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Clemson recruit suffers serious knee injury while playing basketball

Brett Veach was right to worry about Patrick Mahomes playing basketball. Or, at a minimum, Veach has a reason to tell himself he was. A four-star linebacker who has committed to Clemson suffered an apparent ACL tear while playing high-school basketball, via CFT. Bryson Constantin landed on his knee and felt a pop while playing [more]

Report: Serious injury risk in high school football is lowest ever

When studying whether its rule changes have worked, the Competition Committee doesn’t only look at statistics from the NFL. It also studies findings at other levels of football, believing the NFL sets the example. Thus, a recent story by the National Federation of State High School Associations caught the eye of Competition Committee members, according [more]

Tom Brady’s dad didn’t know anything about concussions

Tom Brady Sr. admits his son doesn’t tell him everything. But if his kid had a concussion last year — as his daughter-in-law suggested — he didn’t know about it. The father of the Patriots quarterback told Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe that he wasn’t aware of any head injuries, such as the kind [more]

Another high school football player dies

In most respects, I miss the fact that my son no longer is in high school. In one very important respect, I don’t miss it at all. I don’t miss spending three hours or so every Friday night worrying that he’s going to be seriously injured, or worse, playing football. Injuries happen at every level [more]

John Harbaugh provides passionate defense of football

As the game of football faces questions about its long-term viability given the fairly recent realization that the inherent risks of football include chronic brain issues that may develop into cognitive impairments, the battle lines have been drawn between those who attack the game and those who defend it. Ravens coach John Harbaugh defends it [more]

Competition Committee explores banning chop block

For years, pro football has allowed cut blocking.  One type of cut blocking is chop blocking.  And chop blocking now may be going the way of the dodo bird, Ray Rice, and the “how many fingers?” concussion test. At their Saturday meeting in Naples, Florida, the NFL’s Competition Committee discussed getting rid of the chop block [more]

Todd Gurley reportedly tears ACL

In hindsight, the NCAA would have done Todd Gurley a favor by suspending him for the balance of the year. Per multiple reports, the Georgia tailback tore an ACL in his return from a four-game suspension after signing autographs for money. The injury, which requires major surgery and extensive rehab, underscores the reality that “an [more]

Should Jadeveon Clowney sit out the 2013 football season?

The NFL requires college football players to wait three years after graduating high school before entering the draft not for their own good, but for the good of college football.  With South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney possibly the first overall pick in the 2013 draft if he were available to be drafted but still [more]

Full text of Roger Goodell’s presentation at the Harvard School of Public Health

[Editor’s note:  On Thursday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke at the Harvard School of Public Health. The full text of his prepared remarks, as distributed by the NFL, appears below.] Let me begin by thanking Dean Julio Frenk for inviting me to speak here today.  It is truly an honor to discuss two topics that [more]

Barkley takes a big risk by sticking around

For a while on Thursday, it wasn’t clear whether USC quarterback Matt Barkley was announcing his plans for playing football in 2012 or running for public office. And then, at one point, Barkley’s micro-Favre “will-he-or-won’t-he” routine seemed like a bad SNL skit, especially when he was abruptly interrupted while standing in front of a Christmas [more]

One G.M. “waiting for the first ACL tear” at player-organized workouts

Scores of NFL players have taken it upon themselves to organize practices on their own to stay in shape and build team chemistry during the lockout, and in general those players have been lauded for their commitment and dedication. But are these workouts really such a good idea? Don Banks of Sports Illustrated talked to [more]

Week Eight mailbag

The bad news?  We were unable to do a video mailbag this week. The good news?  We’ve put together a supersized written mailbag, with 16 questions answered and asked. The best news?  It’s now done, so I can get some sleep before we start the eighth Sunday football marathon of the season.

Deion advised Devine to return to school

There’s considerable euphoria in West Virginia tonight as running back Noel Devine has decided to return for his final year of football eligibility. Joe Schad of ESPN reports that Deion Sanders advised Devine to stay in school.  (Presumably, however, Deion at no point advised Devine to steal Deion’s car.) And while yours truly is among [more]

Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

Watch Sunday Night Football — Steelers vs. Ravens — in HD on your computer.– Game Highlights– Four live alt cameras– Live chat with Mike Florio Watch the action with SNF EXTRA 8:30pm ET – Mike, what do the steelers need to do to win tonight?Pray for Dennis Dixon and Tyler Palko to be injured in [more]