Launched in November 2001, Profootballtalk.com seeks to entertain while informing.  We have maintained independence even after launching our partnership with NBC in July 2009.

The PFT Rumor Mill has become a fixture for all NFL front offices, for many coaches and players, all agents, and most of the media covering the NFL.

In addition to breaking our fair share of news, we’re constantly looking for information reported elsewhere, always trying to apply analysis or humor (or both) to the situation.  Most people follow the NFL as a diversion from more serious matters in life.  The coverage should be part of that diversion, and as a result reading about the NFL should be as enjoyable as watching the games.We work hard, but it’s really not work.  It’s covering a sport we love.  And if we weren’t working for PFT, we’d be reading PFT.

So make PFT part of your regular NFL reading, either via your favorite browser or the NBC SportsTalk app.  Without us, your NFL knowledge isn’t close to complete.