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Chuck Pagano: It took “great courage” for Andrew Luck to retire

Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano was in Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday when word came that Andrew Luck was retiring. Pagano was the Colts’ head coach for the first six years of Luck’s career. He released a statement Sunday: “Andrew Luck is one of the best individuals, teammates and competitors I have ever been around [more]

Could Andrew Luck land in the XFL?

Of the many layers and levels to the sudden decision by Colts quarterback Andrew Luck to retire from the NFL at age 29 is this: Could Andrew now go to work for his dad? Oliver Luck serves as the Commissioner of the XFL, a spring league that launches in February and that simply will not [more]

Robert Griffin III can relate to Andrew Luck’s angst

Four years ago, no one would have expected Robert Griffin III to last longer in the NFL than Andrew Luck. But here we are, with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft now retired and the second overall pick still on a roster. Griffin, who joined the Ravens in 2018 after not playing the [more]

Report: Colts won’t go after Luck’s bonus money

Under NFL rules, the Colts could force Andrew Luck to pay them millions of dollars for abruptly retiring. But they won’t do that. The Colts and Luck have already reached an agreement that the team will not go after any of that money, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. NFL players who receive a signing bonus [more]

J.J. Watt: Andrew Luck’s retirement decision “takes an immense amount of courage”

Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt knows the toll that injuries can take on a football player. And he’s had his own moments of wondering whether it’s worth it to endure the demands of surgery and rehab, only to walk right into the fray and welcome more surgeries and rehabs. So he understands why the quarterback [more]

There’s reason for optimism in Indianapolis

For the second time in less than two years, the Colts have to react to the sudden and unexpected departure of a key member of the organization. Whether it was coach Josh McDaniels, who never showed up after taking the job, or quarterback Andrew Luck, who abruptly retired while entering his prime, the Colts have [more]

Were Colts fans booing Andrew Luck or the circumstances?

It’s become extremely popular in the last 12 hours to wag fingers at Colts fans who booed after learning via their cell phone devices that quarterback Andrew Luck was pulling a belated Barry Sanders, 15 days shy of the first game of the 2019 regular season. The widespread assumption is that the fans were booing [more]

Jim Irsay: I don’t rule out an Andrew Luck return

Andrew Luck officially announced his retirement during an emotional press conference on Saturday night and then answered many questions from reporters about what went into the decision. Luck’s decision was made because of his desire to end what he called a cycle of injury, pain and rehab over the last few years. He was asked [more]

Chris Ballard: Jacoby Brissett is a “rare, rare leader”

Andrew Luck‘s retirement announcement dominated the football world on Saturday night and one of the many storylines flowing out of that announcement is the ascension of Jacoby Brissett to the top spot on the quarterback depth chart in Indianapolis. Brissett has served as the starter this preseason and he started 15 games for the Colts [more]

Andrew Luck: I still love football but physically it has taken its toll

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is retiring from football not because he doesn’t still love the game, but because it hurts too much to play it. Luck, who has been missing training camp and the preseason while rehabbing the latest in a long line of injuries, said in his retirement announcement that he doesn’t want to [more]

Andrew Luck on boos from Colts fans: It hurt

The reaction was as surprising as Andrew Luck‘s decision. Maybe more surprising. Luck won 53 regular-season games, four playoff games and made four Pro Bowls for the Colts. He delivered many memories to Indianapolis. Yet, as he left the field for the final time as a member of the Colts on Saturday night, after news [more]

Chad Kelly is in line to be the No. 2 quarterback in Indianapolis (after his suspension)

The swag may indeed be back. Last year, quarterback Chad “Swag” Kelly positioned himself to be the primary backup to Case Keenum in Denver, before an incident that culminated in Kelly being chased out of a house with an attachment to a vacuum cleanear resulted in the Broncos cutting him. This year, Kelly could very [more]

Colts insist they knew nothing about potential Andrew Luck retirement until this week

At a time when rumors are running rampant that the Colts knew about the potential retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck in March, the Colts are pushing back. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Colts contend that they knew nothing about Luck’s potential retirement until this week, and that in March there was [more]

Colts can recover $12.8 million from Andrew Luck

By retiring from the NFL at the age of 29, former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has walked away from millions in future potential earnings. He’ll also have to give back millions he’s already received, if the Colts choose to force the issue. Based on his most recent contract, Luck owes the Colts a total of [more]

Rumors fly that Colts knew about Andrew Luck’s potential retirement in March

As the NFL digests the bitter pill of a franchise quarterback in his prime walking away from the game, chatter has commenced regarding why Andrew Luck is quitting the NFL — and for how long the Colts knew that it could happen. Per a league source, there’s already scuttlebutt in league circles that the Colts [more]

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