Daniel Jones not worried about being second banana in the Big Apple to Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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Last year Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had the best season of his career while the Jets’ quarterback situation was a mess. But this year, Jones is not the No. 1 quarterback in New York.

Jones is fine with that.

Asked this week whether the arrival of Aaron Rodgers means Jones has been relegated to the role of New York’s “other” quarterback, Jones said it’s not a concern of his.

I’m not worried about that,” he said, via the New York Post, “just focused on what we’re doing here.”

That’s the right approach from Jones. After signing a lucrative new contract with the Giants this offseason, he knows his team believes in him. And although Rodgers is getting the headlines now, there’s a good chance that Jones will be making headlines in New York long after Rodgers’ days are done.

12 responses to “Daniel Jones not worried about being second banana in the Big Apple to Aaron Rodgers

  1. Also, its the NEW YORK media and fan base – its not exactly the most well adjusted group of folks in how they treat some players. They drove away Clint Frazier for having the audacity to get a very serious concussion, and needing time to recover from it. And while Judge is rolling along right now, he could very hit his limit of what he can take one day, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up driving even him out as well. So i’d imagine that Daniel Jones is probably thrilled to have Aaron Rodgers come in and suck up all that attention while he can just continue to quietly work in the background.

  2. DJ is lucky to have a team that pays him like the G men do, so what else could he possibly care about? A Rod doesnt care, why should DJ

  3. 1. Exactly. Jones plays for the Giants, there are 31 other QBs, he can only control what he does.
    2. Rodgers hasn’t played a down yet and he may never be any good in NY.

  4. Regardless of DJ’s performance, anyone think that Rodgers will underwhelm this season? Jets still have line issues and if their QB doesnt have time to throw – it doesnt matter who it is.

  5. If history is any indicator, Aaron will be back in the NFC Central in two years anyway

  6. By mid-season the J-E-T-S will be 1-7 or 2-6 and Rodgers will be throwing the WRs under the bus and a few games later the JETS fans will be throwing Rodgers under the same bus! The Jets didn’t learn from the Favre deal and they went out and did it again, the only difference this time is Rodgers won’t end up in Minnesota.

    Jets first half schedule:

    #1) Bills
    #2) @ Cowboys
    #3) Pats
    #4) Chiefs
    #5) @ Broncos
    #6) Eagles
    #7) BYE
    #8) @ Giants This is funny since they both play in the same stadium
    #9) Chargers

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