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PFT’s Week Three 2021 power rankings

1. Buccaneers (2-0, Last week No. 1): The defense isn’t where it needs to be. But it doesn’t need to be there if the offense keeps doing what it’s doing. 2. Rams (2-0, No. 3): They get a shot to take over the top spot, with the Bucs coming to town for Tom Brady‘s first-ever [more]

PFT’s Week Two 2021 power rankings

1. Buccaneers (1-0, Last week No. 1): The Bucs should abandon the blitzes and revert to the true Tampa Two scheme. 2. Chiefs (1-0, No. 2): For the Chiefs, it’s never over until it’s over. 3. Rams (1-0, No. 5): It will get harder and harder for Sean McVay to praise Matthew Stafford without necessarily [more]

PFT’s Week One 2021 power rankings

1. Buccaneers: As always, the defending champs start on the top of the mountain. This year, it may take a while for someone to knock them off. 2. Chiefs: They’ve addressed their biggest weaknesses, and they still have their biggest strength — the best player currently in the game. 3. Bills: For all the vaccination [more]

NFL sees attempted offseason workout boycott as a potential win

The NFL Players Association wants the rank and file to choose to not show up for offseason workouts. The NFL apparently wants to see them try. The league, we’re told, sees this as a potential win, a reminder that collective action for this specific unionized work force doesn’t work. The last time the NFLPA attempted [more]

Jaguars announce hirings of Michael Davis, Drew Hughes for personnel staff

News dropped earlier on Tuesday morning that the Jaguars had brought in Trip MacCracken as director of roster management. Jacksonville has now confirmed that hiring, along with two others for General Manager Trent Baalke’s front office. Michael Davis has joined the organization as senior personnel executive and Drew Hughes is the club’s player personnel coordinator. [more]

Ranking the available coaching jobs

Plenty of people in media rank open G.M. and/or coaching jobs. Even some of the candidates for those jobs (and sometimes their opinions are subject to change based on whether they get a given job). The topic of my own ranking of the open jobs has come up this week, on PFT Live and elsewhere. [more]

PFT’s final regular-season 2020 NFL power rankings

1. Bills (last week No. 1; 13-3): The Dolphins desperately needed to win, and the Bills still hung 56 points on them. 2. Chiefs (No. 2; 14-2): The Ravens could be coming to town in an effort to disrupt an AFC Championship date with the Bills. 3. Packers (No. 3; 13-3): The road to Tampa [more]

Micah Hyde believes the Hail Murray helped the Buffalo Bills

The Bills entered their bye week after having a victory snatched from their grasp, via a last-second miracle throw from Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray to receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Neither team has been the same since then. The Cardinals, who were soaring at 6-3 after the Hail Murray, have lost four of six games. They could [more]

PFT’s Week 17 2020 NFL power rankings

1. Bills (last week No. 2; 12-3): Four resounding wins in four straight nationally-televised games shows that the Bills are ready to win multiple games in January. 2. Chiefs (No. 1; 14-1): That narrow win over Atlanta underscores that every playoff game will be a fight. They could still win every one of them. 3. [more]

PFT’s Week 16 2020 NFL power rankings

1. Chiefs (last week No. 1; 13-1): If it’s Chiefs vs. The Field to win the Super Bowl, most would take the Chiefs. 2. Bills (No. 2; 11-3): If anyone from The Field is going to beat the Chiefs, it’s the Bills. 3. Packers (No. 3; 11-3): The Frozen Tundra is heating up. 4. Saints [more]

PFT’s Week 15 2020 power rankings

1. Chiefs (last week No. 1; 12-1): They returned to Miami in December and left with an increasing likelihood that they’ll be heading to Tampa in February. 2. Bills (No. 4; 10-3): Some teams step up in December. Some teams don’t. The Bills are. 3. Packers (No. 5; 10-3): They have the inside track to [more]

PFT’s Week 14 2020 power rankings

1. Chiefs (last week No. 2; 11-1): Exceptional teams can periodically sleepwalk and still win consistently. 2. Saints (No. 3; 10-2): Sean Payton quietly is making a strong case for Canton. 3. Steelers (No. 1; 11-1): They’ve been so close to losing for so long, coach Mike Tomlin seems relieved that it finally happened. 4. [more]

PFT’s updated Week 13 2020 power rankings

1. Steelers (last week No. 1; 11-0): It wasn’t pretty, but undefeated through 12 weeks is more than enough to keep the top spot. 2. Chiefs (No. 2; 10-1): If they ever play a full 60 minutes, they’ll score 100 points. 3. Saints (No. 3; 9-2): The Saints are closing in on securing the right [more]

PFT’s Week 12 2020 power rankings

1. Steelers (last week No. 1; 10-0): No one seems to notice they’re chasing an undefeated season, which makes it easier to keep chasing an undefeated season. 2. Chiefs (No. 2; 9-1): Would the Chiefs be favored to beat the Steelers? Definitely. Would the Steelers still find a way to win the game? Probably. 3. [more]

PFT’s Week 11 2020 power rankings

1. Steelers (last week No. 1; 9-0): Many would say the Chiefs are “the better team.” Hopefully, the Chiefs will get a chance to try to prove it in January. 2. Chiefs (No. 2; 8-1): The fact that the Chiefs already have lost to the Raiders once this year makes it far less likely it [more]