Steelers want to play a regular-season game in Ireland

Pittsburgh Steelers IHMA Launch
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The Steelers were granted marketing rights to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland recently and one of the things they’d like to market is a regular-season game on that side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pittsburgh played a preseason game at Dublin’s Croke Park in 1997 and Steelers director of business development and strategy Daniel Rooney said that one of the team’s goals is to return for a more meaningful game.

“Our aspirations long term are to play a game in Ireland,” Rooney said, via the Associated Press. “As we move through the process, we’ll be evaluating all options.”

The Steelers’ connections to Ireland go beyond marketing deals and a preseason game. The late Dan Rooney was the owner of the Steelers while serving as the United States’ ambassador to Ireland from 2009 to 2012.

6 responses to “Steelers want to play a regular-season game in Ireland

  1. Just be sure it is one of THEIR home games. If you want to play overseas be sure to give up your own home game.

  2. Put the Eagles-Steelers in Ireland and Ireland would close its borders to Americans forever after that week was over.

  3. I for one, would love to see this happen, even though I am no Steelers fan. Spread the gospel of American Football far and wide!!
    As an aside – I’m surprised the Giants haven’t tried to get in this market. They are related to the Rooneys and also have strong roots on the ‘Oul Sod’.

  4. For those keeping score, Daniel is the son of Art II, who is the son of HOFer Dan, who is son of Art the Founder (and THE CHIEF), who is the son of Dan, the saloon keeper, who is the son of another Arthur Rooney. The Irish tradition of naming your first son after your father can be maddening to keep straight.

  5. I think you would see the fan base get to Dublin in population if that happened!

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