown.

But Bolton enters his third season looking for his first Pro Bowl. He didn’t make it last season despite 180 total tackles, two sacks, two interceptions, three passes defensed and a forced fumble.

So, he and his defensive teammates remain hungry despite a Super Bowl title in 2022.

11 responses to “Nick Bolton: Chiefs defense doesn’t get the respect it deserves

  1. My goodness, give Andy Reid a top ten defense to accompany Pat and it’s gonna be trouble for a lot of other teams.

  2. The Chargers don’t have any problem scoring on the Chiefs’ defense, which is why it’s only average in points allowed.

  3. He’s not wrong. Most people don’t realize how well they were playing at the back-end of last season. Nevertheless, they’ll always be overlooked and overshadowed by Mahomes and the offense.

  4. Jalen Hurts ran all over that D and Chiefs gave up 35 points. Just be quiet and thankful you had Mahomes and company. Geez

  5. You won the Superbowl! How is that not being respected. You can’t accomplish that without a great defense. Should they have passed horns so you could have tooted them?

  6. Bc it’s never been good. Letting your entire division drop 30 on you every game doesn’t warrant respect. You gave up a league worst 33 passing TDs. The amount of stress the Chiefs own defense puts on the Chiefs own offense is probably more than the actual opposing defense Mahomes and Reid are playing. You do not deserve any respect. Be above average for one year and that’s a start.

  7. Having an incredible offence makes every team you play open up their playbook and take chances they might not typically do.

  8. 2018 – 24th
    2019 – 7th
    2020 – 10th
    2021 – 8th
    2022 – 16th

    They are better than people have given them credit for.

    But nobody is going to confuse them with one of the great defenses.

  9. humb0lt says:
    May 24, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    KC is 12-3 in the last 15 games against the Chargers while winning 7 straight division titles. KC has been in 3 of the last 5 Super Bowls with 2 Lombardi’s.
    Please tell us again about the Mighty Chargers who have won absolutely nothing.

  10. Go earn that respect young man! Can’t wait to see what the defense has to offer this season.

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