Whitney Mercilus laughs off Randall Cobb saying leaving Houston is like leaving prison

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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When Randall Cobb was traded from Houston to Green Bay this offseason, he joked that it was like getting out of prison. This week Whitney Mercilus signed with Green Bay after being cut by Houston, and he decided not to wade into that particular comparison.

Mercilus acknowledged he heard what Cobb said at the time, but he laughed and said, “Oh, man, we’re not going to wander into that one.”

“Yeah, I heard. I heard because I was with the Texans,” Mercilus said. “I enjoyed my time there. The fans embraced me ever since I got in there. It was great. A lot of great players I got to play with during my time.”

Mercilus acknowledged that it’s a major change going from Houston to Green Bay, but he didn’t say anything negative about the Texans.

“Not each franchise is equal,” he said. “With that being said, I’m just grateful to be here.”

As Patriots honor Richard Seymour, Bill Belichick details how he did “everything” well

Patriot  Richard Seymour has a conference with Head Coach Bill Belichick during stretches.
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Richard Seymour is being inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame today, and Bill Belichick — who drafted Seymour in 2001 and coached him in New England until trading him to the Raiders in 2009 — took the opportunity to detail everything that made Seymour one of the great Patriots players.

And Belichick stressed the “Everything.” That was the first word Belichick said when asked what made Seymour great, before giving several long and detailed answers about what kind of player Seymour was.

Everything. Yeah. Richard was a tremendous player,” Belichick said. “He had a tremendous skill set. He had great length. Explosive. Very quick for his size. He could do everything. He started his career at the nose, which was not really his best position, but he could play it for sure, and we needed him there in ’01. Then we moved him back to his natural position of five and three-technique. He played some on the nose in passing situations, but he was really more of a defensive end than a nose tackle, but he played there because we needed him, and then after we got Ted [Washington] and [Keith] Traylor and Vince [Wilfork], then he ended up outside. Again, long, athletic, very powerful. It was a tough matchup for the interior linemen. He could win with speed, and against some of the quicker guys, he could win with power. Smart player. Richard was very smart and had good awareness. He was a good situational player and certainly helped our linebackers a lot because he was either able to get penetration or able to draw blockers and tie up blockers that couldn’t get to the second level on some of our off-the-ball players. He was a very disruptive force. Good in the kicking game. Played in the punt return and had some big plays for us. Going back to ’01, like Troy’s [Brown] punt return against Cleveland. He had a huge block on that. He was an excellent field goal blocker. He had a lot of roles. He played in a lot of different situations. We won a lot of games with him. He was a great player. He certainly deserves to be in the Patriot’s Hall of Fame and the NFL Hall of Fame. Hopefully, that’ll be coming shortly for him as well.”

Belichick still remembers well the plays that Seymour made in his eight years with the Patriots.

“Oh boy. There are a lot of them. Again, we won so many big games, and he made an impact when he got here in 2001,” Belichick said. “Playing him on the center, which was kind of a new spot for him. He played defensive tackle at Georgia in kind of a four-man line, really more on the guard, but he adapted that quickly, and then his role shifted a little bit, but he was so consistent for the early part of his career when he was with us and through those championship years. On the defensive line, it’s not really about one flash play. It’s about down after down, being dominant. I just referenced the punt return play because you don’t see a lot of defensive tackles on the punt return unit, but I remember showing our team plays of that punt return unit being Troy Brown, who was obviously a starter, Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi, [Richard] Seymour, and then you had some of the other guys like Larry Izzo and other players like that, Eric Alexander, and those guys that were kind of core special teams players, but there were plays on our punt return team where we had four or five starters and Patriots Hall of Fame players and NFL Hall of Fame players on the punt return unit, and Seymour is one of them. So, those plays kind of stood out for me because they are just a little more unusual.”

Seymour’s scored a 68-yard touchdown on a fumble recovery in 2004, and Belichick said Seymour routinely made big plays on turnovers.

