Ron Rivera on Chase Young: I really believe he’ll come in and give everything he’s got

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The Commanders passed on exercising their option on defensive end Chase Young‘s contract for the 2024 season earlier this year, but head coach Ron Rivera said on Wednesday that he doesn’t think that will have a negative impact on Young’s commitment to the team.

While Young is not at OTAs this week, he has been around the facility at other points in the voluntary portion of the offseason program and Rivera said he expects the second pick of the 2020 draft to hit the ground running upon his return to the facility.

“I really believe he’s going to come in and give everything he’s got,” Rivera said, via JP Finlay of

The Commanders made the same option choice with Daron Payne last year and he wound up signing a four-year deal with the team this offseason. That’s a blueprint for how things could play out for Young once he does rejoin the team.

7 responses to “Ron Rivera on Chase Young: I really believe he’ll come in and give everything he’s got

  1. Payne played on his option, as Montez Sweat is doing this year. Young didn’t get his option picked up so it’s very different. Young has about $5M in guaranteed money this year as opposed to Payne’s $13M last year. Payne’s also sat out of OTAs

  2. As usual, Rivera said nothing. He is the most overrated HC in the entire football world.

  3. The Commanders did the smart thing by not picking up his 5th year option. Young works hard, but has no desire to be great. His knee injury was a serious one and I doubt he ever regains the form he had his rookie year.

  4. This guy has had one pretty good season, and the rest of the time he’s been off the field injured. It SEEMS like he should be a good NFL player, but we’ll see. He’s not much good if he’s not on the field for whatever reason. So far he’s been a horrible waste of such a high draft pick….

  5. I’m a lifelong fan of the team. Chase Young is just like the 2nd overall pick we wasted on RGME! He’s a BUST! I didn’t even feel he earned ROY! HE got that mostly off of college hype! He’s sucked, not followed coaching and has been a ‘ME’ player his entire time here! We need to get whatever compensation we can for him and move on!

  6. A lot of 1st round busts in 2020. Passing on J. Herbert has to hurt in DC.

  7. Payne did not play on his 5th year option, as the Skins did not pick it up. Young’s situation is actually quite similar to Payne’s. Nobody expected Payne back after last year (going into the season), everyone thought he would either be traded during the season or leave in free agency. Then Payne played at an All-Pro level in 2022, and everything changed. Signed to a long term deal. Now, everyone is assuming Chase will be gone after this year. Who knows, maybe he has a huge year in a big comeback, a la Payne. Certainly possible. And who knows, maybe they could afford to pay both Young and Sweat, if Sam Howell plays effectively enough. Not paying a monster QB contract has its advantages, if that QB can produce.

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