Travis Kelce calls new kickoff rule “absolutely stupid”

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Travis Kelce doesn’t just dislike the NFL’s new kickoff rule. The Chiefs tight end hates it . . . with a passion.

Kelce is the latest member of the Chiefs to blast the rule that will allow teams to fair catch kickoffs to get the ball at the 25-yard line. Punter Tommy Townsend and coach Andy Reid made their opposition to the rule change clear earlier this week.

Kelce was even more effusive.

“I think this is absolutely stupid,” Kelce said Thursday on the New Heights podcast he does with his brother, Jason, via Charles Goldman of USA Today. “I don’t think this is making the game safer. I think it’s making it more boring and taking a lot of excitement out of the game’s opening play.

“Boo. It’s whack, and it’s taking away from the excitement of a kickoff. I love watching opening kickoffs.”

Kelce wasn’t done. His rant lasted more than a minute.

“It just deflates the excitement of the first kickoff,” Kelce said. “It’s exciting and then you see that first, like contact. You hear it. Everybody is just running full speed at each other. Heads are banging. Guys are running full speed at each other and then a guy gets close-lined and does a backflip. And you’d like, ‘FOOTBALL! THIS IS ELECTRIC.’ and you’re just going to f—ing turn it into, ‘Bloop, place the ball at the 25-yard line. Let’s get the quarterback out here.’”

The rule is for 2023, so Kelce is among those hoping for a one-and-done.

21 responses to “Travis Kelce calls new kickoff rule “absolutely stupid”

  1. His shtick is barely tolerable/intelligible live. It is thoroughly intolerable and unintelligible in print.

  2. It doesn’t bother me at all, and Kelce’s description is a little off. It used to be a fun play, but lately it seems like every kickoff return is followed by a penalty flag for illegal block, and the team ends up starting from their own 16 yard line. That is what kills the juice for me. I think the dumbest rule the NFL ever made was moving the extra point back. I’m not watching a football game to see a kicker determine the outcome of the game because he missed an extra point. I never see any fans wearing a kicker’s jersey to the stadium. They’re wearing QB’s, and other offensive players, and some of the stud defensive player. But fans aren’t there to see kickers. Dumbest rule ever.

  3. Agreed. Its so weird that this is where the NFL has taken the concussion thing: kickoffs? I watched Mahomes get hit in the face several times last year, including the playoffs and guess what..NO CALL. When the face of the league gets up and has his helmet on sideways or gets choked out like he did 3 years ago against Cleveland in the playoffs with 50 cameras you would think the league would choose a time like that to protect against head injuries but they really don’t care about safety. They care about the illusion of safety or token gestures. Howsabout actually enforce spearing or launching, instead of the token calls the couple of games of the year. I can sit and watch defenders go helmet-to-helmet with RB’s all the time and no call. Never. And after those first few games of the year, even WR’s are getting smashed in the head by the D and no one is calling it.

  4. Its going to be interrsting to seenhow these rules effect roster composition.

    Sadly.. the true return man (Dante Hall, KeVante Turpin etc) will no longer have a place in the league.

    That is sad…

  5. Next week when someone asks him about artificial turf he will bash the league for not caring about player safety.

  6. this is how out of touch (and stupid) the owners are, no one wants this rule. it’s fake ‘to make the game safer” bee ess. just revoke it before the season starts. goddell king idiot leading the owner rats down to the sewer

  7. He’ll be the first to sue the NFL because of all his concussions during his playing days.

  8. They made it worse when they moved up the kickoff location and now they have completely ruined kickoffs. It seems kind of silly that the NFL keeps trying to make a violent sport less susceptible to injury. Hey, NFL, if you want to make it completely safe, just keep the players at home and play the whole game on computer.

  9. Awww come on Travis…look on the bright side- once they complete the transition to 2-hand-touch, you’ll never have to retire!!

  10. Says the multi-millionaire big mouth who DOESN’T play on special teams.

  11. Is there anybody (besides Chiefs fans and his own family) that care what that fool says?

  12. and he’s right…..they just continue to destroy the game…..making it into a flag football league

  13. Electric! Heads ripped off and bodies x flying! Nope. Bloop. Be gentle and place ball down on 25.
    I love the contrast Kelce paints, and I agree.

  14. What is the remaining point of kicking off in football? I am not going to be surprised when it is removed & replaced with automatic starting at the 25 yard line.

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