“Richard could run,” Belichick said. “He could run not only on fumble returns, but on interception returns. [Rodney] Harrison and [Ty] Law and Eugene Wilson and those guys, Asante [Samuel Sr.], he was one of those guys that could go from defense to offense in a hurry and made some big blocks and honestly caused a lot of those interceptions, certainly some of them, just because of his penetration, length, and pressure on the quarterback that were force disruptive or errant throws. He was very, very athletic, and when you look at that defense in Georgia, he played with [Marcus] Stroud. If I remember right, he was on the right, Stroud was on the left, and you talk about two big-time defensive tackles on the same defense at the same time. That Georgia defense, the entire defense was drafted. I think from either 2000 or ’99. Whatever it was, it was [Boss] Bailey and all those guys. Anyway, yeah. He had a lot explosive plays, field goal blocks, fumble scoop-and-scores, strip sacks. He was really certainly a big play guy, but I think when you look at those defenses, the combination of multiple players, and he was the centerpiece of the front, but between [Mike] Vrabel and [Willie] McGinest and [Tedy] Bruschi and eventually Ty Warren and [Vince] Wilfork, there was multiple players there, Jarvis Green, that if you got one guy, it was hard to get them all. Again, he was the centerpiece. He was the most disruptive player, and that’s why he’ll be in the Patriots Hall of Fame, and that’s why he’ll probably eventually be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Hopefully, this year.”

The Patriots took Seymour with the sixth overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft, which is still the highest pick Belichick has ever had in New England. Belichick said it was obvious that Seymour was worth it.

“He’s really unlike any other player that I had coached up until that point,” Belichick said. “With the Giants, we had some good defensive linemen, Leonard Marshall, but Richard Seymour is 6’7″. Leonard was 6’2″, so it was just a difference in posture, length. When I was in Denver, we had [Lyle] Alzado. He was kind of more like the guys we had in Baltimore, John Dutton, Mike Barnes, a combination of a Barnes and [Joe] Ehrmann and Dutton all rolled into one, between length, explosiveness, athleticism, quickness, and those guys were really, really good players, but there just haven’t been many like him. Obviously, you talk about Hall of Fame players, so it’s not a long list of those guys, but I just never really had anybody like that. He was very smart. He could do a lot of different things; game plans, pass rush plays, playing certain plays a certain way. That was all really pretty easy for him because the game came easy for him in terms of intelligence and anticipation and communication along the line. With guys like [Tedy] Bruschi and [Mike] Vrabel and [Willie] McGinest and those guys, they all communicated well, Rodney [Harrison], Lawyer [Milloy]. If they saw something, they were able to apply [their skills] quickly and use them to make a play or to take care of a problem that we could identify pre-snap, so those were big-time strengths. It was really the whole package, but it jumped out pretty quickly. It didn’t take long to see that this guy was going to really be able to help us.”

Far from his reputation as a coach who only grumbles short answers to reporters, Belichick can be one of the NFL’s most eloquent coaches when he’s discussing a topic he wants to discuss. And Richard Seymour was a topic he wanted to discuss this week.

Matthew Stafford closing in on 300 career touchdown passes

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford may reach a significant career milestone against his former team on Sunday.

Stafford has 298 passing touchdowns in his career, so if he gets two against the Lions, he’ll have 300.

Sunday will be the 172nd game of Stafford’s career, and he would be the seventh-fastest player to reach 300 career touchdown passes.

The fastest was Aaron Rodgers, who reached 300 career touchdown passes in his 144th career game.

The others to get to 300 touchdown passes faster than Stafford were Peyton Manning (155 games), Dan Marino (157 games), Tom Brady (161 games), Drew Brees (161 games) and Brett Favre (167 games).

Stafford is exactly 300 career touchdown passes behind Brady, the all-time record holder at 598 touchdowns. The 33-year-old Stafford could easily play several more years at a high level, and if there’s any active player who could challenge Brady’s all-time touchdown record some day, it might be Stafford.

Member of Congress fears Jon Gruden emails are the “tip of the iceberg”

Postal Hearing at House Oversight
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The U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee wants to learn more about the Washington Football Team workplace investigation that resulted in a leak of emails that triggered the abrupt resignation of Raiders coach Jon Gruden. Via John Keim of ESPN.com, one of the representatives who signed Thursday’s letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell fears that the Gruden emails represent the “tip of the iceberg.”

“The way they handle issues of race and gender and the way they treat their employees really influences the way society handles those very issues,” Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.) told Keim. “We’re very much interested in learning more about exactly why the NFL did what they did and the way they did it.”

Krishnamoorthi (pictured) justified the probe by pointing to the fact that the NFL “holds a special place in American life.”

The NFL also secures significant public funding for stadiums, generates billions from public interest in the product, and enjoys a Congressionally-granted exemption from antitrust liability for broadcast negotiations. Krishnamoorthi alluded to the latter in his comments to Keim.

