FMIA Week 10: Rams Manage Win After Fire-Filled Week of ‘Horror’

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The Rams won Sunday, a footnote in an extraordinary week for the franchise and the community it calls home. Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America Week 10 column with how the Rams navigated a fire-filled week of horror, plus so much more, including:

• Reporting from the field at Arrowhead, how the Chiefs overcame a relatively lackluster performance to beat the hapless Cardinals.

• Why Bill Belichick can’t seem to beat his proteges, as evidenced by Mike Vrabel’s Titans laying it on the Patriots in Nashville.

• What exactly Le’Veon Bell has missed out on financially by sitting out the 2018 season.

• More thoughts, notes and opinions on the Saints’ eighth straight win; the stunning Buffalo-Barkley performance; Pittsburgh’s loud statement win; MVP Watch; Week 10 awards.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, coffeenerdness, a Monday night prediction and a thorough list of the top 20 offensive and defensive rookies in football. [more]

FMIA Week 9: The Patriots Just Keep Winning and They Really Don’t Care

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The team everyone loves to hate just keeps on winning. From the field in Foxboro, Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America Week 9 column with the star-studded scene from the Rodgers-Brady showdown and so much more, including:

• How Alex Cora, Rupert Murdoch and Mick Jagger are all involved with this latest chapter of the Patriots dynasty.

• The Saints stopped the Rams’ unbeaten run, but don’t go giving the NFC’s No. 1 playoff seed to New Orleans just yet.

• Why Paul Zimmerman’s legacy is complicated, and what The Flaming Redhead learned in her life alongside Dr. Z.

• The numbers are coming in on the impact of Le’Veon Bell’s bizarre holdout, and they are not pretty for the man who’s skipped $7 million in salary.

• More thoughts, notes and opinions on the commonality in recent Cleveland coach firings; the Adrian Peterson-Orleans Darkwa connection; the latest Sam Bradford development; MVP Watch; Week 9 awards.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, coffeenerdness, a Monday night prediction and Benjamin Watson’s plea for people to use their voices on Tuesday. [more]

FMIA Week 8: On the Role a Rolex Played In Keeping the Rams Perfect

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The Rams needed a Rolex to keep their perfect season ticking. On the scene in Los Angeles, Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America Week 8 column with that story and so much more, including:

• Two plays that explain why L.A. is the team it is, and how the Rams were able to slip past Green Bay, with the help of an unwise decision by Ty Montgomery.

• The trade deadline is one day away, and the rumors—about Pierre Garcon, Demaryius Thomas, Janoris Jenkins, Eli Manning and more—are running rampant.

• Jameis Winston’s time in Tampa might be coming to an end after the Bucs benched their turnover-prone quarterback in a loss to the Bengals on Sunday.

• Adrian Peterson had a monster day for Washington and still has eyes for Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing mark.

• The NFL has a new scoring leader. To celebrate, let’s take a quiz! (Spoiler Alert: You are not going to pass.)

• More thoughts, notes, opinions on the red-hot play of the Texans and J.J. Watt; the trade of Amari Cooper; the unraveling of Blake Bortles; Week 8 awards.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, how one man experienced Game 3 and the Halloween costume of the league’s fastest player.

FMIA Week 7: On Benchings, Bad Calls and the Big Miss in Baltimore

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From buses to benchings to bad calls, Week 7 had a bit of it all. Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America Week 7 column with the big miss in Baltimore:

• Justin Tucker holds himself accountable … The Ravens kicker missed the first PAT of his career at the most inopportune time, and lived to tell about it.

• Eli Manning, Jacksonville Jaguar? … Blake Bortles was benched Sunday and now the Jags have to aggressively try to find the answer at quarterback if they want to salvage their season.

• Washington beats Dallas … with the help of an obscure penalty on a field-goal snap that had everyone scratching their heads on Sunday.

• Plus more thoughts, notes, opinions on Carolina’s crazy comeback; the Eric Reid-Malcolm Jenkins scrape; Mike Vrabel’s costly play call; the K.C. masterpiece; the MVP Watch.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, a surreal sports Sunday in SoCal and the true tales of San Francisco’s birth certificate queen. [more]

FMIA Week 6: Chiefs-Patriots Leaves Expectations in the Rearview

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It was the Game of the Year so far, and guess who was in Foxboro to see it live. Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America Week 6 column with Patriots 43, Chiefs 40, and also dives into:

• Tom Brady’s touchdown run … the Patriots quarterback saw something he’d never seen before on that play. Plus more notes from two teams that could meet again in 13 weeks.

• The NFL’s ATM … London has turned lucrative for the league, as Sunday’s Seahawks-Raiders game showed, and a permanent franchise across the pond might happen sooner than we think.

• Drew Brees, the passing king … the man who has had the best seat in the house for the Saints quarterback’s career shares what he has learned watching No. 9.

