PFT’s final regular-season 2020 NFL power rankings

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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1. Bills (last week No. 1; 13-3): The Dolphins desperately needed to win, and the Bills still hung 56 points on them.

2. Chiefs (No. 2; 14-2): The Ravens could be coming to town in an effort to disrupt an AFC Championship date with the Bills.

3. Packers (No. 3; 13-3): The road to Tampa goes through the Frozen Tundra, which means the Packers will be the favorite to get to Tampa.

4. Saints (No. 4; 12-4): They’re possibly a Tampa Bay upset over the Packers away from hosting their division rivals in the NFC Championship.

5. Buccaneers (No. 5; 11-5): They let the expectations get out of control in September and October. The expectations are not out of control now; they could be the NFC team best equipped to win the Super Bowl.

6. Seahawks (No. 6; 12-4): They get a postseason home game, but not an ideal matchup with the Rams coming to town.

7. Ravens (No. 7; 11-5): After playing five straight playoff-style games to end the season, the narrative that they can’t win playoff games should be dead.

8. Steelers (No. 8; 12-4): Will one good half of football in a month translate to a playoff win?

9. Browns (No. 10; 11-5): They’ve come a long way since their blowout loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

10. Titans (No. 11; 11-5): They need more from their defense to duplicate last year’s playoff success.

11. Colts (No. 12; 11-5): The Bills beat the Dolphins to let the Colts in the playoffs. Now, the Colts can show their appreciation by trying to knock the Bills out.

12. Dolphins (No. 9; 10-6): Not that it would have made a difference, but this outcome was sealed the moment Ryan Fitzpatrick tested positive.

13. Rams (No. 15; 10-6): John Wolford may be going from the AAF to the round of eight.

14. Bears (No. 14; 8-8): Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy likely will be back. Whether Mitchell Trubisky joins them may hinge on what happens on Sunday in New Orleans.

15. Cardinals (No. 13; 8-8): The Hail Murray was the high water mark. Then, the dam broke.

16. Patriots (No. 17; 7-9): Bill Belichick’s routine will wear thin (thinner) after a couple of years of mediocrity.

17. Washington (No. 19; 7-9): Washington’s defense is good enough to compete with Tampa. The rest of the roster is not.

18. Vikings (No. 18; 7-9): Another year, another new offensive coordinator.

19. Cowboys (No. 16; 6-10): At least they had plenty of fans in attendance to watch their disappointing performances at home.

20. Falcons (No. 20; 4-12): This team may not fully recover from 28-3 until the franchise is sold.

21. Raiders (No. 21; 8-8): What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Oakland.

22. Chargers (No. 22; 7-9): Hire the right coach, and the Chargers become the dominant team in L.A.

23. 49ers (No. 23; 7-9): Jimmy GQ needs to be Jimmy GO.

24. Giants (No. 27; 6-10): Joe Judge should worry less about one Eagles loss and more about 10 of his own.

25. Bengals (No. 24; 4-11-1): Will Joe Burrow be the next Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson? For now, it’s far closer to Watson.

26. Panthers (No. 26; 5-11): It’s really starting to feel like Teddy Bridgewater won’t be the quarterback next year.

27. Texans (No. 28; 4-12): The Texans have one year, maybe two, to start turning this around before Deshaun Watson starts wondering is the grass is less brown elsewhere.

28. Broncos (No. 29; 5-11): The man known for an on-field helicopter has now mastered the upward pratfall.

29. Eagles (No. 25; 4-11-1): The decision to lay down in Week 17 made sense; the way it was handled did not.

30. Lions (No. 30; 5-11): Bobby Layne’s curse is a lot stronger than originally believed.

31. Jets (No. 31; 2-14): Keep Sam Darnold? Use the No. 2 pick on a quarterback? Jets fans are assuming that, whatever they do, it will be the wrong decision.

32. Jaguars (No. 32; 1-15): The Jaguars tanked the old fashioned way — quietly and slowly and in games no one was paying attention to.

2021 NFL offseason coaching and G.M. tracker

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Here’s a one stop look at all coaching, G.M. and front office moves, interviews, rumors, etc. for the 2021 cycle.

Atlanta: Fired head coach Dan Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff after 0-5 start. Interviewed interim head coach Raheem Morris. Interviewed 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh on January 4. Interviewed Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy on January 4. Requested interview with Colts director of college scouting Morocco Brown. Interviewed former Texans G.M. Rick Smith and Falcons director of college scouting Anthony Robinson. Scheduled interview with Saints assistant G.M. of pro personnel Terry Fontenot. Requested interview with Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes. Requested interview with Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Announced interview with Brown. Requested interview with Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. Interviewed Brady on January 6. Interviewed Fontenot on January 6. Interviewed Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett on January 7. Interviewing Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith on January 11. Fontenot reported as the favorite to be their next G.M. on January 14. Announced the hiring of Arthur Smith as head coach on January 15.

Carolina: Fired General Manager Marty Hurney on December 21. Requested interviews with Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio, Bills assistant G.M. Joe Schoen and Browns vice president of football operations Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. Expected to request interviews with Saints assistant G.M. Jeff Ireland, 49ers vice president of player personnel Adam Peters, and Colts assistant G.M. Ed Dodds. Requested interview with Dodds. Interviewed former Giants G.M. Jerry Reese. Set to interview Chiefs assistant director of player personnel Ryan Poles. Scheduled interviews with Ireland and Peters. Set to interview Titans director of player personnel Monti Ossenfort. Requested interview with Bears assistant director of player personnel Champ Kelly. Interviewed Adofo-Mensah on January 4. Interviewed Caserio, Schoen, Ireland, and Ossenfort on January 5. Interviewed Dodds, Peters, and Poles on January 6. Interviewed Kelly and Chiefs director of football administration Brandt Tilis on January 7. Will interview Panthers Director of Player Negotiations & Salary Cap Manager Samir Suleiman and Director of Player Personnel Pat Stewart. Interviewed Seahawks vice president of player personnel Scott Fitterer. Set for second interviews with Ossenfort and Peters. Had second interviews with Poles and Fitterer. Finalizing deal with Fitterer on January 14.

Denver: John Elway announced on January 4 that he will remain president of football operations and that the team will hire a new General Manager. Will interview New Orleans Saints director of pro scouting Terry Fontenot, Chicago Bears assistant director of player personnel Champ Kelly, Minnesota Vikings assistant G.M. and VP of player personnel George Paton, New England Patriots assistant director of player personnel Dave Ziegler, and Broncos college scouting director Brian Stark for their G.M. position. Interviewing Kelly and Paton on January 8. Set to interview Fontenot, Ziegler, and Stark January 9. Scheduled a second interview with Paton. Scheduled a second interview with Fontenot.

Detroit: Fired head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn in November. Interviewed their vice president of player personnel Kyle O’Brien, director of player personnel Lance Newmark, and director of pro scouting Rob Lohman. Interviewed former Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff. Interviewed former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli. Interviewed ESPN analyst Louis Riddick. Interviewed former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. Reportedly interested in Seahawks G.M. John Schneider. Set to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy January 4, interim head coach Darell Bevell January 5, and 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh January 7. Expected to interview Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith and Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell. Expected to interview Saints assistant G.M. of pro personnel Terry Fontenot, Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes, Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton, and Saints assistant G.M. of college personnel Jeff Ireland. Interviewed Holmes and Paton. Interviewed Ireland on November 8. Requested interview with Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. Interviewing Smith on January 12. Interviewing Campbell January 11. Interviewed Dodds on January 12. Scheduled second interview with Holmes for January 13. Hired Holmes as G.M. on January 14. Campbell reported as the favorite to be their next head coach on January 15.

