FMIA: The First-Week Free-Agency Files

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Thirty-two teams, 32 thoughts on the opening week of the league year.1. Chicago. The Bears traded ownership of the draft to Carolina, then owned the first week of free agency.After a conversation with Bears GM Ryan Poles the other night, it sounds like the trade was almost THE TRADE. Poles told me he had significant [more]

FMIA Trade Notes: Jalen Ramsey goes MIA, Bears Send No. 1 Pick to Panthers for D.J. Moore and More

Football Morning in America
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Jalen Ramsey to the Dolphins made too much sense, for both Miami and the Rams. It happened Sunday afternoon. We should have seen it coming for weeks.The trade—Ramsey to Miami for a mid-third-round pick, 77th overall, and an invisible tight end from the 2021 third round, Hunter Long—seems light for the Rams. And it is, [more]

FMIA Combine Week: Ryan Poles on “Healing” the Bears and His Plan for the First Overall Pick

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INDIANAPOLIS—Saturday morning, Scouting Combine week, Chicago GM Ryan Poles’ hotel room, 19 stories above downtown Indy, scouts’ clicker in his hands, watching the 2022 Lions on tape. This is college scouting season, but Poles works these days with an eye on looming free-agency, and on the competition too.It’s early in his GM career for Poles, [more]

FMIA: The Scourge of Draft Desperation and The Combine Without a Sure Thing

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You learn a lot talking to smart people. Daniel Jeremiah’s a smart guy, and I learned a lot from our conversation Saturday evening. Namely: There is one position of great intrigue entering the Scouting Combine this week in Indianapolis, one position that is an absolute mystery with the draft kicking off two months from today.Quarterback. [more]

FMIA: Jonathan Gannon on Philly’s Defensive Breakdown, and More from My Super Bowl Notebook

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Cleaning out the Super Bowl 57 notebook, starting with the incredulity, even a week later, of how Kansas City won—and Andy Reid’s “Beautiful Mind Board:”Three years ago, I rode to work one morning with Andy Reid before the Kansas City-San Francisco Super Bowl. We ended up in his office suite, and I got a look [more]

FMIA Super Bowl LVII: The “Corn Dog” That Won It All For Kansas City

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GLENDALE, Ariz.—For 47 minutes Sunday night in Super Bowl LVII, Kansas City never led. Their quarterback re-sprained his right ankle just before halftime, and the Eagles led by 10 as Rihanna sung to the world, and though the momentum began to change in the third quarter, everything was a chore for the men of Andy [more]

FMIA Pre-Super Bowl: Commuting With Nick Sirianni, the O-Line of the Century, and the Tom Brady Recipe

Peter King drives to work with Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni
Peter King

HADDONFIELD, N.J.—The appointment was for 6 a.m. Saturday, and at 5:57, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni rolled his vehicle out of the driveway here in suburban Eagleville. I got in.It’s Super Bowl week, and I feel like the biggest story America doesn’t know is, Who is Nick Sirianni? I don’t know him well either. In my [more]

FMIA Conference Championships: Eagles rout Niners, Chiefs outlast Bengals to set Super Bowl LVII stage

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — How is he doing this? High-ankle sprains are six-week injuries, or something like that. And Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes looked fairly fine through 36 minutes Sunday in the AFC Championship Game—not running with abandon, but when he had to, Mahomes could get out of harm’s way and do Mahomes things.Nine [more]

FMIA Divisional: Tales of Outsmarting, Outplaying, and Outbuilding the Other Guys

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Could it be? Is it possible that the best four teams in the 2022 NFL season will play the Super Bowl semifinals in Kansas City and Philadelphia on Sunday (“The Andy Reid Invitational”), for the right to advance to Super Bowl 57?One by one in the NFL’s Elite Eight, the pretenders vanished. The [more]

FMIA Wild Card: Joe Burrow on Going to Buffalo; Daboll and Pederson on their Latest Improbable Wins

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“It is what it is,” Joe Burrow said as the clock struck midnight, not long after Cincinnati edged (is there a better word for an agonizingly close game than “edged”?) Baltimore to set up a divisional playoff date Sunday that just might get a good television rating: Cincinnati at Buffalo.Emphasis on at Buffalo.Good for Burrow. [more]

FMIA Week 18: Damar Hamlin Gets His Flowers Right On Time

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.—You want the truth about the coin flip that set in motion the script so unlikely that Spielberg would have found it far-fetched? If the Bills had won the toss, Sean McDermott instructed his captains to defer.The Bills would have kicked off.“I’m glad they lost this one,” McDermott told me.I should say so. [more]

FMIA Week 16: Christmas Magic in Pittsburgh (Again); Dak Prescott Channels Childhood for Comeback

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“Fifty years. I just can’t believe it. And I’m still around to enjoy it.”–Franco Harris, on Tuesday afternoon, hours before his shocking death, to Steelers defensive star Cam Heyward on Heyward’s “Not Just Football” podcast. The Steelers got nothing done offensively all game. Two field goals against the impenetrable Raiders in the first 59 minutes—that’s [more]

FMIA Week 15: Chandler Jones’ Winning Play Echoes the Immaculate Reception, 50 Years Later

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Chandler Jones, from his home Sunday night, knew the end of the Raiders’ 30-24 win over the Patriots was stunning and strange, but he didn’t know it was historic.So he asked me: “You’ve been covering the game for a long time—how do you see it?”I’m not positive, I said. But I think it’s the most [more]

FMIA Week 14: Baker Mayfield’s Movie-Script L.A. Arrival and Aidan Hutchinson on His Favorite Freeway

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 The Eagles are the best team in football with a month left in the regular season. My top five, with four bye-less weeks and 64 regular-season games to play: Philadelphia, 12-1. First team to clinch a playoff berth with the 48-22 rout of the formerly impressive Giants in Jersey Sunday. Philly has a two-game lead [more]