Mason Rudolph happy to be back with Steelers: Never say never in this league

Pittsburgh Steelers v Green Bay Packers
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Mason Rudolph expected to be somewhere else this season. He took the nameplate above his locker home with him as a souvenir after the 2022 season ended.

The quarterback, though, is back in the same building, in the same role, wearing the same jersey number.

The only thing that has changed is the location of his locker, which now temporarily has a hand-written piece of paper with his last name on it instead of a nameplate.

Rudolph entered free agency looking for a fresh start. Instead, he ended up back where it began, signing a one-year offer with the Steelers on May 17.

Never say never in this league,” Rudolph said, via Joe Rutter of

Rudolph made only two starts the past three seasons and dressed for only one game last season, taking no snaps. He wanted to go somewhere with a better opportunity to play, but no other team offered that chance.

Then, the Steelers called to “check the temperature.”

“I hadn’t really thought about [returning],” Rudolph said. “I mean, I had thought about it, but I can’t say I was seriously considering it. As time went on, I was sitting there. I didn’t really want to continue to wait. It was a long wait already.

“Here, you know the offense; you know the system. I felt pretty confident I’d have gotten some opportunity at a camp with a team who didn’t draft a rookie quarterback or a team that had a guy who didn’t impress. But you’re never guaranteed anything.”

Rudolph again is the No. 3 quarterback behind Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky, but he has the most experience in Matt Canada’s system. So, if nothing else, Rudolph will serve as a sounding board for Pickett.

14 responses to “Mason Rudolph happy to be back with Steelers: Never say never in this league

  1. With most NFL starting quarterbacks missing multiple games with injury it doesn’t hurt to have a quarterback room loaded with experience. The Steelers have their very own Cerberus at the most important position in football! GO STEELERS!

  2. No team in the NFL has less difference in talent than they do in the Steelers QB room, The three of them are virtually interchangeable.

  3. Very professional of Mason — keep your mouth shut, pull your paycheck; lock in that NFL pension. No matter what the naysayers say, you are a member of a very elite club — an NFL QB that is on the regular season roster. Less than 75 football players on earth can say that. Many hot shot prospects and journeyman QBs would give their left nut to be QB3

  4. It would be nice to have the Steelers get far enough ahead in a few games that Rudolph could actually get some live snaps this year!

  5. Rudolph has a 5-4-1 record with a 16 TD 11 INT. Ther are much worse backup QBs that keep getting jobs. What took so long for Rudolph to get signed?

  6. Mason Rudolph could be a very good starting QB if he’s ever given the opportunity. A couple years ago he supposedly made some comments to Myles Garrett that might have rubbed some people in the Steelers organization the wrong way. I think Rudolph could be as good as Big Ben, and capable of winning super bowls. Now that they have Pickett, Mason will just be the backup. Now the Steelers have two QB’s capable of winning super bowls. They’ll trade Trubisky or release him. It’s a QB league, so the Steelers are loaded. Pickett is already among the NFL’s best QB’s, so I expect them to be contenders this year.

  7. Still no repercussions for that lowlife Garrett throwing false accusations of racial slurs on Rudolph. That is a major disgrace. They are the true people of privilege.

  8. There are not many jobs in the universe better than being a career backup NFL QB.

  9. notwhoyouthinkitis says:
    May 27, 2023 at 6:44 am
    Not a great QB bur easily the best #3 QB in the league.


    Probably the best QB on the Steelers roster

  10. Doesn’t belong in the league he is a terrible QB that being said it’s one great paycheck.

  11. Probably the best QB on the Steelers roster

    Ya maybe as trolls think but he is much better than sad sack Mac Jones the soon to be QB NKeal Harry. Lol

  12. Ya maybe as trolls think but he is much better than sad sack Mac Jones the soon to be QB NKeal Harry. Lol
    This will be Jones’ last season in New England and his last as a starter. He’s a third stringer at best, leading a last place team.

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