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NFL refuses to provide details regarding the WFT investigation

Over the years, the NFL has ordered investigations regarding multiple major scandals. Usually (if not unanimously), those investigations resulted in the creation of a written report. Usually (if not unanimously), those reports are made available. From Bountygate to Bullygate to Deflategate, we knew as much as we ever wanted to know (and more) about the [more]

Tom Brady says you should rarely listen to anything Tom Brady says

Tom Brady‘s appearance on HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted showcases a candid and blunt side of Tom Brady. Unless, of course, he wasn’t being candid and blunt. During the program, Brady admitted that he rarely speaks his mind, rarely says what he’s thinking. “What I say versus what I think are two totally different things,” Brady [more]

Jermaine Wiggins: Patriots players wondered whether they could depend on Jimmy Garoppolo

With Jimmy Garoppolo‘s days numbered in San Francisco, speculation regarding his eventual future has centered on the Patriots. Former NFL tight end (who played at one point for the Patriots) Jermaine Wiggins threw some water on that possibility on Monday morning. “They used to look at Jimmy G. a little sideways, like he kind of [more]

Will Jimmy Garoppolo return to the Patriots?

In 2014, they drafted him. In 2017, they traded him. In 2021, could they be reacquiring him? Greg Bedard recently said on his podcast that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo represents the Patriots’ “Plan A” at quarterback, via NBC Sports Bay Area. Bedard characterizes Garoppolo as “far and away” New England’s preferred choice. Of course, the [more]

“What more do you have to prove?” Gisele asked Tom Brady after Super Bowl win

Four years ago, when Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl after erasing a 28-3 deficit against the Falcons to cap a season that began with a four-game #Deflategate suspension, Brady’s spouse suggested that it would be the perfect time to walk away. He didn’t. Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Brady [more]

Former Washington employees want NFL to make investigation findings public

As the NFL closes in on closing the investigation involving years of alleged and/or actual misconduct within the Washington Football Team, multiple former employees want to be sure that the matter isn’t swept under the rug. Via the Washington Post, two former employees sent a letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday demanding that the [more]

Will 49ers eventually cut Jimmy Garoppolo?

The 49ers had a chance in 2020 to sign Tom Brady. They decided to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo instead. After Garoppolo missed 10 games in 2020, a sense has persisted that the 49ers will explore all options at the position for 2021. If the 49ers can find a potential upgrade over Garoppolo (or someone with [more]

Will NFL make results of Washington Football team investigation public?

What does Tuesday’s news of the settlement of claims that could have been made by former Washington Football Team cheerleaders mean to the ongoing investigation of the team’s culture, and to the status of owner Daniel Snyder? We don’t know. And we won’t know, until the NFL announces the discipline (if any) to be imposed [more]

Six years after #Deflategate, Tom Brady keeps #winning

Six years ago, New England’s win over the Colts in an AFC Championship became marred by #Deflategate. From an erroneous report (undoubtedly leaked by the league to set a narrative) regarding 11 of 12 footballs underinflated by two or more pounds to the flawed investigation that followed to the suspension of Tom Brady to the [more]

With Philip Rivers retired, Russell Wilson has longest active QB starts streak

In retiring yesterday, Philip Rivers brought to an end his streak of 240 consecutive games started, and 252 counting the playoffs. That was the longest active streak in the NFL, and the second-longest streak in NFL history. With Rivers’ retirement, Russell Wilson now has the longest active streak of consecutive starts by a quarterback, at [more]

Tom Brady fires a shot at Tony Dungy, Colts

It’s great when pro athletes are as petty as the rest of us. Proving yet again that NFL players and coaches are lying when they claim they don’t listen to outside noise, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reacted to a claim from former Colts and Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy that Brady wasn’t one of the five [more]

Belichick’s Patriots have a winning record as underdogs by a touchdown or more

The Patriots won as seven-point underdogs against the Ravens on Sunday night. Perhaps that shouldn’t have been a surprise. Since Bill Belichick became New England’s head coach, the Patriots are 7-6 outright (including the postseason) when they’re underdogs by seven points or more, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN. That’s a winning percentage of .538. [more]

Despite a down year in New England, John Harbaugh remains leery of the Patriots

The Ravens and Patriots have developed a potent rivalry over the past decade, with multiple playoff meetings and still-lingering suspicion in New England that Baltimore instigated #Deflategate. This year, the game lacks some sizzle, because the Patriots for the first time in a long time lack the skill to contend with the best teams in [more]

Titans continue to be at NFL’s COVID-19 epicenter

Two weeks after news first broke of a potential outbreak within the Titans organization, NFL’s Tennessee franchise continues to reside at the epicenter of the NFL’s COVID-19 crisis. The league and the union already have investigated the Titans, sparking plenty of rumors regarding the findings. Whether it’s a supposedly blatant failure to wear masks or [more]

Report: Cam Newton wins Patriots’ quarterback battle

Bill Belichick has made a decision on his starting quarterback, and, as expected, Cam Newton has won the job, Jim McBride of the Boston Globe reports. Belichick told his players during a team meeting Thursday morning. Newton won a three-way battle with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. Newton, 31, is the most accomplished of the [more]