Jeffery Simmons: I’m not trying to prove myself anymore

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers
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The Titans and defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons came to agreement on a contract extension earlier this year and the deal has shifted Simmons’ mindset for the coming season.

Simmons shed light on how that’s changed during a Wednesday press conference from the team’s facility. He said that he spent the last four years working to show he is worth the kind of investment the Titans made in him and that he no longer feels he has to prove what he’s capable of doing on the field.

“My goal this year is not to try and prove who I am,” Simmons said, via the team’s website. “My goal is: How can I be better than I was last year? Especially health-wise. I wasn’t 100 percent [last year]. I want to go into this season down in my weight, and I want to be able to be consistent with that. I want to be consistent with my technique and my fundamentals, and consistent with my leadership – that’s what I have to prove to this team. I am not trying to prove, ‘I am better than this guy in this league.’ … This organization knows who I am as a player, and that’s why we came to an agreement. At this point in my career, it’s just, ‘How can I be more consistent with my play?”

Simmons’ new contract is a good sign that the Titans believe he can reach those goals and become the leader of a defense they hope can get them back to the playoffs sooner rather than later.

3 responses to “Jeffery Simmons: I’m not trying to prove myself anymore

  1. He’s already as good as any defensive player in the league. He proved how good he was when he was still in college. There was never any question.

  2. Bit of a strange use of words to say you don’t have to prove yourself. Good/great ones do that every game, every play. Think he kind of gets there by saying “how do I make myself better?” but if you don’t read far enough, some warning lights go up (league full of guys who got paid and then performance dropped)

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