Houston: Fired head coach/General Manager Bill O’Brien early in the season. Interviewed former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. Interviewed former Lions head coach Jim Caldwell. Interviewed ESPN analyst Louis Riddick for G.M. job. Requested interviews with Ravens director of football research Scott Cohen and Seahawks vice president of player personnel Trent Kirchner. Expected to interview Bills director of pro personnel Malik Boyd. Requested interview with Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio. Requested interview with Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Requested interview with Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Interviewed Steelers VP of Football & Business Administration Omar Khan on January 4. Requested interview with Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Interviewed Brady on January 5. Interviewed Caserio and Kirchner on January 5. Hired Caserio as General Manager on January 5. Will interview Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Expected to interview Ravens assistant head coach/wide receivers coach David Culley. Requested interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Requested interview with Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. Interviewed Staley on January 18. Set to interview Bieniemy on January 18.

Jacksonville: Fired General Manager Dave Caldwell in late November. Fired head coach Doug Marrone on January 4. Interviewed ESPN analyst Louis Riddick. Interviewed former Giants G.M. Jerry Reese. Interviewed former Texans G.M. Rick Smith. Interim G.M. Trent Baalke is expected to be a candidate. Reportedly interested in former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. Requested interview with 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Requested interview with Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Plan to interview former Browns G.M. Ray Farmer. Requested interview with Falcons interim head coach Raheem Morris. Scheduling interview with Eric Bieniemy. Interviewed Bieniemy on January 6. Interviewed Morris on January 7. Interviewing Saleh on January 9. Meeting with Meyer on January 8. Interviewed Arthur Smith on January 10. Interviewed Saints assistant G.M. of player personnel Terry Fontenot on January 12. Finalizing an agreement with Meyer on January 14. Hired Meyer on January 14. Hired Baalke as G.M. on January 21.

Los Angeles Chargers: Fired head coach Anthony Lynn on January 4. Requested interview with Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. Requested interview with Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Requested interview with Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Requested interview with Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Requested interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Requested interview with Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Requested interview with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Requested interview with 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Interviewing Saleh on January 9. Interviewing Eberflus on January 11. Interviewed Brady on January 7. Interviewing Smith on January 11. Expected to hold second interview with Saleh. Holding second interview with Staley on January 17. Expected to hire Staley.

New York Jets: Fired head coach Adam Gase on January 3. Requested interview with Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Requested interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Requested interview with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Requested interview with Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. Requested interview with Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham. Requested interview with Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Interviewed Bieniemy on January 6. Requested interview with Saints defensive backs coach Aaron Glenn. Interviewing Saleh on January 8. Interviewed Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady on Jan. 9. Interviewing Eberflus on January 10. Expected to interview Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell. Interviewed Daboll on January 10. Interviewing Smith on January 11. Interviewed Staley on January 10. Interviewed former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis on January 7. Interviewed Glenn on January 11. Interviewing Saleh for a second time on January 12. Interviewed Smith for a second time. Hired Saleh on January 14.

Philadelphia: Fired head coach Doug Pederson on January 11. Requested interview with 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Requested interviews with Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. They are expected to interview Patriots inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo. Interviewed Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady on January 13. Set to interview Saleh. Requested interview with Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Interviewed assistant head coach Duce Staley. Set to interview Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. Interviewing Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Requested interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Set to interview Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on January 18. Interviewing Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni on January 19. Interviewing Moore on January 19. Set to interview Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen January 20. Set to hire Sirianni on January 21.

Washington: They currently do not have a General Manager and may hire one this offseason. Requested interviews with 49ers vice president of player personnel Martin Mayhew and Titans vice president of player personnel Ryan Cowden. Requested interviews with Falcons director of football operations Nick Polk and Chargers director of player personnel JoJo Wooden. Interviewing Eric Stokes, the team’s director of pro personnel. Set to hire former Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney on January 19. Hired Mayhew as G.M. on January 22. Hired Hurney as executive vice president of football/player personnel on January 22.

FMIA Week 17: Odd Season Ends On Weirder Note, a Wild-Card Peek and 20 People Who Defined NFL In 2020

NBC Sports Graphic/Getty Images

This was the 37th NFL regular season I’ve covered. It was the weirdest, of course, and not a single other one was close for second place. Washington and Philadelphia played in Week 1, with Dwayne Haskins’ season of great promise beginning in the nation’s capital, and Carson Wentz primed to continue his ascent to consistent [more]

NFL Playoff Picture: AFC & NFC final standings for 2020

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The NFL playoff picture is taking shape. Here’s how it looks after the latest slate of games:

1. Chiefs (14-2) Clinched home-field advantage.

2. Bills (13-3) Clinched the AFC East.

3. Steelers (12-4) Clinched AFC North.

4. Titans (11-5) Clinched AFC South.

5. Ravens (11-5) Clinched wild card.

6. Browns (11-5) Clinched wild card.

7. Colts (11-5) Clinched wild card.


8. Dolphins (10-6) Mathematically eliminated.

9. Raiders (8-8) Mathematically eliminated.

10. Patriots (7-9) Mathematically eliminated.

11. Chargers (7-9) Mathematically eliminated.

12. Broncos (5-11) Mathematically eliminated.

13. Bengals (4-11-1) Mathematically eliminated.

14. Texans (4-12) Mathematically eliminated.

15. Jets (2-14) Mathematically eliminated.

16. Jaguars (1-15) Mathematically eliminated.

1. Packers (13-3) Clinched home-field advantage.

2. Saints (12-4) Clinched NFC South.

3. Seahawks (12-4) Clinched NFC West.

4. Washington (7-9) Clinched NFC East.

5. Buccaneers (11-5) Clinched wild card.

6. Rams (10-6) Clinched wild card.

7. Bears (8-8) Clinched wild card.

8. Cardinals (8-8) Mathematically eliminated.

9. Vikings (7-9) Mathematically eliminated.

10. 49ers (6-10) Mathematically eliminated.

11. Giants (6-10) Mathematically eliminated.

12. Cowboys (6-6) Mathematically eliminated.

13. Panthers (5-11) Mathematically eliminated.

14. Lions (5-11) Mathematically eliminated.

15. Eagles (4-11-1) Mathematically eliminated.

16. Falcons (4-12) Mathematically eliminated.

NFL Week 17 early inactives: DeVante Parker will play, Bills rest Tre’Davious White

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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Every week we bring you all the inactives from the 1 p.m. ET games in one post, constantly updated with the latest information.

The Dolphins are in Buffalo to try to beat the Bills and advance to the playoffs without relying on help from any other teams. They will have the help of wide receiver DeVante Parker.

Parker was listed as questionable for that game with a hamstring issue, but he is active and will not have to tangle with cornerback Tre'Davious White. White is resting for the AFC East champs on Sunday along with defensive ends Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison.

Check back to see the full list as it becomes available 90 minutes ahead of kickoff.

Dolphins at Bills

Dolphins: QB Jake Rudock, WR Jakeem Grant, RB DeAndre Washington, LB Kamu Grugier-Hill, T Adam Pankey, WR Kirk Merritt, DT Benito Jones

Bills: WR Cole Beasley, TE Reggie Gilliam, QB Jake Fromm, RB Taiwan Jones, T Ty Nsekhe, DE Jerry Hughes, DE Mario Addison, CB Tre’Davious White

Jets at Patriots

Jets: CB Bless Austin, QB James Morgan, WR Lawrence Cager, TE Ross Travis, OL James Murray and DL Trevon Coley

Patriots: C David Andrews, G Shaq Mason, LB Anfernee Jennings, LB Terez Hall, CB Dee Virgin, CB D’Angelo Ross, QB Brian Hoyer

Ravens at Bengals

Ravens: WR Willie Snead, DE Yannick Ngakoue, WR James Proche, CB Jimmy Smith, C Patrick Mekari, NT Justin Ellis, DT Broderick Washington

Bengals: CB William Jackson, LB Logan Wilson, K Randy Bullock, CB Mackensie Alexander, G Alex Redmond, G Keaton Sutherland, TE Mitchell Wilcox

