Patrick Mahomes: It’s been a smooth transition to Matt Nagy as OC

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When Patrick Mahomes entered the league back in 2017, Matt Nagy was his first offensive coordinator.

After a four-season stint as the Bears head coach, Nagy returned to the Chiefs last season to be the club’s senior offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach. And when Eric Bieniemy departed the organization to become Washington’s offensive coordinator, Nagy was promoted back to his old role.

The transition has been seamless for Mahomes.

“It’s been easy, I think for me, just because I was here when he was the OC the first time,” Mahomes said during his press conference this week. “Obviously, EB will be missed. I mean the way he was able to take us and lead us to be the offense that we’ve had these last few years — so he’ll definitely be missed.

“But, I’m glad it’s someone that I’m comfortable with, someone that I’ve worked with before.”

Mahomes added there are some tweaks that come with Nagy as OC that some of his newer teammates are learning.

“I think the guys are starting to learn on how he wants things done,” Mahomes said. “Even though [it’s] the same system, it’s obviously a little bit different on the guy and the coach and stuff like that. It’s been a smooth transition so far and now it’s about kind of continuing to build and build until the season.”

9 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: It’s been a smooth transition to Matt Nagy as OC

  1. The transition away from hearing nonstop the “Why doesn’t Eric Bienemy get a HC spot?” line is even smoother.

  2. Translation: Honorary OC Nagy relays Reid’s play calls over the head set flawlessly, just like EB did. You can have him back KC, still trying to recover from him and Pace in Chicago.

  3. It’s a good thing Mahomes is way too good for Nagy to mess anything up with him. As a Bears fan, he couldn’t have gotten out of Chicago fast enough as far as I was concerned.

  4. Considering Nagy was consistently working with Mahomes last year, and had far more input with the offense that EB ever had, ya, it will be seamless. So glad the previous distraction from reality is gone. The media would have you believe Reid is a defensive coach and EB developed Mahomes.

  5. Mahomes better hope that Nagy did not install any plays from his Bear offense(3 bad plays and a punt).

  6. Patrick Mahomes is the Man. I am glad Nagy, Mahomes and Reid have experience working together, so the Greatest Attraction in the NFL will just keep on rolling. Go Chiefs.

  7. I still can’t believe Nagy lasted 4 years in Chicago. Hopefully they keep Eberflus for that long too.

  8. Patrick Mahomes: It’s been a smooth transition to Matt Nagy as OC

    Why wouldn’t it be a smooth transition, it’s still 100% Reid’s offense, now they just have Nagy running practices, just like Bieniemy did!

    For those that don’t believe it is 100% Reid’s offense ask yourself this, KC has been through 4 OCs that I remember since Reid has been HC, if it isn’t 100% Reid’s offense then why do the offensive schemes never change when the OC does? Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM!

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