“The Washington Football Team and the NFL enjoy special privileges under our antitrust laws,” Krishnamoorthi told Keim. “We thought it was important to get to the bottom of what’s going on in the NFL, in regards to the Washington Football Team in the way they handled their employees. What we’ve seen so far is deeply disturbing.”

The question is whether Gruden is an outlier or a symptom of a deeper problem.

“The biggest fear is that what Jon Gruden appears to engage in is much more common than what we otherwise thought,” Krishnamoorthi told Keim. “That’s what a lot of people are concerned about.”

The NFL has said it “look[s] forward” to communicating with Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.), the chair of the Committee. However, the league has said nothing about cooperating with the request that a wide range of documents and information be provided. If the NFL refuses to comply voluntarily, subpoenas could be issued.

“If the NFL were not to cooperate after we attempted to work with them to enlist their cooperation, then we do have the tools to compel the production of documents,” Krishnamoorthi told Keim. “But our hope is it doesn’t get there. I hope we can work with them to get this information.”

The league has repeatedly said it won’t disclose the results of the investigation. The question becomes whether the league will unleash the legal hounds to fight Congress, in the same way the league has fought the litigation over the relocation of the Rams. Then, the question becomes whether the league will erect fair and proper barriers, or whether it will engage in the same game of “three-card monte” of which the judge in St. Louis recently accused some owners of playing.

Regardless, the truth needs to come out. Someone within the NFL is hiding it. The harder they try to hide it, the harder the efforts to get to the truth should proceed.

JaMycal Hasty is expected to return to action Sunday

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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The 49ers will activate running back JaMycal Hasty off injured reserve for Sunday’s game against the Colts.

Hasty injured his ankle in Week 2 and went on injured reserve Sept. 25. The 49ers designated him to return this week, and he practiced all week.

“I expect him to be full go,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said in quotes distributed by the team. “He had a real good week, which you never know when they’re coming back from a high ankle. But he looked good Monday and continued all the way to today. So, no concerns.”

The 49ers will have to make a roster move before 4 p.m. ET Saturday to get Hasty on the roster.

He will join Elijah Mitchell and Trey Sermon in sharing backfield duties.

Hasty has played 41 snaps in two games this season, gaining 77 yards and a touchdown on 11 touches.

Vic Fangio: I’m not thinking about my coaching status

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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The Broncos’ 3-0 start seems long, long ago.

What has become crystal clear is the Broncos’ start was a function of the competition. The Giants, Jaguars and Jets — the three teams Denver beat — are a combined 3-14. The Broncos have lost to the Ravens, Steelers, Raiders and Browns the past four games, outscored by a combined 101-64.

If Denver doesn’t beat the Washington Football Team on Halloween, it will go 0-for-October for the first time since 1967.

Coach Vic Fangio is 15-24 since the Broncos hired him before the 2019 season. He’s likely in trouble if the Broncos don’t find a way to turn things around quickly.

Fangio, though, isn’t thinking about his future.

I’m not worried about my coaching status,” Fangio said, via Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press. “What I’m worried about is this team and doing anything and everything we can to get our guys coached up to play better. And that’s my only focus.”

The Broncos have the league’s highest-paid defense but didn’t play like it Thursday night, even though the Browns were missing quarterback Baker Mayfield, right tackle Jack Conklin and running backs Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb. (The Broncos did have edge rusher Von Miller for only 33 of 71 defensive snaps after he sprained his left ankle.)

Fangio took the blame.

“What’s most concerning is our fundamentals were lacking in that game, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. And when that’s lacking, that’s poor coaching on our part,” Fangio said. “And that starts with me. We’ve got to do a better job of getting the fundamental things taught and executed.”

The Broncos have three more games before their bye in Week 11, and losses to Washington, Dallas and Philadelphia could prompt a change that week.

John Lynch: Jon Gruden is “remorseful” for “horrifying” comments

New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden publicly has displayed a certain amount of defiance regarding the events that led to his resignation. One of his former players in Tampa Bay says that, privately, Gruden has expressed remorse.

“I had the opportunity during the bye week, I reached out, and was surprised he actually called me back, and had a good conversation,” 49ers G.M. John Lynch said Friday on KNBR, via 49ersWebZone.com. “He feels a tremendous amount of remorse, as he should. And that’s what you do; you reach out to people and say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking and praying for you.’ And I simply said, ‘Hey, when you’re ready, give me a call,’ and he did. . . . We shared some thoughts — I’ll leave that private — but he is extremely remorseful and understands he’s got to make up for that however he can. And I think those are his actions. And that’s the only thing he can do at this point.”