Steelers at Browns

Steelers: QB Ben Roethlisberger, K Chris Boswell, S Terrell Edmunds, C Maurkice Pouncey, LB T.J. Watt, DL Cameron Heyward

Browns: OL Nick Harris, S Tedric Thompson, G Blake Hance, T Kendall Lamm, WR Alexander Hollins, DE Joe Jackson

Cowboys at Giants

Cowboys: CB Rashard Robinson, LB Leighton Vander Esch

Giants: WR Golden Tate, P Ryan Santoso, DB Madre Harper, T Kyle Murphy, T Jackson Barton, DE R.J. McIntosh

Vikings at Lions

Vikings: RB Dalvin Cook, CB Cameron Dantzler, DE Jalyn Holmes, CB Chris Jones, LB Eric Kendricks, DE Ifeadi Odenigbo

Lions: T Tyrell Crosby, G Joe Dahl, WR Kenny Golladay, LB Jamie Collins, DT Albert Huggins, G Logan Stenberg, S Bobby Price

Falcons at Buccaneers

Falcons: WR Julio Jones, CB Darqueze Dennard, WR Brandon Powell, CB Tyler Hall, DT Deadrin Senat, RB Qadree Ollison, TE Jared Pinkney

Buccaneers: CB Carlton Davis, QB Ryan Griffin, TE Tanner Hudson, DL Jeremiah Ledbetter, RB LeSean McCoy

NFL Week 17 injury report roundup: Will Alex Smith play Sunday night?

Washington Football Team v San Francisco 49ers
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Week 17 of the 2020 NFL season is a Sunday-only affair.

All 32 teams in the league will be playing on Sunday as the league finalizes who is in the playoffs and what seeds they’ll get with a slate of games that culminates with Washington visiting Philadelphia. If Washington wins, they win the NFC East but it’s unclear if quarterback Alex Smith will return for the game.

The teams playing in those games have released their final injury reports and we’ve compiled them all here in one spot.

Dolphins at Bills

All four players on the Dolphins injury report — WR Jakeem Grant (ankle), G Solomon Kindley (knee, foot), DE Shaq Lawson (shoulder), WR DeVante Parker (hamstring) — are listed as questionable.

Bills WR Cole Beasley (knee) and TE Reggie Gilliam (knee, hamstring) are not going to play this weekend.

Ravens at Bengals

Everyone on the Ravens injury report is listed as questionable. DT Calais Campbell (calf, not injury related), RB Gus Edwards (back), T D.J. Fluker (knee), CB Marlon Humphrey (knee, shoulder), RB Mark Ingram (illness), C Patrick Mekari (back), DE Yannick Ngakoue (thigh), CB Marcus Peters (calf), CB Jimmy Smith (ribs, shoulder), and WR Willie Snead (ankle) make up that group.

Bengals wideouts Tyler Boyd (concussion) and Tee Higgins (hamstring) didn’t get injury designations and are set to play. C B.J. Finney (abdomen), CB William Jackson (concussion), and LB Logan Wilson (ankle) have been ruled out.

Steelers at Browns

The Steelers ruled out K Chris Boswell (groin), S Terrell Edmunds (shoulder), and QB Ben Roethlisberger (not injury related). Word this week is that LB T.J. Watt, DE Cam Heyward, and C Maurkice Pouncey will rest as well.

C Nick Harris (knee) is out for the Browns while LB Tae Davis (ankle), T Kendall Lamm (illness), LB Sione Takitaki (ankle), and G Wyatt Teller (ankle) are listed as questionable. CB Denzel Ward, S Karl Joseph, LB B.J. Goodson, S Andrew Sendejo, TE Harrison Bryant, and LB Malcolm Smith are on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

Vikings at Lions

RB Dalvin Cook (not injury related), CB Cameron Dantzler (hamstring), DE Jalyn Holmes (groin), CB Chris Jones (groin), LB Eric Kendricks (calf) and DE Ifeadi Odenigbo (chest) will miss the Vikings finale. K Dan Bailey (back) is listed as questionable.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford (right thumb, rib, ankle) is listed as questionable after practicing the last two days. LB Jamie Collins (neck) and C Frank Ragnow (throat) drew the same designation. T Tyrell Crosby (ankle), G Joe Dahl (back), and WR Kenny Golladay (hip) are not going to play.

Jets at Patriots

CB Bless Austin (illness), CB Javelin Guidry (knee), and WR Jeff Smith (shoulder) are questionable to play for the Jets.

Patriots C David Andrews (calf), RB Damien Harris (ankle), and G Shaquille Mason (calf) will not play. LB Ja'whaun Bentley (shoulder), CB Justin Bethel (neck), DT Adam Butler (shoulder), LB Shilique Calhoun (knee), LS Joe Cardona (ankle), DT Byron Cowart (back), T Jermaine Eluemunor (ankle), K Nick Folk (back), DT Lawrence Guy (shoulder), LB Terez Hall (ankle), T Justin Herron (ankle), CB J.C. Jackson (knee), LB Anfernee Jennings (shoulder), S Devin McCourty (shoulder), WR Donte Moncrief (thigh), and WR Matt Slater (knee) are all listed as questionable.

Cowboys at Giants

CB Rashard Robinson (knee) and LB Leighton Vander Esch (ankle) are out for the Cowboys. S Darian Thompson (concussion) was listed as questionable before being placed on the COVID-19 reserve list along with defensive tackle Justin Hamilton. S Xavier Woods (ribs) is also listed as questionable.

QB Daniel Jones (hamstring) is off the injury report, but WR Golden Tate (calf) is not expected to play after being listed as doubtful. RB Elijhaa Penny (illness) is out and LB Cam Brown (illness) is questionable.

Falcons at Buccaneers

Falcons WR Julio Jones (hamstring) will miss another game. CB Darqueze Dennard (quadricep) and WR Brandon Powell (foot) have also been ruled out. DE Charles Harris (not injury related) is listed as questionable.

CB Carlton Davis (groin) may not play for the Buccaneers after being listed as doubful, but LB Devin White, LB Shaq Barrett, and DT Steve McLendon are all on the reserve/COVID-19 list. DT Jeremiah Ledbetter (calf) has been ruled out.

Packers at Bears

Packers T David Bakhtiari (knee) suffered a season-ending injury at Thursday’s practice. DE Kingsley Keke (concussion) is also out and G Simon Stepaniak (knee) is listed as questionable.

S Deon Bush (foot), S Tashaun Gipson (neck), TE Demetrius Harris (foot), TE Cole Kmet (shoulder), and WR Cordarrelle Patterson (knee) are all listed as questionable for the Bears. Cornerbacks Jaylon Johnson (shoulder) and Buster Skrine (concussion) won’t play this week.

Raiders at Broncos

Raiders RT Trent Brown (knee) will miss his 11th game of the year. G Denzelle Good (ankle), DT Maurice Hurst (calf), and CB Lamarcus Joyner (thigh) are listed as questionable.

The Broncos listed RB LeVante Bellamy (ankle), LB Anthony Chickillo (ribs), DE Bradley Chubb (ankle), G Graham Glasgow (shoulder), and S Trey Marshall (quadricep) as questionable for Sunday. WR K.J. Hamler (concussion) will not play.

Jaguars at Colts

The Jaguars ruled out WR D.J. Chark (shin), WR Collin Johnson (hamstring), and RB James Robinson (ankle). RB Nathan Cottrell (hip) is listed as questionable.

Colts DT DeForest Buckner (ankle) did not receive an injury designation for Sunday. WR Michael Pittman (concussion) is questionable while T Will Holden (ankle), S Khari Willis (concussion), and CB Rock Ya-Sin (concussion) are out.

Chargers at Chiefs

DE Joey Bosa (shin, concussion), T Bryan Bulaga (foot), CB Casey Hayward (hamstring), LB Malik Jefferson (shoulder), and S Rayshawn Jenkins (ankle) will sit out the final Chargers game of the season. Hayward and Jefferson later went on injured reserve. S Jahleel Addae (calf) and T Sam Tevi (knee) drew questionable tags.

RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (ankle), WR Tyreek Hill (hamstring), LB Ben Niemann (hamstring), T Mike Remmers (back), and WR Sammy Watkins (calf) have all been ruled out by the Chiefs. QB Patrick Mahomes will also rest this weekend. RB Le'Veon Bell (knee) and DT Derrick Nnadi (knee) are listed as questionable.

Cardinals at Rams 

A win gets the Cardinals into the postseason and they’ll hope to have S Budda Baker (neck), TE Darrell Daniels (hamstring), RB Chase Edmonds (hip), WR Larry Fitzgerald (groin), and TE Maxx Williams (ankle) after listing them as questionable.

RB Cam Akers (ankle) is questionable to play for the Rams and head coach Sean McVay said the decision will go down to Sunday. QB Jared Goff (right thumb) and LB Micah Kiser (knee) have been ruled out and the team will also be without WR Cooper Kupp and DT Michael Brockers because they are on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Seahawks at 49ers

The Seahawks ruled out RB DeeJay Dallas (ankle) and CB Jayson Stanley (hamstring). RB Carlos Hyde (illness), G Mike Iupati (neck), TE Greg Olsen (foot), and S Damarious Randall (foot) are listed as questionable.

49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk (ankle), DT Kevin Givens (not injury related), LB Dre Greenlaw (calf), DT Javon Kinlaw (knee), WR Deebo Samuel (hamstring), CB Richard Sherman (calf), and CB K'Waun Williams (shin) will miss Week 17. S Tarvarius Moore (ankle), CB Emmanuel Moseley (hamstring), and LB Mark Nzeocha (illness) are listed as questionable.

Saints at Panthers

TE Josh Hill (hand) and S Marcus Williams (ankle) are out for the Saints, but the biggest news is that RB Alvin Kamara will go on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

The Panthers refuse to rule RB Christian McCaffrey (thigh) out, but he’ll miss his 13th game of the year after being listed as doubtful. DE Brian Burns (shoulder), RB Mike Davis (ankle), T Russell Okung (calf), and CB Troy Pride (hip) drew the same tag and are set to miss the game. Defensive ends Yetur Gross-Matos (shoulder), Austin Larkin (shoulder), and Efe Obada (shoulder, toe) are listed as questionable.

Titans at Texans

Titans LB Derick Roberson (hamstring) won’t play and LB Daren Bates (hip) and RB Khari Blasingame (ankle) are listed as questionable.

T Brent Qvale (concussion) is out for the Texans and T Laremy Tunsil (ankle) is set to sit out after being listed as doubtful. CB Phillip Gaines (knee) and RB Duke Johnson (neck) have questionable tags.

Washington Football Team at Eagles

Washington QB Alex Smith is listed as questionable for Sunday night. RB Antonio Gibson (toe), WR Terry McLaurin (ankle), and LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (ankle) are in the same category. LB Thomas Davis (knee) has been ruled out of what could be his final NFL game.

The Eagles ruled out a slew of players. DE Derek Barnett (calf), LB Shaun Bradley (neck), DT Fletcher Cox (neck), TE Dallas Goedert (calf), WR DeSean Jackson (ankle), T Jordan Mailata (concussion), LB Duke Riley (biceps), TE Richard Rodgers (ankle), and RB Miles Sanders (knee) will all sit out on Sunday night. CB Michael Jacquet (calf) is questionable.

PFT’s NFL Week 17 2020 picks

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
Getty Images

MDS has clinched one season-long competition, and I’ve cliched the other.

As a result, he would say straight up is better, and I would say against the spread is better.

Last week, I had a 9-7 record straight up, and MDS was 8-8. For the year, he’s at 154-88, and I’m at 150-92. He’s up by four games, we disagree on only two games this week, and so (math whiz alert) I can’t catch him.

Against the spread, I went 6-9-1 and MDS was 4-11-1. For the year, I’m at 111-120-9 and he’s at 96-135-9.

All picks for the final week of the 2020 regular season appear below.

Dolphins (+3) at Bills

MDS’s take: The Dolphins have more to play for than the Bills, and in Week 17, that makes a big difference. I’ll pick Miami.

MDS’s pick: Dolphins 20, Bills 13.

Florio’s take: Without knowing whether the Bills will play to win, it’s impossible to pick this one with any certainty. I’ll guess that the Bills try to maintain their momentum, and in the process to knock a division rival out of the playoffs.

Florio’s pick: Bills 27, Dolphins 23.

Ravens (-13) at Bengals

MDS’s take: The Ravens are peaking at the right time, and they’ll beat a Bengals team that has looked better in recent weeks.

MDS’s pick: Ravens 34, Bengals 20.

Florio’s take: Three years after the Bengals kept the Ravens out of the playoffs with a Week 17 upset, it won’t be happening again.

Florio’s pick: Ravens 34, Bengals 20.

Steelers (+9) at Browns

MDS’s take: The Steelers are resting their starters and handing the Browns a playoff berth.

MDS’s pick: Browns 27, Steelers 20.

Florio’s take: COVID-19 is wreaking potential havoc on this one for the Browns, but with Pittsburgh resting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and other starters, if the Browns can’t win this one with a playoff berth on the line, they don’t deserve to play in the postseason. Ever.

Florio’s pick: Browns 24, Steelers 20.

Vikings (-7) at Lions

MDS’s take: The Lions look like they’ve totally quit on the season. The Vikings win a meaningless game.

MDS’s pick: Vikings 31, Lions 14.

Florio’s take: Neither team should want to win this game, since winning means a lower draft pick. The Vikings are more in need of an ego boost heading into the postseason, if only to make the inevitable 2021 hot seats a little less toasty.

Florio’s pick: Vikings 27, Lions 17.

Jets (+3) at Patriots

MDS’s take: Can the Jets finish 3-13 after starting 0-13? I think they can.

MDS’s pick: Jets 24, Patriots 21.

Florio’s take: The biggest indictment of New England’s 2020 season? They’re only favored by three points to beat the lowly Jets.

Florio’s pick: Patriots 23, Jets 16.

Cowboys (-2.5) at Giants

MDS’s take: The winner of this one will be a very interested viewer of Sunday Night Football. I like the Cowboys, who are playing better recently with Andy Dalton rounding into form.

MDS’s pick: Cowboys 24, Giants 17.

Florio’s take: If Dallas had played all year the way it’s been playing recently, it would have clinched the division on Thanksgiving Day.

Florio’s pick: Cowboys 27, Giants 20.

Falcons (+7) at Buccaneers

MDS’s take: The Buccaneers are playing for the NFC No. 5 seed and the right to play the NFC East winner in the first round of the playoffs, and that will motivate them to win big.

MDS’s pick: Buccaneers 30, Falcons 17.

Florio’s take: The Bucs are going for the win, because the win delivers a playoff game against the NFC East champion.

Florio’s pick: Buccaneers 34, Falcons 20.

Packers (-5.5) at Bears

MDS’s take: The Bears have made a dramatic improvement since going back to Mitchell Trubisky, but it may be too little, too late, as they’re going to fall just short against a Packers team that is fighting for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

MDS’s pick: Packers 34, Bears 27.

Florio’s take: The Bears have improved significantly, but they’re not ready to beat a Packers team that has the No. 1 seed within its grasp.

Florio’s pick: Packers 30, Bears 23.

Raiders (-2.5) at Broncos

MDS’s take: Jon Gruden will win a meaningless game to wrap up his disappointing third year at the helm.

MDS’s pick: Raiders 23, Broncos 17.

Florio’s take: A coach who’s currently untouchable faces a G.M. who’s currently untouchable. The game could be unwatchable.

Florio’s pick: Raiders 24, Broncos 17.

