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Browns sign Daylen Baldwin, waive Nate Meadors

The Browns announced a couple of roster moves on Wednesday afternoon.They have signed wide receiver Daylen Baldwin. Safety Nate Meadors was waived to create space for Baldwin on the 50-man roster.Baldwin opened his college days at Morgan State and spent two years there before transferring to Jackson State. He moved on to Michigan for the [more]

Tony Buzbee calls a Thursday press conference regarding Deshaun Watson

On Monday, lawyer Tony Buzbee said he has nothing to say about the NFL’s process for imposing discipline on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. On Thursday, he’ll have plenty to say, apparently.Buzbee has called a press conference for 1:00 p.m. CT on Thursday. The stated purpose is “to update the public on the status of the [more]

The timing of the Stephen Ross announcement can’t be a coincidence

For months, Mary Jo White had been investigating Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The facts, as to tampering or tanking, weren’t complicated. It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did.Ultimately, it took just as long as it needed to.It surely isn’t a coincidence that the NFL announced a suspension of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for [more]

Jacoby Brissett: Stepping in as starter nothing I’m unfamiliar with

When the Browns signed Jacoby Brissett as a free agent this offseason, they knew there was a chance that they’d need to deploy him as their starting quarterback in the event of a Deshaun Watson suspension this season.Brissett’s history was likely attractive to the Browns. He stepped in to start for the Patriots when Jimmy [more]

Judge Robinson’s dig at the NFL is accurate, but in the Deshaun Watson case it was unavoidable

The 16-page decision from Judge Sue L. Robinson gives the NFL the factual findings necessary to impose, through the appeal process, a much longer suspension on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. But the written ruling does not leave the NFL unscathed.Judge Robinson determined that Watson did what he’s accused of doing, and that he basically lied [more]

National Organization for Women blasts NFL for Deshaun Watson suspension

The NFL’s decision on whether to appeal the Deshaun Watson suspension and the eventual resolution of any appeal necessarily will be influenced by public opinion, because the entire Personal Conduct Policy is a P.R. tool. And so, as the league gauges public reaction, comments from organizations like the National Organization for Women will resonate.“It is [more]

Baker Mayfield on Deshaun Watson suspension: I don’t play against the other QB

When the Browns traded quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Panthers, one of the first things many people noticed was that the Panthers will be hosting the Browns in the first week of the season.Mayfield was traded because the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson earlier in the offseason and Monday brought word that Watson has been suspended [more]

Judge Robinson’s ruling on Deshaun Watson hinges on issue of “non-violent sexual assault”

On Monday, Judge Sue L. Robinson found, as to the factual allegations against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, that he did what the league accused him of doing. Her decision to suspend Watson only six games arose from separate considerations.Specifically, she concluded that Watson engaged in a “non-violent sexual assault.” And she found, based on past [more]

John Harbaugh keeps his opinion on Deshaun Watson’s suspension to himself

If Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson ultimately serves a six-game suspension, his first game as a Brown will happen at Baltimore, on Sunday, October 23. Naturally, then, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked on Monday for his thoughts on the Watson situation.“I do have a lot of opinions on it,” Harbaugh said Monday, via Mary Kay [more]

Amari Cooper injures ankle

Browns receiver Amari Cooper injured his ankle during a scramble drill late in practice, Dan Labbe of reports. As Deshaun Watson rolled out of the pocket, Cooper changed directions and then went down. He stayed on the ground and was treated by the training staff.Cooper walked around behind the team afterward with no noticeable [more]

Making sense of the Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Calvin Ridley suspensions

One of the more common questions raised in response to Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision to suspend Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson for six games flows from a fairly obvious set of comparisons.How does Watson, who faced 24 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions, get suspended only six games when Cardinal receiver DeAndre Hopkins [more]

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledges “multiple plans” based on final Deshaun Watson suspension

Judge Sue L. Robinson has imposed a six-game suspension on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. That could change, if the NFL appeals the decision to (checks notes) the NFL.On Monday, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski was asked whether the team has come up with “multiple plans” based on the full extent of the suspension.“That is right,” Stefanski [more]

Jimmy and Dee Haslam say Deshaun Watson has been “remorseful,” Judge Robinson found he hasn’t

On Monday morning, Judge Sue Robinson issued her decision regarding Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. On Monday afternoon, Browns ownership issued a statement that expressly respects her decision while implicitly disregarding a key piece of it.Said owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam, “Throughout this process, Deshaun and his representation have abided by the newly created and agreed [more]

Judge Robinson rejected Deshaun Watson’s categorical denial of the allegations against him

The full, 15-page decision in the Deshaun Watson case has been released. You can read it here.And you should. It’s largely devoid of legalese and other jargon. But if you can’t or won’t read it (or if you did and you want our take on it), we’ll be posting several items regarding what it means, [more]

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