• Thoughts, notes, opinions on the controversial ending in Steelers-Bengals game; Todd Gurley’s 200-yard day; Brocktober; the MVP Watch; and much more.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, coffeenerdness, Joe Buck’s bonkers schedule and a new granddaughter to put it all in perspective.

FMIA Week 5: Awaken the Sleeping Giant? Browns—Yup—Feeling Frisky

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They are fun, they are competitive and they are a few breaks from being 5-0. Today, Peter King’s Football Morning in America column covers many topics, listed below, and leads with … the Cleveland Browns?

• Yes, that Cleveland, which has gone from fans photo-copying middle fingers to use in their season-ticket forms to an exciting, optimistic 2-2-1 start after an OT win over Baltimore

• Adam Thielen is a reluctant superstar … the Vikings receiver has done something no one in the Super Bowl era has done, but all he wants to talk about is onside kicks

• The rest of Week 5 … Sean McVay’s Rams stay perfect; Graham Gano has career kick; Odell drama resurfaces in New York; time running short for Philly

• Thoughts, notes, opinions on Drew Brees nearing an all-time NFL mark; Jake Butt’s optimistic attitude after his third ACL tear; the pros and cons of Thursday Night Football; the Week 5 awards

• Plus 10 things, factoids, coffeenerdness, a new book section and a sleepy, smelling cross-country disturbance [more]

FMIA Week 4: The NFL at the Quarter Pole and an Overtime-Filled Sunday

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The end of Week 4 also means the first quarter of the season is in the books. Today, Peter King’s Football Morning in America column covers both, including:

The 10 talking points at the quarter pole … from offensive explosions to head-scratching roughing-the-passer penalties and everything in between. Mike Vrabel’s a copycat … and damn proud of it. The Titans coach shares his secrets after a huge win over the champs in overtime.

The rest of Week 4 … Frank Reich’s costly decision; Mitchell Trubisky’s career day; the Patriots show signs of life; and more. Thoughts, notes, opinions on Sean McVay’s immediate impact in Los Angeles; the primetime TV fallout from the Jimmy Garoppolo injury; the Week 4 awards. Plus 10 things, factoids, coffeenerdness and the great new football history book that reads like anything but. [more]

FMIA Week 3: A Sunday of Surprises? Nah, A Vet Says, ‘This Is The Normal’

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The Sunday of Week 3 might have seemed really weird, but Adrian Peterson is here to tell you it was completely normal. Today, Peter King’s Football Morning in America column covers:

The Bills’ stunning underdog win … but don’t you dare call it fluky, as Josh Allen and company played ball control and turnover-free football to thoroughly beat the Vikings. Adrian Peterson’s return to form at 33 … the Redskins running back was tired of others writing his story, so he decided to take control with the way he performs on the field. Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury … the Niners quarterback is devastated and the team is ready to turn to backup C.J. Beathard for the remainder of the season.

Roughing the passer penalties … the problem didn’t go away Sunday and might have even gotten worse. The NFL has no one to blame but itself. Thoughts, notes, opinions on the battle of Los Angeles; a disturbing trend in OL play; the magic of Mahomes; the Week 3 awards; the early MVP front-runners; and more. Plus 10 things, factoids, coffeenerdness and what Ed Hochuli has learned while traveling the country in a 45-foot RV. Really. [more]

FMIA Week 2: Players Make Plays, and Patrick Mahomes Has Made a Perfect 10 For The High-Flying Chiefs

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The NFL season is two weeks old and it’s been quite a ride so far. Today, Peter King’s Football Morning in America column covers:

Patrick Mahomes’ insane start … the Chiefs quarterback has 10 touchdowns in two games and his major-league dad tells some tales about his son’s past that help show why he’s so ready for this moment. The rest of Week 2 … Fitzmagic continues for Tampa (while Jameis texts his teammates); Kirk Cousins shines, refs blow call in odd Packers-Vikings tie; Jags avenge loss to Patriots.

A must-read book … and a must-read Patriots-Hooters comparison from the timely tome by probing political writer Mark Leibovich, who turns his sharp eye on the NFL landscape today. How to stay in shape … an NFL veteran explains the methods to his madness, including his super-secret P.E.D. and how he manages to regularly choke down kale.

Thoughts, notes, opinions on Vontae Davis’ halftime retirement; Josh Gordon’s next chapter; the Week 2 awards; the super early MVP front-runners; and more. Plus 10 things, factoids, coffeenerdness and a travel note about uncomfortable conversations with inanimate objects. [more]

FMIA Week 1: On Seven-Hour Games, Undefeated Browns and the Greatest Game Aaron Rodgers Ever Played

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With a wild Week 1 nearly in the books, Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America column covers:

The greatest game Aaron Rodgers ever played … the anatomy of a comeback, with the perspective of one of the key players, as Chicago’s nightmares in Green Bay continue. Fitzmagic … the Bucs quarterback on why his team’s 48-point explosion didn’t surprise him and why his son might be the smartest fantasy football player out there.

