Cardinals release DeAndre Hopkins

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DeAndre Hopkins is on the open market.

The Cardinals announced on Friday that they have released Hopkins, with the club unable to find a trade partner.

Darren Urban of the team’s website noted that Arizona will incur a dead cap hit of $21 million in 2023. Arizona has already used its two post-June 1 designations on former center Rodney Hudson and now-retired J.J. Watt.

But with quarterback Kyler Murray recovering from an ACL tear suffered late in the 2022 season, it might behoove the Cardinals to just rip off the proverbial bandage in the coming year.

The Cardinals acquired Hopkins in March 2020 from the Texans. He caught 115 passes for 1,407 yards with six touchdowns in his first year with the club. He was then limited to 10 games in 2021 due to injury, catching 42 passes for 572 yards. A suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy kept Hopkins out for the first six games of 2022. He finished the season with 64 catches for 717 yards with three TDs.

Hopkins was the 27th overall pick of the 2013 draft for Houston.

With no personnel notice coming on Friday, Hopkins’ release will be official through the league on Tuesday.

66 responses to “Cardinals release DeAndre Hopkins

  1. Welcome to Detroit. Another ring-chaser joining the contending Lions

  2. He should take his time and find the right team for him. Several good options but he should go with a proven QB, which eliminates New England, Giants and Chicago.

  3. WTF?!?! As a Cardinals fan this is just par for the course. We got nothing for him. Ugh.

  4. Odd move…you couldn’t get ANYTHING for Hopkins?? At all??? 300 yards short of 1k with 6 games missed.

    Some team is going to have a nice 3rd option seasoned veteran. Geesh.

  5. As a Cardinals fan, I’m fine with this. This organization is going nowhere this season. Having DHop with Kyler out a good portion of the year doesn’t change things. Make him a post June 1st cut. Move on, rebuild, and let DHop find the team he wants to play for as he tries to win a ring

  6. LOL at the Cards GM ossenfort for declaring during the draft that D Hop would not be traded. This whole organization is a joke from the top down. & It always starts at the top. Bad teams make bad decisions because they have bad owners.

  7. Dead cap hit of 21 mil and they released him?! Tells you how badly they wanted this guy gone. Clearly the Cards want to get a head start on tanking for Caleb…

  8. Would be a great replacement for JuJu in KC! I feel like either Kansas City or Buffalo will get him and if he can stay on the field, he could be a difference maker in a playoff game of those teams. Although we all saw what Mahomes did last year without an elite WR corps, I feel like adding Hopkins would make KC a step above the rest of the AFC, but if Buffalo gets him they would be right around there too. Should be interesting.

  9. Buffalo & KC only have about $1M in cap space.

    Philly, Baltimore, & LA all have about $12M in cap space.

    Those are the 5 QBs/teams that Hopkins said he’d want to play with. Feels like it would be one of the latter 3, considering the money.

    I’m hoping my Ravens pull it off & give Lamar legitimate options for a ZERO excuses season.

  10. Just a few days ago Hopkins said the QB he’d most play with is Josh Allen…

  11. I wouldn’t be surprized if he ends on kc or buf. I also wouldnt count out bal

  12. The one and ONLY reason I’d approve is if he got busted again and we just don’t know about it, but the Cardinals do.

  13. People shocked they couldn’t trade him. I’m sure they tried. They’ve executed many trades in Arizona. Its not like they don’t know how to make a trade. But, the guy makes $19 million this year and hasn’t produced at anything close to that level – not to mention the roids suspension – in a while. So, I’d have been shocked if they were able to find a trading partner.

  14. He’s smart enough to know that without a competent head coach and QB this team s just garbage.

  15. As a Titans fan this guy burned us plenty. He has always had exceptional hands and route running ability’s and a great Football I.Q throughout his career. Hopkins has been remarkably consistent. I still think he has a lot of gas in the tank. Someone will scoop him up but I hope not the Tennessee Titans.

