Report: NFL is investigating another Lions player under the gambling policy

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Last mouth, the NFL suspended four Lions players for violating the gambling policy. There could eventually be a fifth.

According to Kalyn Kahler of, the NFL is investigating a fifth player for violating the gambling policy. declined to name the player because the investigation is ongoing. That’s a sharp turn from the various media outlets that will routinely report on players facing violations of other policies before the investigations are final.

But Kahler writes that the player in question “was not a prominent member of the 2022 team.” He has yet to be interviewed by the league.

The fact that another Lions player is being investigated underscores the importance of teams properly educating players as to the gambling policy — and as to the serious consequences for violating it. In Detroit, four players failed and another one could be joining the list.

On Thursday, receiver Jameson Williams, who received a six-game suspension for violating the rule against gambling on team premises, said he did not know about the policy. The Lions presumably told him and his teammates about it. The challenge when doing so is to get them to understand that this isn’t basic, boring H.R.-type seminar material but a critical aspect of their ability to play pro football in the NFL.

31 responses to “Report: NFL is investigating another Lions player under the gambling policy

  1. Most of the others were suspended receivers. If it is another receiver, then they are in play for Hopkins!
    Campbell/Holmes want a fast start for 2023. Last years slow start killed their playoff chances.

  2. The only player of consequence that’s been suspended so far is Jameson Williams. This hardly equates to a lost season.

    Some folks are blowing this situation way out of proportion.

  3. Why don’t they examine: #1 their nosedive into gambling 2) having a team in Vegas 3) Their draconian policies that makes virtually everyone involved with the league, outside of the owners, culpable for the slightest infraction, even buying a scratch ticket?!

  4. I’ll BET the Lions don’t win the North…see what I did there? Did you see it? I’ll show myself out.

  5. he obviously doesn’t believe in the ignorance of the law thing….

  6. Whoops!
    Looks like maybe the Lions DIDN’T have that talk with their players about gambling.
    Is there a contingency plan for 1/3rd of the team being suspended for gambling?

  7. How can a team properly educate their players when several members of the Lions staff were fired for gambling? It’s a culture issue. No accountability, no discipline.

  8. I saw all the player blaming in the comments for the Williams article and thought “hmmmm…four players…same team. Yeah, the player deserves a lot of the blame, but….four players…same team. Doesn’t the team deserve some of the blame, too? Are there other teams with four players with this problem? Last time I checked, the answer was ‘no.'”

    Now there could be a fifth.

    Five players…same team.

  9. One is an outlier. Two is a coincidence. Three is a bit concerning. Four is worrisome. FIVE is… oops, that page was left-out of the Lions teaching manual.

  10. This player was not part of the lions last year. So this one is not on the lions..

  11. So some people got caught gambling, go figure, it’s going to happen. It’s not the end of the world. The only person of matter when it comes to the lions is Jameson Williams. Our season isn’t over the culture isn’t bad the player made a mistake. He got fined over $400000 he learned his lesson. Everybody else that was on the lion’s roster that gambled is no longer there. The only problem is that we keep bringing it up and we have to continue to read about it. I can’t wait till he gets on the field and he lights it up. People will say oh well he already missed a full season which is true after this suspension that is true however he was injured all of last year and we still finished 9 and 8. Missing him for 6 games this year is not gonna stop us from going 5-1 to start the season.

    What I really do appreciate is all of the hate that is coming our way do you because that means we’re actually a meaningful team now and all you people that are hating be shaking When we roll in to town to meet your team and whip their ass.

    We have all the talent on paper if that transitions well onto the field, look out!!

  12. I can’t wait until they get to the refs and then it will all come crumbling down.

  13. Why would any player bet on sports? Oh because every broadcast overwhelms you with Draft Kings commercials and sponsorship pitches.

  14. No amount of coaching can keep foolish players from doing foolish things. Can’t put all of this on Campbell. You can drill the rules into players’ heads over and over but dummies will do what they want.

  15. I highly doubt there aren’t players from other teams currently gambling.

    This comment was brought to you by: FanDuel, the official sports book of the NFL

  16. If the NFL wants to stop this then, Rule #1 – if you bet on any NFL games you are OUT!! No fine , No suspension, OUT FOREVER! After the first one is Out, i bet it doesn’t happen again…..

  17. Lions educating the players into helping them tank it seems lol

    So ridiculous, these guys shouldn’t be suspended at all for the ones who bet on other sports not related to football while at the teams facility. So what??

  18. This is like firing Baskin Robbins employees for sampling the ice cream.

  19. Jamo wasn’t even betting on NFL games and the only reason he faced punishment is because he bet while at a team facility, a very prominent reporter said that he wasn’t even aware of that rule and he is somewhat of a rules guru. While the team will miss Jamo, it’s not going to stop them from rolling in the NFC North.

  20. Sounds like the Lions have a comm problem and that starts with the HR dept. As a former Training and Dev. Manager I knew how to emphasis the importance of various rules and policies at employee orientation.
    Here your dealing with guys who dont listen well to anything that isnt about football and contracts. Knowing that its your duty to make them sign for the policy training they get so they cant blame you.
    An org with that kind of money has to be do this you would think or they arent taking it serious either.

  21. The NFL probably should be doing a better job of explaining the rules and why you can’t gamble as a professional athlete. All they had to do was show a documentary of Pete Rose. Yes these players made bad decisions , but todays youth are not very schooled up on these types of issues.

  22. sbc2556 says:
    May 26, 2023 at 6:57 pm
    Why don’t they examine: #1 their nosedive into gambling 2) having a team in Vegas 3) Their draconian policies that makes virtually everyone involved with the league, outside of the owners, culpable for the slightest infraction, even buying a scratch ticket?!
    It’s really not very difficult to NOT gamble. I manage to not gamble every single day. And most days, I don’t even think about it! You know….just…don’t gamble. It’s that easy.

  23. Typical hypocritical NFL. With all the legalised gambling coming in, it’s high time to review the policy and communicate it better to the players before you get a gambling problem like soccer in the UK…

  24. The Lions massive locker room problems show how pathetic and awful their leadership really is. This team is a complete disaster!

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