Brett Favre’s case against Shannon Sharpe continues

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Two weeks ago, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre settled his defamation lawsuit against Pat McAfee, for no actual cash settlement. Favre’s case against Shannon Sharpe continues.

Sharpe has filed a motion to dismiss the case. On Wednesday, Favre filed a 24-page legal brief opposing the motion.

In the brief, a copy of which PFT has reviewed, Favre responds to Sharpe’s position that his comments were rhetorical hyperbole and/or statements of opinion, not fact. Favre contends that the remarks flow from a false factual premise.

Said Sharpe, per Favre’s brief: “The problem that I have with this situation, you’ve got to be a sorry mofo to steal from the lowest of the low,” “Brett Favre is taking from the underserved [in Mississippi],” and “[Favre] stole money from people that really needed that money.”

Favre points out that he committed no crime and has never been accused of committing a crime.

At this stage, Sharpe hopes to secure an early victory. Those aren’t easy to achieve. Chances are the case will continue.

As pointed out in the context of Favre’s settled case against McAfee, Favre eventually will face aggressive questioning regarding what he knew and when he knew it about the welfare funds. Favre also will be pressed for details about his pre-existing reputation, which becomes very relevant to determining the damage to his reputation resulting from Sharpe’s alleged defamation.

Sharpe will now have an opportunity to file a reply brief in support of his motion. Eventually, the presiding judge will rule on the motion — with or without conducting a hearing in court.

If Sharpe wins, the case ends — subject to appeal. If Favre wins, the case goes forward.

12 responses to “Brett Favre’s case against Shannon Sharpe continues

  1. Brett is still mad about SB XXXII

    Shannon kept LeRoy Butler out of the box. TD ran wild.

  2. Favre’s reputation is already damaged beyond repair- all of it self-inflicted. His choice to get involved with all these down-home dirty dealings shows he’s lost his way in life.

  3. Don’t settle Sharpe – get Favre into a deposition

  4. Farve is a dirt bag but I don’t think he did anything illegal. Yes he was begging for the nmoney and didn’t care where it came from but the politicians actually took the money not Farve

  5. Sharpe the player was great as a person he’s loud & obnoxious but that being said – the evidence that Farve was grifting folks in the name of charities makes me think Sharpe had every right to say what he said and SHOULD demand Farve give a deposition.

  6. I really don’t like Shannon Sharpe one little bit, but he should win this case. Though actually it probably won’t go much of anywhere. Once you get into discovery, Brett is going to discover some things himself, like how this is going to cost him a boatload of money and all just to get his image muddied even more than it already is.

  7. I like QBs who respect the first amendment.

    I also like QBs who don’t steal from needy welfare recipients.

  8. “ the politicians actually took the money not Farve”

    Favre asked for and took the money knowing it was effectively being stolen from a fund for needy families. That makes him guilty.
    “The crime of receiving stolen property is defined as knowingly receiving stolen property with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property of its possession. In order for a defendant to be convicted, the property that the defendant receives must be stolen.”

  9. Favre had the worst reputation before this Mississippi deal ever happened. I never listen to anything these talking heads like Shannon Sharpe have to say, so I doubt that anyone changed their opinion of Favre based on anything Sharpe said. If anything, this suit gives Sharpe publicity and recognition.

  10. something good will happen with these two buffonish morons at each other’s throats.

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