Best of the rest … come for the story of the seven-hour game, stay for why a team being ticked off about a tie is a good thing. Sean McVay’s rookie notes … the Rams coach on what he learned in season one, plus more in the walkup to the final two Week 1 games: Rams-Raiders and Jets-Lions. Thoughts, notes, opinions on Colin Kaepernick’s new Nike ad; Le’Veon Bell’s holdout; the best players, coaches from Week 1; and much more. [more]

FMIA: On The Mack Mistake And Why Super Bowl 53 Will Be Rams-Patriots

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On the eve of the NFL’s 99th season kicking off, Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America column covers:

The Khalil Mack trade … the Raiders made a big mistake in dealing the superstar pass rusher they developed and the Bears accelerated the timetable of their turnaround. Prediction-palooza … From which teams will make the playoffs to who will play in the Super Bowl. Plus picks for MVP, top rookies, offensive and defensive players of the year and more.

Andrew Luck … as he gets ready for his first game action in 18 months, the Colts quarterback reflects on what he learned about himself during his time away from the game. Roger Goodell’s approval rating … NFL fans sound off on the commissioner and the results of an online poll show extreme frustration. Thoughts, notes, opinions on Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case; a decision-making stat that rates coaches; the Saints-Bridgewater situation and what it means for Drew Brees; and much more.

Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, coffeenerdness and a stat about the Packers-Bears rivalry that you have to see to believe.

FMIA: Legion of Whom? Fast, Efficient Overhaul Has Seattle Set to Surprise

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From the preseason trail, Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America column covers:

Seattle … a controlled burn of the roster and a fast, efficient rebuild has coach Pete Carroll feeling like he’s back in college and the team smelling like a surprise contender. Philadelphia … and why it’s beginning to look a lot like Nick Foles—and not Carson Wentz—will start the opening game for the defending Super Bowl champions. The FMIA Camp All-Stars … eight players who jumped off the grass during a 22-team tour of training camps and games this preseason.

Rule changes … and why everyone needs to take a deep breath in regards to helmet hits and how they will be officiated this season. Thoughts, notes, opinions on John McCain’s passing and his NFL friendships; the HOF nominations of Gil Brandt and Pat Bowlen; Brandon Marshall’s under-the-radar brilliance’; and more. Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, coffeenerdness and a plea to the Thermostat Lords to put a freeze on excessive cooling.

FMIA: With or Without Laces, Jon Gruden Just Wants to Compete

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From the training camp trail—including stops to see the Raiders, Cowboys and Rams—Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America column covers:

• Jon Gruden … who has been using lace-less footballs and a quieter voice—but still the same energy and imagination—to get acquainted with his new/old surroundings with the Raiders.

• NFL replay … a former referee talks about one of the biggest officiating changes for the 2018 season.

• Dallas Cowboys … and the emergence of young leadership in the form of Dak Prescott and Jaylon Smith.

• Hard Knocks … and why this edition of HBO’s award-winning series is the most urgent camp ever documented—and possibly the best.

• Thoughts, notes, opinions on Josh Rosen’s transition to the NFL, Doug Pederson’s new book, the Rams’ offseason roster shakeup and more.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, coffeenerdness and a top five—okay six—list of favorite Aretha Franklin songs. [more]

FMIA: Smile, Jimmy! Garoppolo in Picture Perfect Situation As a QB

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From the training camp trail—including stops to see the Lions, Vikings, Cardinals, Chargers and 49ers—Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America column covers:

Jimmy Garoppolo … who has been surrounded by football geniuses since he came into the league and now has the 49ers breathless in anticipation to see what he’s learned. Roger Goodell … the failure of the world’s highest paid sports commissioner to navigate the NFL out of the anthem issue has become a major problem. Yannick Ngakoue … and the Jaguars defensive lineman’s not-so-secret method to consistently obliterating the quarterback.

The Vikings … and perhaps the best building block the team can use to get over the hump. Thoughts, notes, opinions on the Roquan Smith-Bears stalemate, the Colts’ plan for keeping Andrew Luck healthy, fantasy football help suggestions and more. Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness, coffeenerdness and a football quiz about wide receivers that could leave even the smartest fans scratching their heads. [more]

FMIA: Luck’s Beautiful Day, Watt’s Dark Moment, More Camp Trail Tales

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In his latest Football Morning in America column, Peter King checks in from the training camp trail with items on the following:

• Andrew Luck … the Colts quarterback is coming back (maybe you’ve heard) and trying to get used to playing football again. J.J. Watt … another AFC South star on the mend, looking to put his darkest days behind him. Bike commutes … bumping elbows with Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff over 13 miles in Flowery Branch, Ga.

• The helmet rule … why it’s going to dominate the preseason and why consistency will be impossible to achieve. The Hall of Fame … the best quotes, moments and more from the ceremonies in Canton and Chattanooga. Plus coffeenerdness, beernerdness, 10 Things, tweets, factoids and all the usual column staples [more]