DraftKings has Bills as the favorites to land DeAndre Hopkins

Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen could use some help. And receiver DeAndre Hopkins could be the player to provide plenty of it.

DraftKings has installed the Bills as +300 favorites to be the team with which Hopkins takes his next snap, followed by the Chiefs at +400, the Ravens at +650, and the Jets at +750.

The fact that all four of the top teams are in the AFC suggests that Hopkins will become the next highly-talented player to defect from the NFC for the top-heavy AFC.

Hopkins could benefit from a bidding war among contenders. The team that gets him also keeps another team from getting him, increasing his value to one of the top AFC franchises. And whoever gets him will indeed experience a significant boost in perceived/actual prospects for the 2023 season.

This becomes one of the few opportunities that emerge every year for a team to roll the dice on a difference-maker, especially if that team will have to compete with the player if/when he signs with another team. It would seem to be exactly the kind of move for the Bills to make, if they truly want to box out the Chiefs and Bengals and get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years.

Hopkins, Stefon Diggs, Dawson Knox, and rookie Dalton Kincaid would give Buffalo an impressive array of pass catchers — and it would keep Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes from landing the kind of complement to Travis Kelce and Kadarius Toney that would position the Chiefs for yet another Super Bowl run.

So enjoy Memorial Day weekend, high-end AFC contenders. The three-day weekend begins with opportunity knocking on multiple doors. The one who rushes to answer will become more likely than previously believed to be ready to emerge from a cluster of franchises that will be vying to represent the conference in Super Bowl LVIII.

30 responses to “DraftKings has Bills as the favorites to land DeAndre Hopkins

  1. Wonder why the jets haven’t been mentioned seeing as they were in on obj. Would love to see him with the ravens. Chiefs, cowboys and bills would also look good on him

  2. I love the fact my Patriots are returning to the underdog role they enjoyed when they won their first championship. Every team in their division is collecting superstars at a rate that would make the Yankees blush. Diggs, von Miller, and Hopkins (?) to the Bills. Rodgers to the Jets. I wish the Jets had landed OBJ. Its like the AFC EAST has become 3 super teams and the Patriots. After 6 titles, this is a refreshing challenge.

  3. Notice how the Patriots are never a part of these kind of conversations anymore

  4. Allen can barely handle Diggs as it is. I wish him luck trying to deal with another selfish ego-driven diva WR

  5. Why not? Salary cap system is altogether broke and a joke. I mean, seriously, there are guys who study the cap like a tax code and become “cap gurus”.

    Until they eliminate the “signing bonus” (gee, that’s not the same as contract money) and eliminate the “restructured” contract, the “salary cap” as an effective parity mechanism has more holes than a sieve.

  6. Itll be fun to watch no matter what contender he goes to, then i wonder if we will hear all the idiotic “washed up” comments still?

  7. The Jets have played in NJ for almost 40 years now. NJ taxes are bad too, but thet arent as bad as NY’s.

  8. Bills need him badly. Diggs is a legit WR1. Everyone outside of that is way too inconsistent for them to be real contenders in the AFC.

  9. The Bills didn’t lose to the Bengals because they were short of an aging and declining overpaid superstar wide-receiver. They lost because they were dominated on both lines of scrimmage. But once again people go gaga over the new shinning object…

  10. Eliminate the signing bonus? Caping for billionaires is not a good look.

  11. You can safely take the Ravens out of the Hopkins sweepstakes. If this happened about six weeks ago (before they signed Beckham Jr.) I would push them to the top. But now with OBJ, Zay Flowers, Bateman, Duvernay, and Mandrews all pushing for looks, there is no room, both on the squad and cap-wise. Besides, there’s only one football….

  12. All these odds mean are that Bills fans are wagering more money at that site on Hopkins going there than any other teams fans are wagering oh him going to their team.

  13. I doubt the Bills are even considering it anymore. They picked up 4 receivers already this offseason. They’re pretty set at that position – and they’re up against the cap.

    Hope he goes to the NFC. It’s interesting the Pats got mentioned a few times in the comments – it would be a good move for them. They don’t have a top wideout right now, and they’ve got more flexibility to take on a contract like that. They’ll have a hard time competing in ’23 without a move like this.

  14. Whether or not the Chefs land Hopkins isn’t why they’d be positioned for another SB run.
    They are permanently postured for SB runs, as long a Mahomes is upright and healthy enough to play.
    The similarities between KC and NE (w/Brady) are remarkable. The main difference will be will KC continue to surround Mahomes the kind of high-level players needed to win Superbowls? New England didn’t and it was glaringly obvious. which stands in stark contrast to NE, Kraft and BB. If Kelce is KC’s Gronk, for the period he plays at his insane level (as Gronk did for 6-7 years) the question will be what personnel decisions will KC make when Kelce is fading? Pats tried to mickey-mouse a team together with guys like Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel and paid the price for it. KC would be wise to avoid that kind of mess as long as Mahomes is all-world

  15. The Bills should go for him. go ahead, I say, leverage away all ability to keep the team competitive in future years.

  16. Tom Brady says:
    May 27, 2023 at 1:54 am
    Notice how the Patriots are never a part of these kind of conversations anymore
    In this case that’s a good thing.

    Hard pass.

  17. Lions would be a dark horse candidate I think. They will contend in the conference and they actually have the cap room to make it happen, and they are definitiey going all in this year in Yesr 3 of Dan Campbells tenure. With Williams out the first 6 weeks it puts even more pressure on them to make a splash signing. Hopkins can still get paid, be in a good offense. Not sure why the lions aren’t talked about more as a destination for him.

  18. Whichever team wants him had better hurry before he gets injured or suspended again.

  19. I’ve only really seen Hopkins play against the Patriots and I never understood the hype. His career average against NE is 5 catches for 68 yards as his teams #1 receiver. Zero touchdowns. I was never all that impressed.

  20. Production in free fall. Not as good as Diggs and cost Gabriel reps. KC if willing to reduce role. Jets WR room is full, let Wilson flourish unobstructed. Ravens likely. If cap is OK.

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