Dan Campbell: We’re already miles ahead with Jameson Williams

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams didn’t get a chance to do on-field work with the team last spring because he was recovering from a torn ACL, so he’s getting his first taste of their offseason program this year.

The work appears to be paying off. Lions head coach Dan Campbell said on Thursday that the club has already seen growth from the 2022 first-round pick.

“We’re already miles ahead with him,” Campbell said, via Christian Booher of SI.com. “We didn’t even get this with him last year, he wasn’t able to do any of it. Just to be able to build from the ground up not in the season. He’s already in, here we go. Three weeks, four weeks, you see progress. He’s got a lot of room to grow and develop and he needs this time. We’ve gotta sharpen every little thing with him. Sharpen the routes, sharpen all of it, like any of the guys.”

Williams will have to wait a bit before showing any of his new skills off in a regular season game because of the six-game suspension he received for violating the league’s gambling policy. Campbell said the team won’t lament what happened, but will focus on what they can do to move forward and that starts with doing “the most work we can” before Williams has to step away from the team.

15 responses to “Dan Campbell: We’re already miles ahead with Jameson Williams

  1. Dan Campbell: We’re already miles ahead with Jameson Williams on concealing gambling practices. He won’t get cut or suspended, no need to worry.

  2. Um Dan……He’s suspended because you failed to correct locker room problems and gambling scandals.

  3. Miles ahead with a six game suspension for gambling? Doesn’t sound like he’s ahead of anything other than NFL suspensions compared to the other WRs.


  4. There’s some regression ahead for the Lions even with GB due for some too.

  5. I guess Williams will have to wait a while before he can start biting kneecaps.

    The Lions are certainly a more interesting team than in the past, but expectations being set for the Lions might be a little ahead of themselves. The NFC North appears wide open.

  6. “I guess Williams will have to wait a while before he can start biting kneecaps.”

    Please don’t ever say the end of this statement again. Lions fans don’t use “biting kneecaps” He’s a WR not lineman.

    – Lions 67 year failure nation

  7. Advanced NFL football concepts like money line bets, parlays, prop bets………etc.

  8. Wow, the Lions are becoming less intimidating by the day. Not that they were ever intimidating in the first place. They should bring Patricia and Quinn…..L0LL0LL0Lions!!

  9. Williams may be kind of a meathead, but it will be interesting to see if his game transfers from college to the NFL.

  10. Lions will unseat the Vikings. I’ll bet Dalvin goes to Buffalo after Minnesamalia cuts him

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