Agent claims NFL teams have “genuine interest” in Antonio Brown

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Receiver Antonio Brown last played an NFL football game in early 2022, when he was basically fired on the field.

His agent now claims that NFL teams are interested in hiring him.

He is exploring the right fit,” agent J.R. Rickert told Rickert called the interest “genuine.”

It’s confusing, for a couple of reasons. First, Brown made it clear after being dumped by the Buccaneers that he needs ankle surgery, and that he would not undergo the procedure until a team signs him. Which would seem to guarantee that no one will.

Second, Brown has become an agent of chaos in recent years. Who would want him at this point?

He’ll have a chance to attract interest, genuine or otherwise, when he plays for the Albany Empire on Saturday night.

31 responses to “Agent claims NFL teams have “genuine interest” in Antonio Brown

  1. im assuming for halftime clown show….center ring mr big shoes..errr chest

  2. A second chance with the Patriots? They could still use a guy with his skill set. Wouldnt be the craziest thing to happen in Foxborough. I dont think there is actually any NFL teams that have any interest, but just tossing stuff out there. What about Buffalo or Kansas City? Or Cincy? A chance to play with Burrow and stick it to the Steelers 2 times?

  3. If you can get Antonio Brown a camp tryout, you deserve agent of the year.

  4. Does the NFL have a team of mental health professionals? That’s the only team that should have interest in this dude.

  5. Maybe he can lead teams in shirtless calisthenics in the end zone while exiting the field?

  6. I just want to give a shout out to Brandon Beane for not signing Antonio Brown. That was a scary day for Buffalo way-back-when, and i didnt like the news then and i can only laugh at the prospect of AB in B-Lo, or anywhere else now that he’s washed up and yesterday’s news. Maybe he can still make the front page, but he’s done. And yet the punchlines keep coming his way.

  7. Yes ‘genuine interest’ in keeping him as far away from their facilities, players and staff as possible.

  8. Brown was not fired on the field. He quit on his team and refused to play. I can’t believe there’s still people defending this guy and his antics.

  9. It shows just how bad a car wreck someone with AB’s skillset has become when no team will even take a chance on him no matter how bad they need a receiver & want to win.

  10. Of course they do. With all of his BS, he’ STILL probably a top 20-25 receiver. He’s THAT talented.

  11. Sometimes people just burn that bridge until it is too much to ever get another chance. I would guess that is where Antonio Brown is.

  12. Can’t believe a word he or his agent says. Too much water under the bridge. I can’t believe he found an agent to rep him. Brave soul. good luck getting paid.

  13. I prefer to remember the 2011-2018 AB. Getting big fame and money and all the bad influences that go along with that derailed arguably the hardest working and most talented receiver we may have ever seen. And no, that isn’t sarcasm. I get the dude acts like he’s from Mars these days but there wasn’t a defensive scheme he couldn’t beat.

  14. The only job this guy should ever be offered anywhere near a football field is cleaning toilets in the stadium. Maybe that might be an insult to all the good janitors out there, so I take it back. He shouldn’t be anywhere near a football team. There is no chance there is any interest in him from any team.

  15. austinspencer says:
    May 26, 2023 at 1:59 pm
    Of course they do. With all of his BS, he’ STILL probably a top 20-25 receiver. He’s THAT talented.

    I doubt it. AB was talented in his day but he’s now 34 years old and has been away from the game too much in recent years. On another note, this is the golden age for receivers in the NFL. There are loads of highly talented young receivers in the league, seems like virtually every team has at least one elite receiver on board. When did that ever happen before?

  16. Why would any team be interested in AB? You can’t trust him in any way, shape or form to not have a major meltdown at some point.

  17. I’m confident he couldn’t get a team in Madden interested in him, never mind a real one.

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