Lynch described his reaction to the content of the emails that made Gruden’s ongoing tenure with the Raiders untenable.

“I was surprised because I didn’t know that to be his heart,” Lynch said. “And those things were … horrifying. That’s just not something I would think would come out of his mouth. And he didn’t just do it to one group of marginalized people; he did it to a whole host of them. . . . I think a lot of that [Buccaneers] team, that was a very close team. And a lot of those guys have reached out to him, trying to pick him up but also letting him know that we were all hurt by those comments because we didn’t expect that coming from him. So I’ll leave it at that, but it was terrible, and he’s paying a price. Lost his job, and is in a lonely place right now, and feeling the consequences of those actions.”

Once the emails became public, Gruden couldn’t continue as coach of the Raiders. Still, legitimate questions linger as to why and how the Gruden emails to former Washington executive Bruce Allen escaped from an otherwise secret trove of 650,000 emails. Someone targeted Gruden, and that part of it isn’t right. Hopefully, whoever did it will face the same consequences for their actions that Gruden is facing for his.

Seahawks designate Rashaad Penny to return from injured reserve

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Seahawks designated running back Rashaad Penny to return from injured reserve Friday. Now, can he stay healthy?

Penny has missed almost as many games as he has played since the Seahawks’ made him a first-round choice in 2017. He has played 28 of a possible 54 games.

A calf injury is the latest in a long line of injuries for Penny, taking him out after only seven plays in the season opener.

“I’m just happy to play football again,” Penny said Friday, via Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio KJR and PFT. “I really try not to get hurt. I prepare the right way to do everything right.”

Penny tore an ACL in December 2019, which kept him out until late last season. He played three games in 2020, seeing action on 38 total snaps.

“Last year was pretty hard for me going with the ACL and trying to recover and just do everything I can to get back and play football,” Penny said. “I think that’s the whole moral of it, just me being on the field and being available and I haven’t been that.”

In his career, Penny has 180 touches for 989 yards and six touchdowns.

The Seahawks need him with Chris Carson on injured reserve and Alex Collins nursing a groin injury.

Broncos expect Jerry Jeudy to play next week

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos
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After missing the last six games, Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy should be on the field next week against Washington.

Broncos coach Vic Fangio said today that Jeudy was actually medically cleared to play last night, but the Broncos didn’t think he had had enough practice time to be back to full speed on Thursday Night Football.

Jeudy suffered a sprained ankle in Week One and went on injured reserve. He has been designated to return for practice but not brought back onto the active roster.

In 2020 Jeudy had a promising rookie season, leading the Broncos in receiving yards, and he was looking good in Week One before he got hurt. Getting him back on the field may help the Broncos end their four-game losing streak.

Chandler Jones clears COVID-19 protocols and could return Sunday

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals edge rusher Chandler Jones returned to the team facility Friday, 10 days after the team placed him on the COVID-19 reserve list.

The Cardinals still are determining Jones’ conditioning and whether it is prudent to put him on the field Sunday against the Texans. He remains on the COVID-19 reserve list for now.

Chan’s here today. He’s working out and we just gave him his physical,” Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph said, via Howard Balzer of SI.com. “We’ll see how much he can play or if he can play. He’s here. He’s smiling. He’s in good spirits, so we’ll see how it works out.

“But players obviously with a 10-day COVID stint, it’s always tough on players to come back and to be at full strength. So we have to gauge it and make sure it’s right for him to play.”

Jones last played Oct. 10 against the 49ers, two days before he tested positive for COVID-19.

“I think it’s all about Chandler’s health first,” Joseph said. “That’s the main goal here to make sure he’s fine to play when he plays.”

Jones has five sacks, all of which came in the season opener against the Titans, nine tackles and two forced fumbles.

Neither defensive tackle Zach Allen nor nose tackle Corey Peters has cleared COVID-19 protocols and won’t play again this week. The Cardinals placed Allen on the list Oct. 16 and Peters the following day.

Week Seven injury report roundup: A.J. Brown, Tyrann Mathieu set to play

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans
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Week Seven of the 2021 NFL season kicked off on Thursday with a win by the Browns and it continues with 11 more games on Sunday, which means that the 24 teams in those games submitted their final injury reports of the week on Friday.

The teams playing on Monday night won’t release their final injury reports until Saturday and are not listed here.

