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In settlement talks with Deshaun Watson, NFL insisted on a suspension of at least one year

On Tuesday, the hearing regarding the potential discipline of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will commence. It could still, in theory, settle before the proceedings begin.For that to happen, the NFL would have to dramatically change its current position.Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal, who reported last night that the league will push for an [more]

A full-season suspension would push Deshaun Watson’s entire contact back by a year

Much was made of the fact that the Browns gave Deshaun Watson a base salary for 2022 of only $1 million, given that the approach would reduce dramatically the financial consequences of, for example, a six- or eight-game suspension. If Watson misses all of 2022, it doesn’t matter.A full-season suspension by rule would toll Watson’s [more]

Report: NFL seeks indefinite suspension of Deshaun Watson, lasting at least one year

A slow Saturday on the NFL calendar has picked up considerably.With the NFL knowing that coverage of all things Deshaun Watson is unavoidable, the league steered the emergence of reports into a window where they could be less noticed.And here we are. At 6:05 p.m. ET, the Wall Street Journal posted an item from Andrew [more]

Report: Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary hearing due to start Tuesday

Why bother dumping bad news into a Friday afternoon in late June when it can instead be buried close to five o’clock on a Saturday?At a time when many were waiting for the NFL to initiate the process of disciplining Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson under the Personal Conduct Policy by proposing a significant suspension that [more]

What happens with the four remaining cases against Deshaun Watson?

Last October, then-Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could have settled all but four of the civil lawsuits pending against him. He wanted to resolve all of them or none of them.This week, Watson reached a tentative settlement with all but four of the individuals who have sued him for sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. So [more]

Negotiated suspension of Deshaun Watson seems very unlikely at this point

The NFL, the NFL Players Association, and Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson reportedly were discussing the terms of a negotiated suspension under the Personal Conduct Policy. Those talks reportedly “fell apart.” It’s not believed that they’ll be put back together.Per a league source, the current expectation is that the NFL will propose a suspension on Watson, [more]

NFL uses aggressive reading of its Constitution & Bylaws to argue for arbitration of all Brian Flores claims

The NFL has, as it always does, filed paperwork aimed at forcing the claims made against it to the league’s in-house arbitration system, better known in these parts as a secret, rigged kangaroo court. Close inspection of the 25-page memorandum of law filed by the NFL earlier this week in the case filed by by [more]

Will the Texans still face litigation over Deshaun Watson?

It was either a hollow threat or a solemn promise. For now, it’s looking as if it were the former.On June 8, attorney Tony Buzbee said he “will be joining” the Texans as defendants to the pending lawsuits against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. Not “might be” or “could be” or “should be,” but “will be.”Earlier [more]

Report: Settlement talks between NFL, NFLPA, and Deshaun Watson “fell apart”

Last week, we pointed out that a negotiated resolution of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s discipline was possible, but not likely. The problem was that Watson, as of last week, was determined to clear his name.With Watson settling 20 of the 24 cases pending against him, that possibly will lay the foundation for a settlement between [more]

Pharaoh Brown expects to be All-Pro in 2022

Pharaoh Brown set career highs last season with 23 catches for 171 yards. The Texans tight end had no touchdowns after catching his only two career scores in 2020.But that hasn’t stopped Brown from dreaming big.“The game has just slowed down understanding all the fine-line details,” Brown said, via Cole Thompson of “That’s going [more]

Saints cut Kahale Warring

The Saints signed tight end Brandon Dillon on Tuesday. They waived tight end Kahale Warring on Wednesday, Field Yates of ESPN reports.The team signed Warring on May 24.The Texans made Warring a third-round selection in 2019, and he spent two-plus years with the team before Houston waived him last August. He had brief stints with [more]

NFL officially files motion to compel Brian Flores case to arbitration

When selecting June 22 for the date of the hearing at which Commissioner Roger Goodell will testify, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform either deliberately or coincidentally set the session for one day after the league’s deadline for filing a motion to force the arbitration of the Brian Flores litigation. Regardless, as Congress [more]

Will other lawsuits be filed against Deshaun Watson?

The settlement of 20 lawsuits pending against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson came eight days after attorney Tony Buzbee vowed that two more lawsuits would be filed, pushing the total to 26.Omitted from Tuesday’s statement issued by Buzbee regarding the settlements is the question of whether those lawsuits will be filed — and whether others will [more]

As to remaining four cases, Deshaun Watson could use formal “offer of settlement” procedure under Texas law

It’s unclear why four of the 24 plaintiffs suing Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson did not settle their claims. Surely, Watson would prefer to resolve all of the cases. (Last year, he declined a chance to settle 18 of the cases because he couldn’t settle all 22 that were pending at the time.)So what happens with [more]

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