Jaguars (+14) at Colts

MDS’s take: The Colts will cruise against a Jaguars team that has clinched the first pick in the draft.

MDS’s pick: Colts 27, Jaguars 17.

Florio’s take: Colts players won’t be aware of the scores of other games. Jaguars players would prefer to not be aware of the score of their game.

Florio’s pick: Colts 31, Jaguars 14.

Chargers (-3.5) at Chiefs

MDS’s take: The Chiefs are resting their starters, and Justin Herbert will get his 2021 started right.

MDS’s pick: Chargers 24, Chiefs 14.

Florio’s take: No Patrick Mahomes opens the door for Anthony Lynn to make a solid closing argument for returning in 2021. It could be too late.

Florio’s pick: Chargers 27, Chiefs 23.

Cardinals (-3) at Rams

MDS’s take: The Rams won’t have Jared Goff, so it’s hard to know what to expect, but I have a hunch the Rams are going to take it.

MDS’s pick: Rams 24, Cardinals 23.

Florio’s take: Sean McVay’s genius as a coach will help John Wolford play well enough to make people ask, Who’s the idiot who paid Jared Goff?

Florio’s pick: Rams 27, Cardinals 20.

Seahawks (-6.5) at 49ers

MDS’s take: The Seahawks still have a chance at home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, and they’ll take care of their end.

MDS’s pick: Seahawks 24, 49ers 14.

Florio’s take: The 49ers aren’t close to what they were when these two teams met to cap the 2019 season. The Seahawks are as good as they were, if not better.

Florio’s pick: Seahawks 31, 49ers 20.

Saints (-6.5) at Panthers

MDS’s take: The Saints still have a chance at home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, and they’ll take care of their end.

MDS’s pick: Saints 28, Panthers 17.

Florio’s take: The top seed remains a possibility, enough of one to get the Saints to go all out in an effort to capture it.

Florio’s pick: Saints 31, Panthers 17.

Titans (-7.5) at Texans

MDS’s take: The Titans shouldn’t have much trouble against a Texans team that is going nowhere.

MDS’s pick: Titans 30, Texans 13.

Florio’s take: Tennessee won’t blow its chance to get to the playoffs and potentially disrupt the field, like it did a year ago.

Florio’s pick: Titans 34, Texans 21.

Washington (-2) at Eagles

MDS’s take: Washington wraps up a wacky season in the NFC East by winning the division in the last game of the regular season.

MDS’s pick: Washington 20, Eagles 17.

Florio’s take: It’s win and in for Washington, but Washington is too banged up — and Eagles, who have absolutely nothing to lose, will be loose and dangerous.

Florio’s pick: Eagles 24, Washington 21.

PFT’s Week 17 2020 NFL power rankings

Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
Getty Images

1. Bills (last week No. 2; 12-3): Four resounding wins in four straight nationally-televised games shows that the Bills are ready to win multiple games in January.

2. Chiefs (No. 1; 14-1): That narrow win over Atlanta underscores that every playoff game will be a fight. They could still win every one of them.

3. Packers (No. 3; 12-3): Matt LaFleur is 25-6 as an NFL head coach, and it has largely gone unnoticed.

4. Saints (No. 4; 11-4): The Saints will go as far as Alvin Kamara takes them.

5. Buccaneers (No. 11; 10-5): They’re peaking at absolutely the right time.

6. Seahawks (No. 6; 11-4): #LetRussCrockPot.

7. Ravens (No. 12; 10-5): If they get in, it’s going to be very hard to get them out.

8. Steelers (No. 9; 12-3): Was their excessive celebration of the AFC North title the product of relief that they finally won it, or resignation that they won’t be winning anything else?

9. Dolphins (No. 10; 10-5): The last time someone’s neck moved like Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s, an exorcist was required.

10. Browns (No. 7; 10-5): Cleveland fans are having flashbacks to 2007, when 10-6 wasn’t good enough for the playoff berth.

11. Titans (No. 8; 10-5): It’s stunning that they still haven’t clinched a playoff spot.

12. Colts (No. 5; 10-5): If they miss the playoffs, how can they bring Philip Rivers back?

13. Cardinals (No. 13; 8-7): In a year that started with the Cardinals seemingly finding a higher level, the vicinity of .500 could be as good as it gets for the foreseeable future.

14. Bears (No. 15; 8-7): They’ve finally emerged from their extended midseason hibernation.

15. Rams (No. 14; 9-6): If John Wolford plays well, it will confirm that Sean McVay is a genius and that they shouldn’t have paid Jared Goff $33.5 million per year.

16. Cowboys (No. 21; 6-9): Maybe the Rose Bowl won’t be the only postseason game played at AT&T Stadium, after all.

17. Patriots (No. 17; 6-9): Bill Belichick the G.M. needs to start performing like Bill Belichick the head coach.

18. Vikings (No. 16; 6-9): “Just good enough” will have to be good enough in 2021, 2022, and possibly beyond.

19. Washington (No. 18; 6-9): Win and in and then face the Buccaneers and lose.

20. Falcons (No. 19; 4-11): The fact that they have the ability to periodically have a solid game makes all the other ones even less acceptable.

21. Raiders (No. 20; 7-8): It’s easy for Jon Gruden to take all the blame for a loss when he knows he’s not going to ever be held truly accountable by Mark Davis.

22. Chargers (No. 23; 6-9): Could a season-ending four-game winning streak save Anthony Lynn?

23. 49ers (No. 24; 6-9): All options need to be on the table at the quarterback position.

24. Bengals (No. 26; 4-10-1): They’re building confidence, and it will help tremendously once Joe Burrow is back.

25. Eagles (No. 22; 4-10-1): With a full offseason and training camp to prepare, we’ll see in 2021 how good Jalen Hurts can be.

26. Panthers (No. 30; 5-10): They’ve done better this year than anyone could have expected.

27. Giants (No. 25; 5-10): Yes, the No. 27 team still could host a playoff game.

28. Texans (No. 27; 4-11): J.J. Watt‘s stirring message will resonate well in the locker room … of the new team he joins in 2021.

29. Broncos (No. 29; 5-10): This will continue until the ownership issue is resolved.

30. Lions (No. 28; 5-10): if their offense had done anything in the first half, Tom Brady may stayed in the game long enough to set the single-game passing yardage record.

31. Jets (No. 31; 2-13): Tanks fer nuttin’.

32. Jaguars (No. 32; 1-14): Tanks fer everything.

Win and in the playoffs for Browns, Dolphins, and Ravens in Week 17

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Getty Images

The NFL has released the final playoff scenarios of the 2020 regular season and they’re pretty straightforward in both conferences.

The Browns, Dolphins and Ravens will be the AFC’s three Wild Card teams if they win their 1 p.m. ET games in Week 17. The Ravens will also get in with a loss by the Browns or Colts and the Dolphins would advance with losses by the Browns, Ravens or Colts.

If Cleveland loses to Pittsburgh, they would still advance with a Colts loss or a Titans loss combined with wins by the Dolphins and Ravens.

The Colts need a win and a loss by any of those three teams to win the Wild Card. They would wind up as the AFC South champions with a win and a Titans loss. The Titans win the division with a win and would still make the playoffs with losses by the Ravens or Dolphins.

In the NFC, there are three playoff berths available. Washington will win the NFC East if they beat the Eagles. If they lose, the winner of the Cowboys-Giants game will host a playoff game.

Chicago will go to the playoffs with a win or a loss by the Cardinals. If the Bears win, the loser of the Rams-Cardinals game will miss the playoffs. If the Bears lose, the Cardinals and Rams will both advance as long as the Cardinals beat the Rams.

The top seed in the conference also remains in play. The Packers will get it by beating the Bears or if the Seahawks lose to the 49ers. The Saints will get it if they and Seattle win while Green Bay loses and the Seahawks will be No. 1 with a win and losses by the other two division champions.

