Russell Wilson says he’s “lean and mean ready to go,” won’t say how much weight he lost

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has noticeably lost weight this offseason, although he’s not saying how much.

“I feel great. I feel lean and mean ready to go. And focused,” Wilson said, via Mike Klis of 9 News in Denver.

But Wilson didn’t want to talk about specifically how many pounds he’s down from last year.

“I’m not worried about that, I’m not counting. All I know is I’m excited to play again,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s first season in Denver was the worst season of his career. The Broncos need the quarterback they invested so heavily in to play a lot better, and perhaps being a little slimmer can help with that.

19 responses to “Russell Wilson says he’s “lean and mean ready to go,” won’t say how much weight he lost

  1. The NFL version of a Kardashian. We don’t want to know but someone tells us about it anyway.

  2. Losing weight won’t help the fact he can’t read a defense anymore or make good throws even when a receiver is open.

  3. His HC will motivate him to be all that he can be, not sure at what level that is, but anything close to being average will be a big improvement for him and the team.

  4. Did the workout include high knees on a play at 35000 feet?

  5. Wilson is more interested in his “stardom” than the NFL. I think he thinks he’s Jay-Z

  6. This guy is always so desperate to tell you he’s doing the right things. Play better bro.

  7. Did he lose any weight in that huge big head of his? I think that’s where the problem might be.

  8. Ah cheez Russ. You always say same things every yr. I know he won’t be happy when Coach Sean calling plays. You’ll be gone after this season. GO BRONCOS NATION!

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