DK Metcalf still wants to race Tyreek Hill

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The periodic “I’m faster than you” debate among fast NFL players never really seems to be resolved with an actual race.

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf claims that he still wants to prove that he’s faster than Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill.

Appearing on FS1’s Undisputed, Metcalf explained that he has been trying to set up a race with Hill.

“Look, I had my people contact his people, we still couldn’t come to an agreement,” Metcalf said, via Harrison Reno of “We’ve been trying to do this for two years now. We haven’t come to an agreement in two years but you’ve seen me running in a track meet, I didn’t race against no 30-year-olds but whenever you wanna get this done, let me know.”

That was a reference to Hill’s easy 60-meter dash win earlier this year in the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. (The competitors were in the 25-29 age group.)

Metcalf acknowledged that Hill was willing to race in July 2022, but that Metcalf didn’t want to risk injury that close to football season.

As Reno notes, Metcalf has generated a higher top-end speed on a football field than Hill, with Metcalf topping out at 22.64 miles per hour when chasing down Budda Baker and Hill realizing a maximum of 22.60 miles per hour against the Vikings in 2019.

That’s close enough to make for an interesting race, one that quite possibly will come down to gets out of the blocks the fastest and the cleanest.

But they both have to want to do it. Choose a date. Choose a place. Let someone find a way to monetize it and give the money to charity. It’s really not that hard — if the people involved are willing to put up or finally shut up with this constant preening, without actually racing.

32 responses to “DK Metcalf still wants to race Tyreek Hill

  1. Metcalf isn’t faster than Tyreek Hill. He also isn’t faster than Jameson Williams.

  2. Dude grow up what are you a kid, your multi millionaires going for a superbowl, which is the ultimate goal, not just to boost your fragile ego….

  3. There is so much more to being a great WR, route running, hands, body awareness, and, of course, the guy throwing the ball to you matters greatly. Metcalf and Hill racing on a track will prove nothing, and both could risk an injury.

  4. Of course, people will buy in to that next gen MPH metric of in-game speed as if that’s some sort of “GOT EMMM!” thing. It isn’t. Besides the obvious of wearing equipment and non track shoes, at what point will Tyreek hill need to be at true top end speed? Too much stopping, starting, cutting with routes and by the time Tyreek catches a deep post, the defender is so far behind a defender most players let up or needing to be in control for better precision. DK Metcalf had the perfect in game scenario of leveraging the full field with a single focus – and that is to run ALL OUT in pursuit of a ball carrier. DK saying he didn’t want to sprint so close to training camp is lame and weak. Tyreek was ready to do it and you used a sorry excuse

  5. Do it at the pro bowl!

    Do a bracket race with a bunch of fast guys against each other, and then issue “NFL’s fastest player” to whoever wins the whole thing.

  6. What’s amazing to me is considering the fact of Metcalf’s size that he’s even in the conversation. Tyreke Hill is like a water bug and Metcalf looks like an MMA fighter. This is the one thing I wish the NFL what put into the Pro-Bowl weekend….the NFL’s fastest man contest. I would tune in every year to watch.

  7. I think Metcalf beats Tyreek in a 100-200M race. Hill wins a sprint. But yes, let’s see it. Put up or shut up. I always used to love seeing Darrell Green run the Fastest Man competition year after year. Dude was an absolute missile.

  8. I don’t remember who it was, but that play a couple years ago where Metcalf ran down the defender and prevented the TD after an interception is one of the greatest effort plays I’ve ever seen.

    As far as who’s faster? Who cares.

  9. Sounds like Metcalfe wants some recognition. Barely hear his name talked about. Maybe it’s just because it is Seattle.

  10. Didn’t Micah Parsons smoke Tyreek Hill in the fastest man competition at the Pro Bowl?

    That’s who DK should be going after.

  11. “I didn’t race against no 30 year olds”. See you when you get here, DK…

  12. Difference between Tyreeks top recorded speed and DKs? Tyreek was a ball carrier. And yes that makes a difference.

  13. Does it matter? Tyreek Hill is a top 5 receiver. DK is a top 20 receiver. Big difference.

  14. Hear that? It was two blown hammys ean of the season and none football injuries don’t get paychecks. Not gonna happen.

  15. Metcalf has the faster in-game speed. That’s truth until someone beats that speed. Hate reality all you want. It is what it is.

  16. Watching NFL players race against each other would be way more fun than the pro bowl game. DK might be faster in straight line speed, but considering he’s twice the size of Tyreek, he’s not nearly as shifty. Still would be a blast to watch and I’m sure could generate lots of money for a charity.

  17. Tyreek has better hands and better YAC. I’d like to see DK improve those stats.

  18. phinatic1 says:
    May 25, 2023 at 6:59 am
    Dude grow up what are you a kid, your multi millionaires going for a superbowl, which is the ultimate goal, not just to boost your fragile ego….


    I don’t think “fragile ego” has anything to do with it. Think about it like this. His entire life, every good thing he’s had, has come to him because he’s always been bigger, stronger, and FASTER than everyone else around him. And now he’s living every boy’s dream because he also OUTWORKED everyone else around him. Nonstop, relentless, unwavering, WORK. On his body and his game.

    And nobody’s topped that 22.64 MPH yet. I’m no Seattle fan, but let’s give the man his due and let him have his moment, yeah?

  19. I wonder if there is a way to use old film and find out how fast Bo Jackson or Darrell Green or Deion Sanders were.
    Joey Galloway could fly too.
    Bo Jackson supposedly ran a hand timed 4.12 40 yard dash.

  20. Hill ran 23.24 in 2016 and Raheem Mostert ran a 23.09 and a 22.73 in 2020. So Metcalf is 4th at this point, not #1 as someone above wrote.

  21. Whoever said do it quick the pro bowl and turn it into fastest man in the NFL yearly…brilliant. I’d tune in to that every year also

  22. I’d love to see Metcalf as a Strong Safety. He reminds me so much of Bam Bam Kam.

  23. “It’s over Johnny”.

    Will look forward to the race when Botha re retired and less fast versions of themselves.

  24. How longs the race…40 yard or 60 meters I’m taking Hill. 100 take DK.

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