Keith Smith’s agent says arrest stemmed from miscommunication over suspended license

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Falcons fullback Keith Smith was arrested for driving on a license that he didn’t realize was suspended, his agent said.

Smith got a speeding ticket, paid it and thought it was over, agent AJ Vaynerchuk told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. But as a result of what the agent called a miscommunication, Smith’s license was suspended. He was pulled over for an expired registration and was arrested for the suspended license.

“We are aware of a legal matter involving Keith Smith this afternoon and have been informed of its details,” the Falcons said in a statement on Wednesday. “We will have no further comment at this time.”

Smith was a linebacker at San Jose State and made the Cowboys as an undrafted rookie linebacker and special teams player in 2014. After two seasons of limited playing time in Dallas, Smith moved to fullback, and he has played there since for the Cowboys, Raiders and Falcons. Last season he played in all 17 games.

6 responses to “Keith Smith’s agent says arrest stemmed from miscommunication over suspended license

  1. His registration was expired because you can’t renew it on a suspended license but sure, he didn’t know. Not like it’s a big deal even but at least cut the bs.

  2. Dude needs to read his mail, or keep his address updated with the state DMV.

  3. Shows a pattern of irresponsibly or a lack of care. Typically goes hand in hand with being immature.

  4. “I was unaware that a jury summons meant I had to, you know, show up for jury duty. Simple miscommunication.”

  5. You really have to wonder about people who can’t maintain simple little things like auto registration and drivers licenses.
    I got a feeling that they probably don’t keep up with most of their bills.

  6. My license was suspended because my insurance agent neglected to file an SR-22 with the state. I was never notified and ended up in jail for driving suspended. Not my fault. When I went to court I was still in a foul mood and ended up back in jail for contempt. Definitely my fault.

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