Packers lead, Saints and Seahawks still alive, for NFC home-field advantage

Getty Images

The Packers lead in the race for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, but the race will come down to Week 17.

The race for the No. 1 seed in the NFC will be determined on Sunday among the Packers, Saints and Seahawks, all of whom kick off at 4:25 p.m. ET.

The simple part is the Packers have the best record in the NFC at 12-3, so if they beat the Bears on Sunday, they clinch home-field advantage.

But if the Packers lose to the Bears, the 11-4 Saints and 11-4 Seahawks still have a chance. The Saints would win a three-way tie, so a Packers loss combined with a Saints win and a Seahawks win would give home-field advantage to the Saints.

The Seahawks would win a two-way tie with the Packers, so a Seahawks win, a Packers loss and a Saints loss would give home-field advantage to the Seahawks.

If the Packers, Saints and Seahawks all lose, the Packers get home-field advantage.

The good news for NFL fans is that none of the top teams in the NFC has clinched its playoff seed, so we should expect the best teams to be playing all their starters in Week 17.

FMIA Week 16: Improbably, Cowboys, Bears Eye Playoffs After ’20 Disasters

Getty Images (2)

When Dallas coach Mike McCarthy boarded the Cowboys’ charter flight at BWI Airport outside of Baltimore early on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 9, he tried to get his mind right for the short week ahead. The COVID-related delay of the game in Baltimore pushed the game, a 34-17 beatdown from the Ravens, from Thursday [more]

NFL Week 16 early inactives: Marquise Brown active, Marcus Peters out

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens
Getty Images

Every week we bring you all the inactives from the 1 p.m. ET games in one post, constantly updated with the latest information.

The Ravens need to keep winning in order to have a chance at making it into the playoffs and they’ll have the help of several players who were listed as questionable heading into the weekend. Wide receiver Marquise Brown, defensive end Calais Campbell, linebacker Pernell McPhee, and wide receiver Dez Bryant are all active against the Giants, but cornerback Marcus Peters will miss his second straight game.

Check back to see the full list as it becomes available 90 minutes ahead of kickoff.

Giants at Ravens

Giants: WR Golden Tate, FB Eli Penny, T Kyle Murphy, T Jackson Barton, DE R.J. McIntosh

Ravens: CB Jimmy Smith, WR James Proche, CB Marcus Peters, LB Jaylon Ferguson, C Trystan Colon-Castillo, DL Broderick Washington

Browns at Jets

Browns: T Jedrick Wills, G Wyatt Teller, S Tedric Thompson, DE Joe Jackson

Jets: CB Javelin Guidry, K Chase McLaughlin, QB James Morgan, TE Ross Travis, OL James Murray, DL Trevon Coley, WR Lawrence Cager

Colts at Steelers

Colts: T Anthony Castonzo, QB Jacob Eason, WR Marcus Johnson, WR Dezmon Patmon, CB Isaiah Rogers

Steelers: QB Josh Dobbs, K Chris Boswell, RB Anthony McFarland, LB Marcus Allen, LB Ola Adeniyi, DE Isaiah Buggs

Bengals at Texans

Bengals: WR Tyler Boyd, LB Jordan Evans, G B.J. Finney, LB Logan Wilson, K Randy Bullock, G Alex Redmond, G Keaton Sutherland

Texans: RB Duke Johnson, RB C.J. Prosise, QB Josh McCown, CB Phillip Gaines, WR Isaiah Coulter

Bears at Jaguars

Bears: CB Buster Skrine, CB Jaylon Johnson, DT Daniel McCullers, WR Riley Ridley, TE Demetrius Harris, OL Lachavious Simmons

Jaguars: QB Jake Luton, WR Collin Johnson, RB James Robinson, CB Luq Barcoo, LB Quincy Williams, TE Tyler Davis, DL Caraun Reid

Falcons at Chiefs

Falcons: WR Julio Jones, C Alex Mack, G James Carpenter, CB Darqueze Dennard, RB Qadree Ollison, DT Marlon Davidson, DL Deadrin Senat

Chiefs: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LB Damien Wilson, CB Deandre Baker, OL Martinas Rankins, DT Khalen Saunders, DE Tim Ward, CB BoPete Keyes

NFL Week 16 injury report roundup: Derek Carr set to return on Saturday night

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Getty Images

Week 16 of the 2020 NFL season kicked off on Friday with the Saints hosting the Vikings for a Christmas matinee and it continues with three games on Saturday and 11 more games on Sunday. The teams playing in those games have released their final injury reports.

The teams playing on Monday night won’t release their final injury reports until Saturday and are not listed here.

With that housekeeping out of the way, here are all the injury reports for Saturday and Sunday’s games.

Buccaneers at Lions (Saturday 1:00 p.m. ET)

The Buccaneers only have one player with an injury designation. CB Carlton Davis (groin) is considered doubtful to play.

WR Kenny Golladay (hip) is out for the Lions once again. T Tyrell Crosby (ankle) will also miss this game. LB Jamie Collins (neck), T Taylor Decker (groin), S Jayron Kearse (hip), K Matt Prater (back), C Frank Ragnow (throat), CB Darryl Roberts (hip), QB Matthew Stafford (rib, right thumb), and T Halapoulivaati Vaitai (concussion) all drew questionable listings.

49ers at Cardinals (Saturday 4:30 p.m. ET)

RB Raheem Mostert (ankle), QB Nick Mullens (right elbow), WR Deebo Samuel (hamstring), CB Richard Sherman (calf), and S Jimmie Ward (concussion) have all been ruled out by the 49ers, but they will get TE George Kittle (foot) back. DE Dion Jordan (knee) is the lone doubtful player while C Hroniss Grasu (knee), DT Javon Kinlaw (knee), S Tarvarius Moore (knee), and CB Emmanuel Moseley (hamstring) are all designated as questionable.

LB Haason Reddick (shoulder), WR Larry Fitzgerald (groin) and TE Dan Arnold (back) headline the Cardinals’ longish list of questionable players. TE Darrell Daniels (hamstring), RB Chase Edmonds (ankle, knee), LB Kylie Fitts (hamstring), CB Dre Kirkpatrick (hamstring, calf), G Justin Pugh (calf), S Jalen Thompson (ankle), and TE Maxx Williams (ankle) are also on that list.

Dolphins at Raiders (Saturday 8:15 p.m. ET)

Dolphins G Solomon Kindley (knee, foot) will not play. They’ll wait to announce the statuses of G Ereck Flowers (ankle), TE Mike Gesicki (shoulder), WR Jakeem Grant (hamstring), and WR DeVante Parker (hamstring). DE Shaq Lawson (shoulder) initially joined them in the questionable group, but he was ruled out Friday and did not travel with the team.

It looks like Raiders QB Derek Carr (groin) will return with the team needing a win to keep faint playoff hopes alive. He did not get an injury designation, but DE Clelin Ferrell (shoulder) is out and DT Maurice Hurst (calf) is listed as questionable.

Browns at Jets (Sunday 1 p.m. ET)

Browns G Wyatt Teller (calf) has been ruled out. LB Malcolm Smith (hamstring) is considered questionable.

CB Javelin Guidry (knee) is unlikely to play after the Jets listed him as doubtful. WR Jeff Smith (shoulder) is listed as questionable.

Giants at Ravens (Sunday 1 p.m. ET)

Giants QB Daniel Jones (hamstring, ankle) was limited in practice again on Friday and is listed as questionable for Sunday. WR Golden Tate will miss the game with a calf injury. LB Blake Martinez (ankle) and defensive back Darnay Holmes (knee) are listed as questionable.

The Ravens only ruled CB Jimmy Smith (ribs, shoulder) out, but they have a lot of questionable players. WR Marquise Brown (knee), WR Dez Bryant (thigh), DT Calais Campbell (calf), S Anthony Levine (abdomen), LB Pernell McPhee (knee), CB Marcus Peters (calf), G Tyre Phillips (concussion), RB Patrick Ricard (knee), C Matt Skura (back), and LB Kristian Welch (foot) make up that group.

