Antonio Brown says he will play for the Albany Empire on Saturday

Antonio "AB" Brown Album Release Dinner
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Antonio Brown expects to become pro football’s first owner-player since George Halas on Saturday.

The former NFL receiver owns the Albany Empire of the National Arena League. He will play for the team in a game against Fayetteville.

Brown ran one route at Thursday’s practice, Griffin Haas of WTEN reports. Afterward, Brown told reporters he plans on playing Saturday but did not specify how much.

He also joked — we think it was a joke — that Cam Newton will join him in Albany “soon.”

Brown last played in a game on Jan. 2, 2022, with the Buccaneers. His refusal to play with an ankle injury got him kicked off the sideline and his ensuing meltdown on the way to locker room got him released. He has not signed with another NFL team since.

Brown has generated plenty of drama with the Empire since he became sole owner. He has denied that he owns the team, while also claiming that he is a foreign national.

Brown still is only 34.

23 responses to “Antonio Brown says he will play for the Albany Empire on Saturday

  1. Since when was arena football considered pro football? Vontez to Fayetteville ASAP.

  2. “He has not signed with another NFL team since.”

    More like another NFL team has not offered to sign him since

  3. Can people stop reporting he had an “ankle injury?” If it was indeed injured, why did he never have it operated on? Call it what it was; he was mad because he wasn’t getting the ball to his liking because of the contract he signed on incentives. It’s foolish to continue to say it was over an ankle injury when he was clearly not injured.
    I’m getting the milk duds, popcorn, and gummy bears ready for when he isn’t elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

  4. The last sentence says “Brown still is only 34.’ That is old for a receiver in the NFL. Other receivers his age are AJ Green, Dez Bryant and Julio Jones. All were great but father time wins every time. Antonio has so many issues. His NFL career is over. Maybe the XFL or the USFL would give him a chance but I doubt it.

  5. So as the owner and what would be the defacto coach what happens when the coach doesn’t call a play that goes to him and what happens if the QB doesn’t pass to him. Those few lucky fans might get to see an epic meltdown. Guessing there are going to be some on-field firings.

  6. Call me crazy but I’d watch if televised for the circus/car crash factor. It would be fun to see a qb go 5/50 passing. And see Brown catch 5 balls on 50 attempts. It’ll at least make for the smallest box score ever.

  7. Ya gotta admit, his 6-year run was unprecedented. Uncoverable. But yea, he has many issues

  8. He’s just getting a few things off his chest and making the best of a stinky situation.

  9. Amazing… all he had to do was simply “keep playing” .. Instead, he threw his tantrum and did NOT keep playing. He has lost 2 years NFL and yet now, he decides to keep playing in a bush league for a fiftieth of the income he could have been paid – and no longer play NFL games, but now “wants” to ‘keep’ playing. Unbelievable how much this guy can screw himself.

  10. This has set sail for fail written all over it. I feel bad for the guys on that team.

  11. My biggest question, what does he do when his paycheck bounces? Will he throw furniture at himself?

  12. I would not like to be one of his teammates/players. You just never know with this fella. Just when you think he might be calming a bit.. Boom!!

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