FMIA Week 6: Allen-Mahomes Play Another Classic, And Von Miller Remembers The Toilet Paper That Got Him Here

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KANSAS CITY—You come to write about Allen-Mahomes V, and to see if Josh Allen could bury the vivid, bitter memory of last January’s playoff debacle here and stake the Buffalo claim as the best team in football, and of course that’s the story of the day, of the week, of the month in the NFL.But [more]

FMIA Week 5: Giants Keep Defying Expectations; How Seattle’s Geno Smith Strategy is Paying Off; Taysom Hill Does It All

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking?That we had two events in Sunday’s NFL games—a player being removed because an injury spotter thought he saw him wobbly/shaky after a hit, and a hugely ticky-tack roughing-the-passer call—that really weren’t connected but seem connected by the jittery approach to concussions and player safety that has exploded in the [more]

FMIA Week 4: Hurts at Home in Philly, Players and Parents on Football Safety, and the Case for Aaron Donald

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PHILADELPHIA – “Fifty-something degrees, wind’s blowing 20 or 30 miles an hour, raining sideways, down 14-nothing,” Jalen Hurts said an hour after the remnants of Hurricane Ian had played havoc with a football game here.He could have continued this way: We’re 20 minutes into a game where we’re getting nothing done, I’ve thrown a pick-six, [more]

FMIA Week 3: Broncos’ Coaching Experiment Pays Off, Dolphins Win ‘Beast’ Game, and What We Learned About the NFL in September

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So here came the first big test in the grand Nathaniel Hackett experiment, with 12:48 to play in the fourth quarter Sunday night against San Francisco. The Niners led 10-5. Denver QB Russell Wilson, needing seven yards for a first down, scrambled for what appeared to be about six-and-a-half to about a foot shy of [more]

FMIA: Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Welcomes Training Camp Tour To Latrobe With 3 Words—Bring It On

NFL: MAY 25 Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workouts
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BULLETIN: The Deshaun Watson suspension will be for six games, per multiple media reports today. I’ve revised the column with some thoughts on where this story stands as of 9:30 a.m. ET today.LATROBE, Pa. — Mike Tomlin was back with the punters Saturday afternoon. When you ask those who’ve been around him for years, you [more]

FMIA: NFL Training Camp Tour Kicks Off With Las Vegas’ Hot, Hot New Offense And Buffalo’s Plans for Von Miller

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HENDERSON, Nev.—In the conference room adjacent to Raiders coach Josh McDaniels’ office, just after noon on Saturday, class was in session. The pupil in this 17-minute tutorial: quarterback Derek Carr. Every day—on the practice field, or in the hallways of the Raiders’ gleaming practice facility in suburban Las Vegas, anywhere they see each other—McDaniels finds [more]

FMIA Guest: 30 Ideas On Improving NFL, From New Rules To Relegation

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Peter King is on vacation until July 18, and he lined up some guest writers to fill his Monday spot on Football Morning in America. Today’s guest is you, the reader, with 30 ideas on improving NFL.Many times over the years I’ve found myself thinking, I’ve got some smart people who write to me. So [more]