Cowboys’ KaVontae Turpin vows not to fair catch any kickoff returns

Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The NFL’s controversial new rule putting the ball on the 25-yard line following fair catches on kickoffs will surely lead to an increase in fair catches. But Cowboys return man KaVontae Turpin says he won’t play along.

Turpin said the new rule will have no impact on him because he plans to return every kickoff that comes to him.

“I don’t care because I’m not fair catching nothing. I’m being real with you — nothing,” Turpin told Patrik Walker.

Turpin was a Pro Bowl kick returner last year, in his first NFL season, after being the MVP of the USFL last spring. He’s a playmaker with the ball in his hands, and he doesn’t want to miss any opportunities to make a play.

11 responses to “Cowboys’ KaVontae Turpin vows not to fair catch any kickoff returns

  1. Yeah ok…a few starts behind the 20 and a fumble and you’ll understand what NFL stands for…Not For Long!

  2. Yeah, that high hang time pooch with 6 defenders all around you, you’re not fair catching. Right…..

  3. His job is to make plays on returns. If he doesn’t, they’ll take his roster spot.

  4. I suspect right around now he’s having a discussion with the special teams coach about situational awareness

  5. But by saying “I’m not fair catching nothing”, he is saying I’m fair catching everything…LOL

  6. Not a Cowboys fan so not worried either way but not sure why everyone is acting like players will have to fair catch now because of hang time and 6 defenders all around him? It`s still not a punt so they will be able to catch the ball a get started before any defenders are that close. He averaged 24.5 last season so if they kick it to the 1 their average starting position would be the 25 1/2 so unless teams are going to try and kick high and only to the 15-20 yard line nothing will change and even then he would only need a 5-10 yard return to reach the 25 so if your a playmaker like him and only play ST you don`t want to fair catch the ball or you`ll be out of a job because they can have a starting WR fair catch a ball.

  7. I’m not going to bash the kid because he thought he was entering a competitive league, not one that feigns protecting players from injury. The bottom line is that the NFL should adapt the XFL’s kickoff return policy. Just do that and stop making blunder after blunder like this!

  8. These are KICKOFFS not punts. So hang time isn’t a big factor. A kicker with C4 in his toes that blasts the ball past the end zone is what you want! Boring but impressive

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