Robert Saleh on Mekhi Becton: It’s about moving forward, not what happened in the past

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Mekhi Becton said recently that he wants to be the Jets’ left tackle in 2023 and he’s also aired some bad feelings about being put at right tackle last year.

Becton was coming off a right knee injury and said that playing the position put undue pressure on his leg. He added that he told the team he wasn’t feeling good, but remained at the position until he reinjured the knee and missed the entire season.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh was asked about Becton’s comments during a Tuesday press conference, but declined to address them directly. Saleh said that Becton’s approach to this season has been what the team wants and that everyone is looking forward to what’s next rather than trying to assign blame about the past.

“What I’m focused on though is over the last six months, Mekhi has done an unbelievable job getting his weight down to where it’s a healthy weight and sustainable,” Saleh said. “He’s been available during OTAs, he’s been prompt and very diligent with regards to meetings. I think he’s probably in the best shape of his life. He’s got a smile on his face and he’s attacking it. That’s what is most important. Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. It’s not about finger pointing, it’s just about moving forward. If he keeps approaching this offseason the way he has and he keeps attacking it the way he has, excited to see what he does with this fourth year.”

The knee injuries have derailed Becton’s career, but he has a chance to get things back on track this year and that would be a welcome development for a Jets team that’s struggled to find stability on the offensive line since Saleh became the head coach.

4 responses to “Robert Saleh on Mekhi Becton: It’s about moving forward, not what happened in the past

  1. Saleh is saying the right things, but I don’t trust him based on him getting caught in lies in the past.

    In this case though the burden of proof is 100% on Becton.
    Play well and you get paid because it’s your contract year.
    Don’t play well and end up as a backup somewhere.
    Prove Saleh wrong.

  2. Big bust on this one. Poster child for I got my money and I’m done trying. Now this season he will make a change because he is now at the point of that next contract.

  3. He is as good as gone. Just a question of before or after this season.

  4. He just finished blaming the coaches for his injury because they moved him and tried him out at RT.

    The kid is delusional like the rest of the team and fans.

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