Chiefs at Titans

Chiefs S Tyrann Mathieu (thumb, toe) doesn’t have an injury designation and WR Tyreek Hill (quad) is listed as questionable, but head coach Andy Reid expects him to play. RB Michael Burton (pectoral), TE Jody Fortson (Achilles), and LB Anthony Hitchens (triceps) are all out this weekend. DE Chris Jones (wrist), G Joe Thuney (hand), and CB Charvarius Ward (quad) are all listed as questionable.

WR A.J. Brown (illness) was back at Titans practice on Friday and doesn’t have an injury designation. WR Julio Jones (hamstring) did land a questionable tag and he sounds like he expects to be in the lineup on Sunday. T Taylor Lewan (concussion), LB monty rice (groin), and WR Chester Rogers (groin) are ruled out this weekend. LB Bud Dupree (knee), S Amani Hooker (groin), and RB Jeremy McNichols (ankle) are listed as questionable.

Jets at Patriots

Jets head coach Robert Saleh said the decision on LB C.J. Mosley (hamstring) will go down to the wire, but he’s listed as doubtful to play. TE Tyler Kroft (back) is out and RB Tevin Coleman (hamstring) is questionable.

The Patriots ruled out CB Jonathan Jones (shoulder) and CB Shaun Wade (concussion) while DT Christian Barmore (shoulder), LB Ja'whaun Bentley (ribs), RB Brandon Bolden (thigh), S Kyle Dugger (knee), K Nick Folk (left knee), DT Davon Godchaux (finger), LB Dont'a Hightower (elbow, ankle), LB Brandon King (thigh), G Shaquille Mason (abdomen), CB Jalen Mills (hamstring), S Adrian Phillips (back), LB Josh Uche (shoulder), LB Kyle Van Noy (groin), and DE Deatrich Wise (knee) are a large questionable group.

Panthers at Giants

The Panthers will not have WR Terrace Marshall (concussion), FB Giovanni Ricci (concussion), or LB Shaq Thompson (foot) in the lineup this weekend. WR Alex Erickson (concussion) and T Cameron Erving (illness) drew questionable listings.

RB Saquon Barkley (ankle), WR Kenny Golladay (knee), and WR Kadarius Toney (ankle) will not be playing for the Giants. DT Danny Shelton (pectoral) is not expected to play after being listed as doubtful. TE Evan Engram (calf), WR John Ross (hamstring), WR Sterling Shepard (hamstring), and WR Darius Slayton (hamstring) are all listed as questionable.

Washington at Packers

RB Antonio Gibson (shin), CB William Jackson (knee), and DE Shaka Toney (illness) were listed as questionable by Washington. T Samuel Cosmi (ankle), WR Curtis Samuel (groin), G Brandon Scherff (knee), and WR Cam Sims (hamstring) are all out this week.

LB Preston Smith (oblique) returned to practice with the Packers and is listed as questionable along with CB Kevin King (shoulder) and S Darnell Savage (concussion). T Dennis Kelly (back) and C josh myers (knee) have been ruled out.

Falcons at Dolphins

Falcons CB Avery Williams (hamstring) is listed as doubtful. He’s the only player on the injury report now that LB Dante Fowler (knee) has been placed on injured reserve.

CB Xavien Howard (shoulder, groin), CB Noah Igbinoghene (knee), CB Byron Jones (Achilles, groin), C Greg Mancz (groin), WR DeVante Parker (shoulder, hamstring), LB Jaelan Phillips (ankle), and WR Preston Williams (groin) are all listed as questionable for the Dolphins.

Bengals at Ravens

CB Jalen Davis (ankle) and DT Tyler Shelvin (illness) are questionable for the Bengals.

RB Latavius Murray (ankle) and WR Sammy Watkins (thigh) won’t play for the Ravens. C Bradley Bozeman (back), LB Patrick Queen (thigh), T Alejandro Villanueva (knee), and CB Tavon Young (knee) were designated as questionable.

Lions at Rams

The Lions listed RB Jason Cabinda (hip), LB Trey Flowers (knee), TE T.J. Hockenson (knee), and RB D'Andre Swift (groin) as questionable going into Week Seven

RB Sony Michel (shoulder) is listed as questionable as the only Rams player with an injury designation.

Eagles at Raiders

RT Lane Johnson (not injury related) is set to return for the Eagles. G Jack Anderson (hamstring) and S Anthony Harris (hands, groin) are listed as questionable.

TE Nick Bowers (neck) is the only Raider with a designation and he’s been ruled out.

Texans at Cardinals 

DT Jaleel Johnson (back) and QB Deshaun Watson (not injury related – personal matter) have been ruled out for the Texans.