Colts at Steelers (Sunday 1 p.m. ET)

The Colts placed RT Braden Smith on the reserve/COVID-19 list and LT Anthony Castonzo (knee, ankle) is listed as questionable, so the offensive line may be down two starters in Pittsburgh. WR Marcus Johnson (quad) is out and DE Al-Quadin Muhammad (ankle) is questionable.

RB James Conner (quad) is set to return for the Steelers, but linebacker is a trouble spot. Ulysees Gilbert III (ankle) is out while Marcus Allen (stinger) and Olasunkanmi Adeniyi (shoulder) are questionable. K Chris Boswell (groin) and RB Anthony McFarland (Illness) round out the questionable group.

Bengals at Texans (Sunday 1 p.m. ET)

The Bengals will play without WR Tyler Boyd (concussion), LB Jordan Evans (hamstring), C B.J. Finney (abdomen), and LB Logan Wilson (ankle). QB Brandon Allen (knee) is set to return after missing Week 15.

RB Duke Johnson (neck) is out for the Texans and CB Phillip Gaines (knee) is listed as questionable.

Bears at Jaguars (Sunday 1 p.m. ET)

WR Allen Robinson (hamstring) is listed as questionable for the Bears along with LB Khalil Mack (shoulder) and DT Akiem Hicks (ankle). S Deon Bush (foot), DT Mario Edwards (hamstring), DT Bilal Nichols (knee), WR Cordarrelle Patterson (knee), and CB Duke Shelley (knee, foot) are also in that category. Cornerbacks Jaylon Johnson (shoulder) and CB Buster Skrine (concussion) are out for the Bears

Jaguars RB James Robinson (ankle) is listed as questionable after sitting out practice all week.

Falcons at Chiefs (Sunday 1 p.m. ET)

The Falcons won’t have G James Carpenter (groin), CB Darqueze Dennard (quadricep), WR Julio Jones (hamstring), or C Alex Mack (concussion) this weekend. S Ricardo Allen (concussion), DT Marlon Davidson (knee), and WR Brandon Powell (foot) got questionable tags.

The Chiefs have a couple of big question marks. DE Frank Clark (illness) and WR Tyreek Hill (hamstring) are both listed that way while RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (ankle) and LB Damien Wilson (knee) have been ruled out.

Broncos at Chargers (Sunday 4:05 p.m. ET)

RB Phillip Lindsay (hip/knee) is out for the Broncos. LB Bradley Chubb (ankle) RB Royce Freeman (hip) DL DeShawn Williams (knee) and CB Nate Hairston (toe) are listed as questionable.

DE Joey Bosa (shin, concussion) is out for the Chargers. So is DE Uchenna Nwosu (knee) and WR Keenan Allen (hamstring) and LB Denzel Perryman (back) are listed as questionable.

Panthers at Washington Football Team (Sunday 4:05 p.m. ET)

The Panthers are set to play without RB Christian McCaffrey (thigh) once again. He’s listed as doubtful along with T Russell Okung (calf) and CB Troy Pride (hip). DE Brian Burns (knee), DE Austin Larkin (shoulder), DT Bravvion Roy (knee), and LB Adarius Taylor (ankle) got questionable designations.

Washington QB Alex Smith (calf) was back to a full practice on Friday and listed as questionable to return to action. WR Terry McLaurin (ankle) is unlikely to play, but RB Antonio Gibson (toe) could be back after joining Smith in the questionable group. LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (ankle) is also in that group while LB Thomas Davis (not-injury related, knee) is out.

Eagles at Cowboys (Sunday 4:25 p.m. ET)

Eagles LB Duke Riley (biceps), TE Richard Rodgers (ankle), CB Kevon Seymour (knee), and DE Josh Sweat (wrist) have all been ruled out for Sunday. DE Derek Barnett (calf), DT Fletcher Cox (neck), and P Cameron Johnston (concussion) are listed as questionable.

RB Ezekiel Elliott (calf) is questionable for the Cowboys after missing last Sunday’s game. CB Rashard Robinson (knee), LB Leighton Vander Esch (ankle), DT Antwaun Woods (ankle), and S Xavier Woods (ribs) are out. TE Blake Bell (illness) is the team’s other questionable player.

Rams at Seahawks (Sunday 4:25 p.m. ET)

The Rams ruled RB Cam Akers (ankle) out early in the week and he’s the only player on their injury report.

Seahawks RB DeeJay Dallas (ankle) is out and G Mike Iupati (neck, not injury related) is listed as doubtful. S Damarious Randall (foot) and T Brandon Shell (ankle) are listed as questionable.

Titans at Packers (Sunday 8:20 p.m. ET)

Titans LB Derick Roberson (hamstring) is out, but no one else is on the report.

RB Aaron Jones (toe) is set to play for the Packers after getting no injury designation. RB Jamaal Williams (quad) and guard Simon Stepaniak (knee) are listed as doubtful while S Will Redmond (concussion) and TE Jace Sternberger (concussion, illness) have been ruled out.

NFL Week 16 2020 picks

NFL: NOV 03 Colts at Steelers
Getty Images

MDS is closing in on locking up one of the two available season-long titles. I’ve basically wrapped up the other.

Through 15 weeks, MDS now has a three-game lead when it comes to straight-up picks. My lead continues to be in double digits against the spread.

For Week 15, MDS hit 12 games straight up, while I had 11. For the year, h’es now at 146-80, while I’m at 141-85.

Against the spread, I was 6-8-2, and he was 5-9-2. I now lead, 105-111-8 to 92-124-8.

This week, we disagree on two game picks and multiple spreads. All picks appear below.

Vikings (+7) at Saints

MDS’s take: The NFL’s Christmas Day offering features a Vikings team that doesn’t have much left to play for against a Saints team that’s still fighting for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. I don’t see this one being close.

MDS’s pick: Saints 31, Vikings 17.

Florio’s take: The Saints won’t have to worry about losing to the Vikings in this year’s playoffs. The Saints will have to worry about losing to the Vikings on Christmas Day.

Florio’s pick: Saints 27, Vikings 23.

Buccaneers (-9.5) at Lions

MDS’s take: The Buccaneers have a knack for playing closer against bad teams than they should, and I see that happening again on Saturday, as they’ll need a 60-minute effort to put the Lions away.

MDS’s pick: Buccaneers 21, Lions 17.

Florio’s take: Tom Brady returns to Michigan, most likely for the last time in his football career. He won’t leave with a loss.

Florio’s pick: Buccaneers 31, Lions 20.

49ers (+5) at Cardinals

MDS’s take: The 49ers are on the road at their home away from home, and although I admire how hard they’re playing in this most difficult of seasons, I think they’re out of fuel at this point and won’t have much of a chance against a Cardinals team fighting for a playoff berth.

MDS’s pick: Cardinals 30, 49ers 13.

Florio’s take: The 49ers are playing out the string as they wait to return home from Arizona. The Cardinals are on the verge of the postseason. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

Florio’s pick: Cardinals 30, 49ers 23.

Dolphins (-3) at Raiders

MDS’s take: This is a big one in the AFC wild card race, and the Dolphins will put the Raiders away.

MDS’s pick: Dolphins 27, Raiders 20.

Florio’s take: The Raiders could win this one, but it’s hard to have much faith in a team that hasn’t put anything impressive together since nearly completing a sweep of the Chiefs.

Florio’s pick: Dolphins 24, Raiders 17.

Falcons (+10.5) at Chiefs

MDS’s take: The Falcons have played competitive football in a hopeless cause for interim head coach Raheem Morris, which might earn Morris the coaching job on a permanent basis. But they’re not playing at a level that would have me picking them to win in Kansas City.

