Report: Jimmy Garoppolo had foot surgery in March

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
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Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said on Thursday that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo may be sidelined until the start of training camp and now there’s more information on why.

Garoppolo had foot surgery in March after signing with Las Vegas, according to a report from

The Raiders signed Garoppolo to a three-year deal at the start of free agency after the quarterback had suffered a season-ending broken foot with the 49ers in December. Garoppolo did not have surgery on his foot then because 49ers doctors concluded that he did not need it, feeling the quarterback should be OK after a two-month recovery period. But according to the report, the Raiders concluded when Garoppolo underwent his physical with the club in March that the QB did need surgery.

That may have been why Garoppolo’s deal was initially delayed after he visited the facility a couple of months ago.

Garoppolo had the surgery after his introductory press conference.

McDaniels did not seem concerned about Garoppolo’s availability for the season when speaking at his Thursday press conference.

“He’s going through his process just like we knew he would,” McDaniels said. “Nothing has happened that would surprise us based on the information we had.”

McDaniels added that “it could be” training camp before Garoppolo gets on the field.

“We’re always going to air at this time of the year on being smart,” McDaniels said. “We don’t play a football game, like I said, until three and a half months.”

Garoppolo has a long history of injuries, effectively been through just two full healthy seasons. He started all 16 games for the 2019 49ers, as the club went to the Super Bowl. He then started 15 games for San Francisco in 2021, with quarterback Trey Lance starting a pair of games due to a Garoppolo injury. But Garoppolo still led the club to the NFC Championship Game.

The Raiders have Brian Hoyer, Chase Garbers, and rookie Aidan O’Connell on their roster to handle QB duties through the offseason program.

31 responses to “Report: Jimmy Garoppolo had foot surgery in March

  1. Garappolo is a band-aid. Any playing time the Raiders get from him can be considered a bonus.

  2. and It begins. I always liked JimmyG but his injuries were frustraiting. After seeing how Purdy operated essensially the same offense, I realized how limited JimmyG is and why the niners were eager to move on from him.

  3. Most suprisising news since we learned the Patriots got caught cheating again

  4. After seeing how many QB’s get injured in SF perhaps they need to leave a TE in or a swing tackle in the game a bit more often.

  5. Man, those 49ers doctors and management are something. Trying to hamper Jimmy G as he’s going out the door is classless.

  6. He is like a junior Sam Bradford, injuries every where but someone is still willing to sign him to a large deal not knowing if he will be able to take the field…ever.

  7. Makes more sense now why he didn’t dress for NFC Championship Game. At least it’s not a new injury.

  8. Davante Adams is going to be wishing his quarterback was Jordan Love before this season is over.

  9. Does this count as his injury for the year or should we expect another one once the season starts?

  10. Thank god Vegas has the Golden Knights…I don’t know if they could stand another Raiders messy season.

  11. Going from the 49ers to Raiders is like going from Lakers to Clippers lol

  12. pioniere says:
    May 25, 2023 at 12:54 pm
    Garappolo is a band-aid. Any playing time the Raiders get from him can be considered a bonus.


    A 3 year 72.5 million dollar band-aid. Sounds about right for the Raiders…

  13. I like Garappolo. He’s a better QB than people give him credit for. He certainly can lead a team to the playoffs. However, he gets injured. There is no debate about that.

    Over the past 6 years, Hoyer’s starting record is 0-15; he played for NE and SF during those years—teams that win. He’s 37 and not getting better. There might not be a worse backup situation in the NFL… backing up GARAPPOLO. Veiled tanking?

  14. The stupidity of the McZiggy Twins is off the charts. They make it really difficult to be a Raider fan. How to destroy a football team in less than a year…….

  15. Derek Carr missed two games in nine years. Jimmy G arrives for his physical and is injured. Mark Davis hired the wrong guy who in turn hired the wrong guy.

  16. Did the commenters on here actually read the article? It’s the same injury, the Raiders new about it, so there is no surprise. Cmon people…READING COMPREHENSION.

  17. Color me surprised. Let’s collectively blame this one on shanahan too. He has his voodoo doll.

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