The Cardinals won;t have TE Darrell Daniels (hamstring) or DT Rashard Lawrence (calf) on Sunday. LB Jordan Hicks (toe, ankle), LB Devon Kennard (shoulder), and LB Tanner Vallejo (hand) are considered questionable to play.

Bears at Buccaneers

S Tashaun Gipson (hip) is the only Bears player ruled out ahead of Sunday. They are also set to play without TE Jimmy Graham after placing him on the COVID-19 reserve list. WR Jakeem Grant (ankle), DT Akiem Hicks (groin), TE J.P. Holtz (quadricep), LB Caleb Johnson (knee), LB Khalil Mack (foot), DE Bilal Nichols (knee), WR Allen Robinson (ankle), and CB Duke Shelley (ankle) make up their questionable contingent.

The Buccaneers ruled out WR Antonio Brown (ankle), LB Lavonte David (ankle), TE Rob Gronkowski (ribs), and CB Richard Sherman (hamstring). TE O.J. Howard (ankle) and LB Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder, hand) are their questionable players.

Colts at 49ers

The Colts listed WR T.Y. Hilton (quad) as questionable, but head coach Frank Reich said he’s unlikely to play. S Julian Blackmon (Achilles), T Braden Smith (foot, thumb), DE Kemoko Turay (groin), RB Jordan Wilkins (non-football illness), and CB Rock Ya-Sin (ankle) are definitely out.

QB Jimmy Garoppolo (calf) is off the injury report and headed back to the 49ers starting lineup. QB Trey Lance (knee) is out along with DT Maurice Hurst (calf) and DT Javon Kinlaw (knee). LT Trent Williams (ankle, elbow) is listed as doubtful while LB Marcell Harris (thumb) is tagged as questionable.

Panthers designate Myles Hartsfield to return from injured reserve

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers
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The Panthers designated safety Myles Hartsfield to return from injured reserve Friday, the team announced.

That opens the 21-day window to activate him.

Hartsfield injured his wrist in the season opener and required surgery to repair it. But he was back on the practice field at the walk-through Friday, watching from the sideline.

Hartsfield was the starter at nickel in the opener and played 23 defensive snaps and eight on special teams before his injury. He made two tackles and had a pass breakup.

Hartsfield made the team as an undrafted rookie from Ole Miss last year. He spent time at running back and safety his first season, seeing action on 60 percent of Carolina’s special teams snaps and 13 percent of the defesnive snaps.

Julio Jones: I feel great

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
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It looks like the Titans will have both of their top receivers against the Chiefs on Sunday.

A.J. Brown is off the injury report after an extended bout of food poisoning and Julio Jones is listed as questionable to play after hurting his hamstring last Sunday. On Friday, though, Jones suggested all is well for Sunday.

“I feel great,” Jones said, via Ben Arthur of the Tennessean. “I feel good. I’m excited about Sunday.”

The Titans won’t have left tackle Taylor Lewan as he remains sidelined by a concussion.Linebacker monty rice (groin) and wide receiver Chester Rogers (groin) are also out. Linebacker Bud Dupree (knee), safety Amani Hooker (groin), wide receiver Julio Jones (hamstring), and running back Jeremy McNichols (ankle) are listed as questionable.

NFL suspends free agent P.J. Hall for one game

Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans
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The NFL has suspended free agent defensive tackle P.J. Hall one game.

Hall was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge in Houston in June.

He worked out for the Bears and Cardinals in August.

The Raiders made Hall a second-round pick in 2018, but his stint with the organization was short lived. He appeared in 30 games with 18 starts during his two-year stint with the Raiders, totaling 48 tackles, 1.5 sacks and nine quarterback hits.

He played for the Texans in 2020, recording 34 tackles and one sack in 10 games.

Houston placed a second-round tender on him following the season but later withdrew the offer. That made Hall a free agent, and he has yet to catch on anywhere else.

Sony Michel listed as questionable, Rams expect him to play

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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Running back Sony Michel is the only Rams player with an injury designation for Sunday’s game against the Lions, but it doesn’t look like his shoulder injury is going to stop him from playing.

Michel was a limited participant in practice the last two days and drew a questionable tag on the team’s final injury report of the year. Rams head coach Sean McVay said the team is planning to have him on hand for their home game.

“Talking to him this morning and going through meetings, I think he’s feeling good,” McVay said, via the team’s website. “I expect him to be able to play.”

Center Brian Allen was the only other Rams player to miss practice time for medical reasons this week. Allen was ill on Thursday, but he returned to practice on Friday.