MDS’s pick: Chiefs 34, Falcons 21.

Florio’s take: The best time to beat the Chiefs is when they least expect it. They won’t expect it this week, and so maybe it will at least be close.

Florio’s pick: Chiefs 37, Falcons 30.

Browns (-9.5) at Jets

MDS’s take: Can the Jets make it two in a row? I don’t see it. The Browns win and get a step closer to their first playoff berth since 2002.

MDS’s pick: Browns 24, Jets 10.

Florio’s take: The Browns have mastered the art of handling the teams they should. And they definitely should handle the Jets.

Florio’s take: Browns 24, Jets 9.

Colts (-1.5) at Steelers

MDS’s take: The Steelers may be on the verge of an unprecedented collapse, with an 11-0 start leading to an 11-5 finish. They’ll drop their fourth in a row on Sunday.

MDS’s pick: Colts 24, Steelers 20.

Florio’s take: The Steelers have reached rock bottom. It’s time to start digging out of the hole.

Florio’s pick: Steelers 23, Colts 21.

Bears (-7.5) at Jaguars

MDS’s take: The Jaguars just need to lose two in a row to draft Trevor Lawrence, while the Bears are still in playoff contention. I can’t see this one being close.

MDS’s pick: Bears 33, Jaguars 16.

Florio’s take: The Jets screwed up the Trevor Lawrence pick last week. The Jaguars won’t screw it up this week.

Florio’s pick: Bears 31, Jaguars 17.

Giants (+11) at Ravens

MDS’s take: The Ravens are still a dangerous team in the postseason. The Giants might make the postseason, but they won’t be dangerous.

MDS’s pick: Ravens 27, Giants 20.

Florio’s take: This Super Bowl XXXV rematch will end up the same way, primarily because the Ravens have found their groove again.

Florio’s pick: Ravens 30, Giants 17.

Bengals (+8) at Texans

MDS’s take: Both of these teams are mathematically eliminated but have still shown some life. I’ll pick the Texans in a close one here.

MDS’s pick: Texans 28, Bengals 27.

Florio’s take: The Bengals may still be drunk on Sunday from their celebration after beating the Steelers.

Florio’s pick: Texans 27, Bengals 17.

Broncos (+3) at Chargers

MDS’s take: Another matchup between two teams that are mathematically eliminated. I think Justin Herbert will look better than Drew Lock in a matchup of young quarterbacks.

MDS’s pick: Chargers 30, Broncos 20.

Florio’s take: The Chargers are trying to finish strong. The Broncos are just trying to finish.

Florio’s pick: Chargers 31, Broncos 24.

Panthers (+2.5) at Washington

MDS’s take: Washington still leads the NFC East, and I think they’re going to clinch the division on Sunday, rest their top players in Week 17, and host a playoff game.

MDS’s pick: Washington 27, Panthers 20.

Florio’s take: How can Ron Rivera lose to the team that fired him last year?

Florio’s pick: Washington 23, Panthers 20.

Eagles (-2.5) at Cowboys

MDS’s take: The Eagles have played well since going to Jalen Hurts, but unfortunately Doug Pederson waited a little too long and Philadelphia is going to miss the playoffs.

MDS’s pick: Eagles 28, Cowboys 17.

Florio’s take: Carson Wentz will soon be Carson Goes.

Florio’s pick: Eagles 27, Cowboys 21.

Rams (+1.5) at Seahawks

MDS’s take: A big one in the NFC West race will have the Seahawks’ improving defense outplay the Rams’ inconsistent offense.

MDS’s pick: Seahawks 20, Rams 17.

Florio’s take: The Rams will get back on track. If they don’t soon, they may not last in the playoffs.

Florio’s pick: Rams 27, Seahawks 24.

Titans (+3.5) at Packers

MDS’s take: This is a fascinating matchup of two of the NFL’s best offenses. Logic says to take the Packers, but I just have a hunch that Ryan Tannehill is going to have a very big game as the Titans pull out a tough win.

MDS’s pick: Titans 24, Packers 23.

Florio’s take: The Titans are just a little more desperate, and the Packers are just about due for another one of those “we lacked energy and we’re not sure why” moments.

Florio’s pick: Titans 30, Packers 26.

Bills (-7) at Patriots

MDS’s take: There’s been a changing of the guard in the AFC East, with the Bills winning the division and the Patriots mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The Bills take this one comfortably.

MDS’s pick: Bills 30, Patriots 20.

Florio’s take: If given the chance to destroy the Patriots, the Bills gladly and happily will.

Florio’s pick: Bills 30, Patriots 20.

Week 16 playoff clinching scenarios: Most postseason spots can be wrapped up Sunday

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By Sunday, most of this season’s playoff berths may be clinched.

Six teams have already clinched playoff berths, and most of the other eight spots are there for the taking this week. Here are the full playoff clinching scenarios for Week 16:


Buffalo Bills – AFC East division title
Kansas City Chiefs – AFC West division title
Pittsburgh Steelers – playoff berth

CLEVELAND BROWNS (10-4) (at New York Jets (1-13), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)​

Cleveland clinches playoff berth with:

CLE win + BAL loss or tie OR
CLE win + MIA loss or tie OR
CLE win + IND loss OR
CLE tie + BAL loss OR
CLE tie + MIA loss

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (10-4) (at Pittsburgh (11-3), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Indianapolis clinches playoff berth with:

IND win + BAL loss or tie OR
IND win + MIA loss or tie OR
IND tie + BAL loss OR
IND tie + MIA loss

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (13-1) (vs. Atlanta (4-10), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Kansas City clinches the first-round bye with:

KC win or tie OR
PIT loss or tie OR
BUF loss or tie OR
KC clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over PIT or BUF AND clinches at least a tie in strength of victory tiebreaker over the other club

PITTSBURGH STEELERS (11-3) (vs. Indianapolis (10-4), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Pittsburgh clinches AFC North division title with:

PIT win OR
CLE loss OR
PIT tie + CLE tie

TENNESSEE TITANS (10-4) (at Green Bay (11-3), Sunday night, 8:20 PM ET, NBC)

Tennessee clinches AFC South division title with:

TEN win + IND loss​
Tennessee clinches playoff berth with:

TEN win OR
MIA loss OR
BAL loss OR
TEN tie + BAL tie


Green Bay Packers – NFC North division title
New Orleans Saints – playoff berth
Seattle Seahawks – playoff berth

ARIZONA CARDINALS (8-6) (vs. San Francisco (5-9), Saturday, 4:30 PM ET, Amazon)

Arizona clinches playoff berth with:

ARI win + CHI loss or tie OR
ARI tie + CHI loss

GREEN BAY PACKERS (11-3) (vs. Tennessee (10-4), Sunday night, 8:20 PM ET, NBC)

Green Bay clinches the first-round bye with:​

GB win + SEA loss or tie OR
GB tie + NO loss or tie + SEA loss or tie, as long as both NO and SEA don’t tie

LOS ANGELES RAMS (9-5) (at Seattle (10-4), Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Los Angeles clinches playoff berth with:

LAR win or tie OR
CHI loss or tie OR
ARI win or tie

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (10-4) (vs. Minnesota (6-8), Friday, 4:30 PM ET, FOX/NFLN/Amazon)

New Orleans clinches NFC South division title with:

NO win OR
TB loss OR
NO tie + TB tie

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (10-4) (vs. Los Angeles Rams (9-5), Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Seattle clinches NFC West division title with:

SEA win

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (9-5) (at Detroit (5-9), Saturday, 1:00 PM ET, NFLN)​

Tampa Bay clinches playoff berth with:

TB win or tie OR
CHI loss or tie

WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM (6-8) (vs. Carolina (4-10), Sunday, 4:05 PM ET, CBS)

Washington clinches NFC East division title with:

WAS win + NYG loss or tie OR
WAS tie + NYG loss + PHI-DAL tie