Jaguars sign kicker Brandon McManus, cut Riley Patterson

Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos
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Veteran kicker Brandon McManus wasn’t out of work for long.

McManus, who was cut by the Broncos on Tuesday, signed with the Jaguars today.

The 31-year-old McManus played for the Broncos from 2014 to 2022. He didn’t have one of his better seasons last year, but it was still a surprise when Denver cut him loose this week.

To make room for McManus on the roster, the Jaguars cut Riley Patterson, who was their kicker last year. Jacksonville also has kicker James McCourt on its 90-player offseason roster.

5 responses to “Jaguars sign kicker Brandon McManus, cut Riley Patterson

  1. Good move for the Jaguars. Patterson had some but kicks last year but does not have a strong leg.

  2. Patterson career # FG = 87.8%, 2/4 on 50+ XP = 98.1%. McManus career # FG 81.4% his best year was 87.7 and was 40/72 on 50+ and these # are with mile high advantage! XP 96.9. Denver needs to Sign Patterson just to show how overrated McManus was

  3. Why would they do this their risking a 23 year old who’s Clutch and getting better and costs nothing McManus is washed up Riley Patterson is young and getting better . Riley is much better get rid of baalke Riley was making pennies riley is getting better and stronger

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