Shannon Sharpe’s L.A. home was burglarized last week

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At a time when Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe has been sued for allegedly defaming Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre after essentially calling Favre a thief, Sharpe has been victimized by thieves.

Hopefully, Favre has an alibi. (I’m joking, Lorenzo.)

According to, Sharpe’s L.A. home was burglarized last week. Thieves allegedly absconded with roughly $1 million in goods, including watches, jewelry, and designer bags.

Sharpe reportedly noticed something wasn’t right after he returned home following a Friday night dinner. Law enforcement saw no obvious signs of forced entry. An investigation continues.

Sharpe has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

11 responses to “Shannon Sharpe’s L.A. home was burglarized last week

  1. I’m glad he wasn’t home and is ok. Like Chris Rock said, you better hide your valuable stuff in books, which are like kryptonite to thieves.

  2. Let me guess he posted on social media he was out at a restaurant. I do not know why these people have the need to make things easier for thieves.

  3. Why bother paying a reward. They’ll be out on bail immediately and if even sentenced they’ll be out in less than two years. Comical.

  4. “Law enforcement saw no obvious signs of forced entry.”

    My first devious thought was did Sharpe recently up his insurance policy?

  5. The detective’s first call…Mr. Bayless, where were you on the night of…?

  6. Looks like who ever did knew what they were looking for and where to find it. Maybe one of his “friends” left a door or window unlocked.

  7. The suspect list will be long, it’ll be easy to find any number of people with an axe to grind with Sharpe. He has managed to feud with just about everyone he encounters and somehow, some people find him entertaining. I don’t get it, Sharpe and those like him are a waste of my time.

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