  16. Cardinals will look for ways to get out the kyler Murray contract, they are probably tanking for Williams from USC

  17. Cardinals are going to draft Caleb Williams AND Drake Maye with the 1st two picks in 2024

  18. Wonder where steroid boy goes now — Riding the coattails of some contending team I presume.

  19. It’s not likely but I’d like to see him go to Chicago and form a talented group there.

    He should chase that ring with KC though.

    Giants are another team that just makes sense although I could see that not being his preferred destination.

    Cleveland? They need help can’t afford to waste money now with that hefty debt looming next year.

  20. Cardinal Fan..

    Not upset about this move AT ALL.

    They are clearly setting up for a monster 2024 retooling of the roster, and it could be massive.

    They will have huge cap space in 2024, and potentially 2 of top 5 picks…

    Can you imahine how quickly this turns around if suddenly Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr are Cardinals this time next year?

  21. Would be kinda funny if he went to the Bills and Diggs had another meltdown.

  22. Last year when Murray was raging at Hopkins on the sidelines during a game, I thought Hopkins decided then and there he wanted out of AZ. Murray was out of control.

  23. Jets don’t have much cap-space wiggle room, but I’d enjoy watching the strategy of opposing defenses account for a Rodgers-to-Hopkins tandem.

    Allen-to-Hopkins or Mahomes-to-Hopkins, or Hurts-to-Hopkins…. all would be exciting.

    But can you imagine Hopkins on the field with Waddle & Cheetah ?

    Crikey, that would be a sight to beholddddd

  24. With 1st overall pick in the NFL Draft…The Arizona Cardinals select Caleb Williams, Quarterback, University of Southern California.

  25. If he goes to Buffalo, can Hopkins and Diggs get along? With a new tight end will there be enough passes to make them happy?

  26. Packers need a veteran WR, but evn if they could afford him, this wouldn’t be the one.

  27. For those of you saying Buffalo, you do know that Diggs would be irate if he wasn’t the clear cut #1, right?

    He’s going to KC or Baltimore

  28. They couldn’t clear the release with Kyler due to his headset being too loud.

  29. If he wants a real shot at a ring he will be signing with KC or Philly. All others are runners up in 2023 season.

  30. Even Stevie Wonder saw this coming! It also wouldn’t surprise me if another failed drug test is coming as well!

  31. I could see the 49ers also. Always seem to making some kind of move and he is a different type of WR then what they have

  32. There can’t be too many teams that have the room to add Hopkins’ current salary. Add in his injury and PED issues over the past couple years along with his age (30), I don’t see it happening.
    Hopkins will get picked up, but at this point it will be a lower base/incentive laden contract.

  33. Not a Cards fan but anyone not overly emotional about this team had to see this coming. New regime and coaching staff, he’s a malcontent on the back end of his career, oft-injured, over-priced, ped swilling, and he doesn’t get along with the supposed franchise QB. In reality, sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go forward. This is a perfect case of addition by subtraction.

  34. OMG, the Bidwell family just never stops with the dysfunction. It’s been handed down for generations. Condolences to PHX fans.

  35. Cardinals are lining themselves up for the 1’st pick in next year’s draft. 3-14 should do it. Bye-bye Kyler.

  36. Looking at the salary cap situation…

    I dont think Baltimore has a snowballs chance to aquire him. Hes going to want the same, if not more money per year than AZ gave him, and Baltimore is just too far up against the cap.

    Staley, Humphrey have ALREADY testructured, Lamar cant restructure yet… and even if they restructured players..

    It would have to be A LOT, and those just kick the can further down the road..

    If rhey had more initial cap space… thats one thing… but they are totally up against it.

    Also… DHOPs inability to stay on the field basically led to the 2021 AND 2022 collapse for AZ.

    Ypu want to restructure 7-8 Players for that?

  37. He could mesh well with the Niners. Shanahan would have field day scheming him with CMac and Deebo

  38. The Cardinals are going to make it challenging for the Raiders to secure the first pick next year.

  39. He has the weekend off while others don’t and most likely he will be a Cowboy.

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